What Wellness Looks Like Right Now

  May 9, 2018  |  #Baby

Wellness used to be a term I loved. I still like it, but I feel like diet culture is transforming it. Wellness is now an umbrella term to disguise diets. Some people claim that if they are following a certain calorie plan or way of eating, that they’re following wellness. So, it’s become a bit vague.

When I talk about wellness, I’m referring to overall health. But then again, what even constitutes health?

I think health and wellness changes for people depending on stage of life. Heck, it may even change within the week or month. My “wellness” routine and priorities right now are even alot different than 5 weeks ago when I was pregnant. And of course, vastly different from marathon training, from when I was in grad school, and even from when I got married. Life happens and we adapt.

After reading my friend Sam’s post, I was inspired to show what wellness looks like for me now with a 5 week old by my side.


Nutrition has not been on my forefront lately. As I’ve mentioned before, just making sure to eat consistently is important for me and my main priority. Less important is what I’m actually eating. I’m sure that will change as I get more accustomed but I’m proud to say, we’re eating regular meals and snacks over here!

I think this is so important for new moms. When I was counseling moms, we’d talk about easy “grab and go” snack ideas. Or meal prep that can help. Or, meal delivery services. As a new mom, it’s not the time to intricately plan all of your meals. You’ve got a new human to worry about! You do have to take care of yourself, though, but don’t stress about making every meal perfect.

I ate eggs for every meal one day, and had frozen pancakes for dinner twice. Rotisserie chicken has been a lifesaver, as well as all the meal prep I did pre baby. And the friends who have brought food over have been saints.

What I’m munching on…

Poptarts and eggs.

What Wellness Looks Like Right Now

Enchilada Bake for Cinco De Mayo.

What Wellness Looks Like Right Now

Lots of sandwiches with random things.

We actually haven’t been out to eat at all in the last month, and we’ve done minimal takeout. I’m sure that will change, as I get the itch to eat out more (and when Camryn is more mobile) but for now, we’re making it work. It’s not perfect, but we’re fed and happy!

What Wellness Looks Like


This is the longest break I’ve ever taken from exercise (5 weeks straight). If we’re being honest, I thought it would be a lot harder than it’s been. Of course I miss running and the adrenaline from a good, hard workout. But, at the same time I feel like I’m really honoring my body right now. Birth is INTENSE and requires lots of rest and recovery. With less than stellar sleep (see below), I’m not even extremely motivated to go out and exercise.

I think ample rest has been good for my body. Walking has been just what I need to really take the time to appreciate what my body has done to this point, and what I hope to do in the future.

That being said, I had my 5 week checkup yesterday and I’ve been cleared to exercise. However, I think I’ll ease into it. I may even wait another week to start running. I’m in no rush and don’t want to end up making things worse off.

Mental State

Sleep is not great right now, and a healthy sleep pattern definitely plays into me feeling good. I’d be lying if I said that chronically low sleep isn’t taking a toll on me. It definitely is. I just keep telling myself this part of being a mom is temporary, and babies learn to sleep longer soon! And then I remind myself it’s all worth it for this cutie.

What Wellness Looks Like Right Now

I think one thing that’s helping me big time in terms of transitioning to new momhood is trying to get out of the house every day. Even if it’s just for a walk. Sunshine helps, and social interaction also helps – both are contributing to my wellness.

My friend Sam brought over lunch one day and we sat outside on my porch and ate it and caught up on life. That was much needed and so awesome of her!

What Wellness Looks Like Right Now

We met up with some friends last weekend at a brewery. Cam has been to two now, and she has been very well behaved! I try to plan it out timewise though, because in the back of my mind, I know I’ll either have to breastfeed while we’re out or plan to bring a bottle and keep it cold. So, it definitely requires ample planning!

Walking and sunshine definitely brightens my mood.

Self Care

It’s not as easy now as it used to be but I’m realizing that I need time and space to myself to function properly. I got a massage yesterday which was awesome. I really needed it since I think I’ve been hunched over alot during breastfeeding.

Sometimes, I go for walks alone without the stroller when Ed’s home to watch the baby. I’ve savored and enjoyed some glasses of wine, and several episodes of Suits. I’ve had days where I haven’t opened my computer, and they were totally dictated by newborn snuggles only. I’ve had friend dates (and hope to have more), had phone conversations with grandma (those always cheer you up), and had plenty of visits from friends and family.

I think having things to look forward to is paramount, too! We have some upcoming trips which I’m excited about. My sister and her fiance are visiting this weekend, which should be fun. And I try to plan little things to look forward to – like coffee dates, Cam’s milestones, movie time with Ed and visiting coworkers.

I’m learning to expect and understand spontaneity. Of course I knew life would be more unpredictable with a newborn. Now I understand that our plans for the day revolve around her. When Cam wants to eat, I need to make myself available to feed her. If we have appointments, I’ve learned that things take 3 times as long as they used to (and I’m working on not being late).

That’s what’s filling my cup now in this transition time. It’s been hard but fruitful, and I’m learning so much about myself and how hard it is to take care of another human. Cheers to being a grown up!

What’s filling your cup these days?

7 responses to “What Wellness Looks Like Right Now

  1. I love this post so much – and I love that you’re doing what’s right for you.

    Getting out of the house each day is definitely so important – otherwise you start to feel a little stir crazy! Here’s hoping Little Miss soon discovers just how wonderful sleep is at night so you can get some extra zzzz’s!

  2. SOOO full of good sunshine and nutrition; that soul filling food like poptarts and eggs and delicious salads. I love Poptarts, and there is something freeing about seeing them on the blog of a dietitian I love and respect. I love that you’re getting to go on so many good bright green beautiful walks with Camryn.

  3. What a wonderful, honest and genuine post Sarah. It’s really lovely following you through this and reading how you are learning to take care of yourself through this big change in life. Friend dates and getting outside in the nice weather are insurmountable for mood and well being. Theyve both been huge for me lately, especially the weather. I’m really wanting to make friend dates more of a priority. I’m too quick to cast them aside, and yet I know they are so good for my soul.

    A few weeks ago I told my dietician I was scared of not being “healthy.” She replied by simply saying I need to figure out what my idea of health is. You are right. “Wellness” is different for everyone, and different for different stages of life. We cannot dictate our wellness based on what a book or others tell us. You are doing remarkably. Keep taking care of yourself as you are <3

  4. You had your baby at the perfect time of year. Not too hot yet that getting outside doesn’t make you or the baby miserable. I enjoy seeing how everything is changing for you and what is different.
    Right now my life is full of family, friends and getting back into the working groove. I feel relaxed and getting rested for the next cycle of life 🙂

  5. I always love your takes on health/wellness Sarah! It’s refreshing to hear that a health professional like yourself isn’t always perfect in every aspect of health but that’s okay as long as it’s temporary.

    These days I’m loving walks outside with Alex and Bailey since it’s warm without being a million degrees.

  6. What a sweet peek into your life! The early days of no sleep are hard, but they pass relatively quickly. I can remember my son sleeping a four and a half hour block at night for the first time (I think about 2.5 months?) and feeling like a whole new person after getting a solid four hours myself, lol. I find sometime outside always helps me to fill good too.

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