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  Apr 3, 2018  |  #Day in the life

Hey friends,

No baby yet – I guess I was wrong with all of my early guesses!! This little girl wants to cook more. It’s so weird to be living day by day, with everything on hold just waiting for a baby. A good start to have my life revolve around someone else, right?

In all honestly, I’m okay with it. It’s nice to have some time to do some last minute things around the house, and spend some final “alone time” with Ed and Tater. And my parents arrived in town yesterday so some fun adventures there, too!

Survey results

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in today to share some results from the reader survey! You guys are rock stars for taking the few minutes to fill that out for me – it’s so nice to get some feedback for catering posts to what you guys enjoy reading.

The Amazon gift card winner is Bonnie! She has already been emailed. If you guys would still like to fill out the survey, it’s still open to share your thoughts about what you’d like to see, but you won’t be entered into the giftcard drawing.

I thought I’d share some of the results for the rest of you. It seems that many of you enjoy the same things, which is nice to know!


Aside from North Carolina, most of you are from the northeast (my hometown area) and other parts of the US. Shoutout to my wonderful Canadians who read the blog, too – thanks for tuning in!

I think 99% of my audience is female (no shocker there), but thank you to the few males who read my posts. I know there’s some clients out there (hey guys!) who like the running/training posts.  The majority of you guys seem to have found BLT through another blog (or instagram), so I’m so grateful that you found me!

This is perhaps my favorite statistic of all – most of you have been reading for more than 6 months. I SO appreciate your loyalty!

Okay, so as far as topics, here’s where you guys lie. As you can see, you guys have a variety of interests. The most popular topics tend to be:

  • Food, Recent Eats & WIAW
  • Intuitive Eating and other nutrition topics
  • Recipes
  • Lifestyle
  • Running

Survey results

Either, you guys are really split or tend to enjoy a lot of different things!


It also seems like there’s a divide among readers who are runners, and readers who aren’t. I love having variety! My blog has somewhat shifted from running since I’m not currently training for a marathon, but I do plan to get back to training someday.

Some of you mentioned wanting to know about the journey back to exercise from post-partum, and I will definitely be sharing about that! From what I’ve heard, it’s so different from everyone and like pregnancy, it will be a lesson in listening to my body and not forcing anything.

So, there are likely some running posts in the future. I know some of you are training for marathons and have found the nutrition/running posts helpful as well as breakdowns of how I did my training.

Also, many of you shared an interest in more “exercise and intuitive eating” posts, which I can’t wait to get back to.

Survey results

Lifestyle/Day in the Life/Daily Eats

Ya’ll are pretty unanimous here – you like these posts. Great! I like providing a real perspective into my day for you. Some of the most heartfelt comments that some of you guys left on the survey were that you appreciated the realness that BLT offers.

That means so much to me – I try to be as real as I can be on this space, because I really want to show what a balanced day can look like. Obviously, there is plenty of room for both the salads and the sweets, and I never want you to feel otherwise, or leave this space feeling guilty or in the comparison trap.

I also hope that if there are more specific topics you want to see, you will email me personally or share.

Survey results

Intuitive Eating

You guys seem to love these posts – great! I love writing them. It’s such a fascinating topic, and I really think deep down, we all want to be intuitive eaters and understand it. After all, it’s how we were born, as babies.

I plan to do some posts about how feeding goes with babies once I get to that point because it will certainly be interesting to see from the ground up how baby girl will develop eating habits.

I’ve thought about becoming a certified Intuitive Eating counselor, so that’s still up in the air. Either way, I’m passionate about talking about intuitive eating and will continue to do so within this blog space!


I have alot more of these up my sleeve once I finally make time to photograph them. I also plan to do some baby/kid/toddler friendly recipes as we get to that stage. Would you guys be interested in that, too?

While I love to eat out, I also love to cook, but you won’t find me doing gourmet meals that take hours. I’ve always gravitated towards weeknight, simple and attainable.

I like recipes that can be made quickly and don’t require a ton of ingredients, so that’s what you can continue to expect to see!

Sweet Potato Turkey Burger2

Other comments

Those of you who took the time to leave comments had me smiling from ear to ear reading these. Thank you for a) taking the time, and b) Sharing what you enjoy about this blog. In general, you guys love the variety and real life aspect of the blog.

You want more about ED recovery/eating without food rules, healthy recipes, balancing life (with a future baby), intuitive eating and nutrition while training. I hear you all, and will work to provide what you are looking for.

I plan to do some sort of announcement on the blog when baby gets here just to let you guys know, although the first announcement will probably be on instagram.

Then, I’ll do a longer post about the birth story and everything and try to get back to a normal blogging routine. Bear with me! Content may be a little scattered throughout the next few weeks but if you’re subscribed to the blog or follow along on Bloglovin’, you should get notifications!

Now onto other topics, what to do to get this baby out? I’m continuing with spicy foods, lots of walking/movement, stairs, chiropractor, etc. I think she’s a little stubborn and will come when she wants to!

16 responses to “What You Guys Like To See on BLT

  1. Aw man I’ve been off the blogosphere for a while and I just remembered you might have a baby! Don’t worry, your tummy is the perfect place for that kid to be. The problems start when it hits the world πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t know if you would be interested in doing a post on this, but I still struggle with having a calorie ‘count’ in my head even though I want to eat intuitively. Would you have a strategy for people trying to get away totally from that calorie counting? πŸ™‚

    It’s so fun to see that there’s such a variety in readers here. I have loved each one of your posts from intuitive eating to training tips to WIAW and more. πŸ™‚

  3. I remember what my doctor always said, anytime 2 weeks either way from due date…..clearly your little one is hanging in there for as long as she can content and totally happy πŸ™‚
    Thanks for a great post ! Will be checking my insta for the big announcement πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you for sharing this! It’s wonderful to really see how you take these kind of results to heart and really appreciate your readers. That’s why we all love you <3

    Now let's get to baby time!!!

  5. I love your blog! Your life is so interesting and I love how real and honest you are. Plus, I live in Charlotte so it’s always fun to see the city and surrounding area featured πŸ™‚ I’m super excited about your baby arriving any day now and totally understand the day by day waiting! I’m pregnant with twins and have a scheduled csection for this Friday but they could still come any day before then!! It’s such a weird feeling knowing every day could be the day! Good luck to you!!! Can’t wait for an update πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks so much, Kate! Oh my gosh – did you have your twins? Congratulations to you! I’d love to hear how things are going – I’m struggling with just one lol Best of luck!!

      1. I think all newborns are hard regardless of how many you have! These are my first too so it’s all new and we are still trying to get into a routine! They were born April 6th so a couple days after yours πŸ™‚ it is HARD but I keep telling myself that one day they will sleep through the night…right?! And now I can drink wine so that helps πŸ˜‰ good luck to you!! Can’t wait to follow along since our babies are the same age!

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