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  Mar 23, 2016  |  #Charlotte

Hi guys and Happy Wednesday! How’s your week going so far?! 

Yesterday, I wrote a guest post for Robyn’s blog over at The Real Life RD about eating enough food to sustain exercise, geared towards the active woman that I hope you will check out! Robyn’s blog is at the top of my favorites list for blogs to read – she’s a dietitian with a true sense of passion about nourishing our bodies with MORE food. She writes from the heart and puts out great content – I highly recommend her blog!

This week has turned out to be semi-crazy so rather than a usual WIAW recap, I’ve chosen to showcase some of my favorite meals over the past week! 


Best breakfast of the week goes to the huevos rancheros with local chorizo, with a side of potato hash, from Roots Farm Food Truck! On the 3rd Saturday of every month, Sycamore Brewery hosts a nice breakfast out on their gorgeous outdoor patio. You can grab beer or beer-mosa and then grab some grub from the Food Truck! I paired mine with a Salty Coconut Ale, which was deeee-licious. But for real, this food was so so good and a happy way to treat myself for the weekend. 

huevos rancheros

potato hash

Roots Food Truck Roots Menu

Best snack of the week was a very random one: Two rice cakes with greek yogurt as a base, then topped with drippy almond butter and jelly and some chocolate and peanut butter chips for good measure, + a pear and baby carrots.


And I’ve eaten A TON of Larabars, thanks to the giveaway I won from Claire’s blog. YAY!


My hands down lunch on repeat was a tuna salad sandwich. I’m in such a tuna phase right now that nothing can compete. Give me alllll the tuna, all the omega 3’s, and all the veggies to go with it. I posted this lunch on instagram – tuna salad (made with greek yogurt) on ezekial cinnamon raisin bread with green beans, carrots and beets, because they are so tasty and so good for us! And avocado on the tuna – make sure you always add that. They pair up so well.

tuna, best of the best

Let’s take a short detour from food and talk about best exercise for the week: My long run. It was so peaceful. I listened to a combination of podcasts and music, and just ran silently for a little bit, enjoying the landscape. I did it on UNC Charlotte’s greenway and added some parts around campus – I always enjoy running around college campuses. 13 miles flewww by!

running path

Also, you should know that this circuit workout kicked my butt. Highly recommend!

Another favorite snack from the week were these no bake chocolate chip cookie dough bars. Usually, cookie dough texture can go either way for me and sometimes I’m hesitant about no bake things, but these were perfect!

snacks, cookie dough bars, best of the best

My favorite dinner I made was this hodgepodge of colorful beauties. I used spinach as the base, and topped it with roasted carrots, cauliflower, broccoli and peppers, and then added sweet potato, avocado and smoked salmon. Served with a side of barbeque sauce for dipping, because…bbq.

salmon, WIAW, best of the best

Best nightcap goes to: —>chocolate and peanut butter. Always! 

bark thins

Hope you have a great rest of the week, friends! Check back tomorrow for a pretty awesome giveaway, if I do say so myself! 🙂

Tell me about your best day of eats – what would that include?

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26 responses to “WIAW: Best of the Best

  1. I LOVE Robyn’s blog and I am so happy to learn about yours! I also adore Larabars — where can I get the Chocolate covered almond larabar?? I checked their website but it is not listed 🙁

  2. THAT DINNER —- YES! It has my name all over it, I LOVEEEEEE mixing randomness together! It’s typically the friggin’ BEST!! And super quick too!

  3. OH MY this all looks so so good, especially that breakfast. I am a HUGE fan of food truck food but living in a tiny city it’s hard to find good truck food so it’s a real treat when I do. So much colour, so much yum!

  4. Ooh, you wrote a post at Robyn’s? I love Robyn’s. She’s so genuinely compassionate and has been such a blessing to me in the recovery journey. God has really used her to show me what it is to enjoy Him by eating ALL the food He’s made without fear and taking care of my body for His glory. That dinner at the end LOOKS SOOOO GOOD! And those chocolate chip cookie dough bars? Even though it’s 6:54 AM, they look really yummy. 🙂

  5. I’ve followed Robyn for a while now and I’m excited to have found you (thanks to the two of you partnering up) ! i like your balanced approach-it’s so comforting to see that side and hear that message! Thanks for sharing and spreading the message to women. The food looks wonderful too! Lots of good ideas for meals/snacks.

  6. Bah I want all. Your. Food. You make the most perfect combinations.. That dinner with salmon and bbq and sweet potato? I must do this. And yogurt on the rice cakes – brilliant. Tuna and beets.. Drool
    I feel like I need to travel the states just by food truck. I loved the show “eat street.”

  7. Yum! Everything has me wanting it! I really want to go to that food truck now. I’ll have to look into it!
    I love salads like the one you had a dinner. The flavor combos!!! Last night j had a Greek salad with a scoop of tuna salad from Panera and it was So yummy! Didn’t hate the big chunk of bread that came with it either.

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