Comfort Foods + Work Out Updates

  Aug 28, 2017  |  #Weekend recap

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Hey guys!

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend and ate lots of yummy food. We had a weekend mixed with adventure and relaxation, which are my favorite weekends.

Backing up to Thursday first. By this point, you guys probably know I love a good burger, and my body craves one about 1-2 times per week. During marathon training, I was pretty religious about eating red meat 2 times a week, and I know it helped my energy levels. Now, even when I’m not training, I still like the nutritional benefits of red meat a few times a week. So, I picked up a BBQ cheeseburger to go from Crafty Burger, and brought it to the dog bar, so Tater could run around while I ate. It was perfect. Perfectly messy, also. The fries were so so, but the chickpea salad was out of this world good.

Crafty Burger

Friday night was the perfect night for mac ‘n cheese. I used Eat Banza (chickpea pasta), and mixed in some broccoli and spinach for Ed and I while we continued watching Bloodline. Eeek, it’s getting SO interesting.


On Saturday morning, I continued my lovely routine of running to the Farmer’s Market. I love getting my run done before it heats up. After the run, I stretched, grabbed coffee and toured the Market. I’m collaborating with a local media outlet here about how to spend 24 hours in Davidson (my quaint city north of Charlotte), and it’s so fun because basically I’m sharing all of my favorite local spots.

After the Farmer’s Market, I came home and showered and headed into Charlotte to meet my friend Sara for brunch at Kid Cashew. I wanted a few different things on the menu, but I settled on the strawberry cheesecake french toast. No regrets.


On Sunday, we started the morning with pancakes. I used Kodiak Cakes mix as the base, and added bananas, blueberries, peaches, hemp seeds, sunbutter and maple syrup (affiliate links). They were so yummy.


Then, we took Tater hiking at Crowder Mountain State Park. We were a little ambitious thinking she could make the 6 mile round trip – we made it about 3. There were alot of rocks to climb and she did great, but on the way back down, she would just stop and lay down on the trail. I think she had fun though!

Crowder Mountain

We then picked up some friends from the airport and headed to Primal Brewery for a drink on the patio. It was perfect weather to do so. We didn’t feel like cooking dinner so we grabbed some food from the food truck and called it a night.

Recent Workouts

So, until Boston Marathon training ramps up in Novemberish, I’m kinda taking it easy on the running front. I’ve been running 3-4 times a week, but they are much shorter runs. I’ve started taking Tater, which automatically shortens the runs because she is HARD to run with. She pulls in opposite directions, loves to stop when she chooses to smell, and will then start sprinting and I can’t keep up. Anyone have tips for running with a puppy? Also, really loving running on the trails because there’s more shade coverage!

I’m probably getting 20-25 miles a week right now, which I feel like is the perfect amount for my sanity but not overdoing it.


If this gives you any indicator of how much energy she has at the dog park…

Recent workouts


I’ve thrown some more yoga classes into the mix, mainly because I have a hot yoga membership I’m trying to maximize benefits from. I tried a newish studio and went to a yoga class last week and I was the only one there. So, it turned out to be a private one-on-one session for me. At first I felt a little awkward because all the attention was on me, but I actually really enjoyed it. A little more non traditional than I’m used to.


I’m also doing a lot more strength work, and cross training (mostly the stepper and lots of walking). I’ve also taken a few strength classes at the Y. I’m really loving the variety of workouts right now and it’s keeping me fresh until we fall into my favorite running season: fall.

I’d love to hear what your workouts look like these days!

I’m linking up with Hoho Runs and Misssippipiddlin for the Weekly Wrap!


Do you feel better just doing one type of exercise, or do you like incorporating a bunch into your routine?

Ever done a private yoga class before?

26 responses to “Comfort Foods + Work Out Updates

  1. Oh, I love that you run to the Farmer’s Market… I have done the same (do you get picked up after or walk home?) Mine is like 3 miles from my house, so it’s a long walk, if I walk back home.

    1. Usually have my hubby pick me up! Every now and then I’ll just drive, and do my run around it, so I can drive home with my goodies. But I like the former option 🙂 Isn’t it so amazing living close to the farmers market?!

  2. Oh your watching bloodlines! We fell in love with this the first season, it sure gets you hooked doesn’t it. I finished season 2 but I’ll give you no spoilers!
    I get bored easy so I do like to mix things up and get in a variety of workouts!

  3. Oh my goodness, that saucy burger!! I totally agree about craving red meat with a lot of activity and running. I feel like it’s just one of those things I can really tell when my body needs. And holy cow, those weekend breakfasts look incredible! I don’t think I’ve ever had stuffed french toast, but it sounds so dreamy. My workouts focus primarily around running since I’m in cross country season, but I really like incorporating strength training and breaking up body parts between the days. I feel like moving your body in a variety of ways keeps things interesting and makes for a well rounded fitness approach.


  4. OMG, all of that food looks soo good! And it’s awesome you’re going to run the Boston Marathon this year 🙂 it’s the best race!

    I love yoga and have been doing it a lot lately. I kind of like being the only one/one of a few in the class!

    I hope you have a great start to your week.

  5. Mmm Saturday morning routine of running to the farmers market and picking up a coffee sounds perrrffeeeccttt. As does the Sunday morning pancake routine. That one never loses.

    I just did a non-intential private yoga class the other week! Aha. The other people just didn’t show up. It was kind of awkward? Having all the attention on you. But also really really nice. I’m learning I definitely need to incorporate various forms of exercise. I get way too stagnant and bored – and stop feeling any sense of vitality – if I just have one.

  6. I LOVE those weeks of down time running; where the running is just for fun and not intense training. Also, I’m seeing so much of the beauty of God’s food in all of your plates; I love the plate of pancakes, the gorgeous burger, and ALL of it for that matter. 🙂

  7. Looks like you’ve been eating alot of delicious food! I like mixing up my workouts but lately Ive been in a pretty consistent routine, Now that Im adding some running back in I’ll start doing a little less cross training, but hopefully keep up all the strength stuff.

    1. I love changing things up, but sometimes a routine can be so nice. Like with marathon training, I knew Saturday was always the long run and Tuesday was always speed work.

  8. What a cutie Miss Tater is! As I’ve been on somewhat of a running hiatus this summer, I’ve really been enjoying mixing things us a bit! It’s just so easy to get burn-out when training for half and full marathons! Although, it’s about time to start training again for a half, I definitely want to keep up with my strength training. It’s always the first thing I cut when I’m training for a race and time gets crunched, but it’s the one thing that is needed the most throughout race training!

    Thanks for linking up Sarah!

    1. I’m with you – I think the strength training is important to keep up consistently. Running breaks are good, hope you’ve enjoyed yours 🙂

  9. I always love to mix it up with my workouts! The pancakes with fruit look amazing! Hemp seeds are one of my new favorite ingredients!

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