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Yoga, A Crossfit Workout and A Run (Weekend Recap)

Good morning and I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Ha, this title makes it sound like I was non-stop but that really wasn’t the case. But it felt good to move my body in a variety of ways, and work muscle groups that I’m not always focusing on.

It feels good to get back to writing exercise posts. I know when I was in marathon training, it was a lot easier to recall my exercises, and what I was eating to fuel those. Right now, life is still a little different and exercise is way less intense. But, it does feel good to be upping it a little bit.


On Friday, I had a virtual client (I’m back to seeing my virtual BLT clients). Later, I went for a run and then to the gym for some free weights for a nice little 35 minute workout. I really have been wanting to go to a yoga class there but I’ve been hesitant to leave Cam at the gym daycare for an hour long class. She’s in a  “stranger danger” phase and usually cries for them. I know I just need to keep going to get her used to it but the thought of her crying the whole time breaks my heart. So I typically keep my workouts around 30 min when I go.

Friday night, we had leftover lasagna for dinner. My mom was here this week and she made some as well as lots of batches of cookies! I have been craving lasagna and this hit the spot.


On Saturday, I went to a wellness event. I stopped for caffeine before hand at my favorite local shop.

I usually get a lavendar vanilla latte with oat milk, but they were out of oat milk. So, I went for a nitro cold brew.

I was actually supposed to be working the wellness event and on hand for nutrition questions, but not many people showed up. So, I jumped in the free 50 minute community yoga class. The yoga class was everything I needed and more. Stretching my muscles out felt so glorious. Between breastfeeding and bending at awkward angles, bending down to pick up Cam and holding her, I feel like I’m so tight and have knots all over. It felt goood to ground myself.

After yoga, I then decided to take advantage of the crossfit workout. These were free events offered to the public so it was unfortunate that not many people showed up! I’ve never really done crossfit before, but I’ve done plenty of my own circuit workouts and I really enjoy them. I’m a person who needs constant switching to keep me from getting bored. I think this is ironic because I can go for a two hour long run and not be bored.

We did a 10-15 minute workup and then our 12 minute circuit was as follows, with as many reps as possible. Sorry for the lack of pictures!

The workout:

Run (it was probably a couple hundred yards, out and back)
15 Dumbbell Thrusts
10 Lounges
10 Partner “High Five” Push ups (between each rep you cross hands and give a high five).

I think I went through it 5 or 6 times in 12 minutes. I realllly enjoyed this workout! I did the push ups on my knees because my arm/core strength just isn’t there right now, but this was a great workout. I woke up Sunday morning so sore.

I headed home after this to relieve Ed so he could go workout. I made lunch (eggs with toast – the usual) and hung out with Cam for a few hours. I’m pretty firm about one savory toast and one sweet toast – savory was smashed avocado with everything but the bagel seasoning, and sweet was drippy peanut butter with strawberries and chia seeds. I started packing for Rhode Island (we leave today!) and did some cleaning.

In the afternoon, we headed to a local brewery with some friends before coming home early for Cam’s bedtime.

We put together the most random tacos for dinner on Saturday but I thought they turned out well. We chopped up chicken sausage and sauteed it with a frozen bag of broccoli, sliced zucchini and corn. And then I topped the tacos with nutritional yeast. Easy dinner!


Sunday turned out to be a slow morning. I was supposed to meet a friend for a morning run, but I was SO SORE from Saturday’s workout that I chose to sleep instead. I made kodiak pancakes (and had a waffle) with lots of coffee while watching Chip and Joanna Gaines (does anyone else love them?!).

I did some more packing and laundry, while Ed headed to the trails for a two hour run. Did I tell you guys he’s training for an ultramarathon? #crazy. I don’t think I will ever run longer than the marathon distance.

That was our weekend!

What’s the longest distance you’ve ever run (or want to run)?

Highlight of your weekend?

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  1. I love how intuitive you are about running and exercise in general Sarah! I’m like you too, in that I love long runs, but when I’m doing any other workout I love switching it up because I truly get bored too.

  2. Your breakfasts always look so delicious! I need to up my avocado/peanut butter toast game.

    The longest I’ve run is 6 miles, but I’m hoping to run a half marathon in February. And the highlight of my weekend was taking a long walk by the ocean with my parents and dog!

  3. Isn’t a yoga class – when you’re body has been craving a good stretch for soooo long – just the most AMAZING thing? Gah. That feeling of stretching your body is just pure bliss. Glad you finally got yourself to a class! I totally understand the hesitation to leave Cam to go to an hour class – you probably wouldn’t be able to stay too focused in shavasana anyways. But it will come!

    I’m not even going to ask what an “ultra” marathon is. I’ll never get over the length of an actual marathon as is. But hey, go Ed go!

    1. That’s what I keep telling myself, It will come and we’ll get there! And this ultramarathon is 50 miles – nearly TWO marathons

  4. The event you went to Saturday sounds like an awesome event so it is unfortunate not a lot of people showed up. It’s making me want to look into if there are events like that near me!

    The farthest I’ve run to date is 14 miles but I’ll be working my way up to a marathon. Ed is crazy for doing an ultra haha I could never.

    Safe travels!