4 Thoughts (Yoga and Body Thoughts, Date Night, DC Recommendations)

  Nov 12, 2018  |  #Weekend recap

How was your weekend? I hope it was lovely! We had some pretty decent fall weather here and had an overall good weekend. Sharing some thoughts and a weekend recap!

Yoga and Body Image

I went to a hot yoga class on Friday night – this was my first hot yoga class since before pregnancy, so it’s been a while. I really do enjoy hot yoga, and I feel like it helps me get deeper into the poses. I could definitely tell it’s been a while because I was having trouble holding some of the poses.

At times, I found myself comparing myself and my body to the other women there. I had to take a step back and remind myself of where I’m at and reframe some of those thoughts. Here is what I came up with:

  • I don’t do yoga as often as I’d like, and I haven’t practiced some of these poses in a very long time. Maybe these women practice every day. Why am I comparing myself or competing with them? I’m here for my OWN practice and to move in a way that feels good.
  • My body is in a different place now as a mom than it was prior to having Camryn. And I’m in a different place then many of the women that were practicing.
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to practice yoga in the first place, and use it as an outlet to clear my mind.
  • There are many joyful ways in which I enjoy moving my body, and for that, I’m grateful!

I share these thoughts because I want you to understand that we all have poor body image days – we’re human. But, what we do with those thoughts is what matters. Can you practice reframing them and looking at them in a new lens?

Date Night

Ed and I actually got out for our first real date night on Saturday. I’m considering it our first one. We’ve technically been out for 3 weddings, but we haven’t been out for our OWN reason until now. I just laugh at how people told me to get all the date nights in before baby because it’s so true. And we did get a good amount of them in, but I still felt fairly confident that it would be easy to just take the babe out with us. Ha! Not as easy as I thought.

Anyway, we decided to go to the batting cages to hit some balls first. I played baseball up until my sophomore year in high school and then made the switch to softball, which I played in college. It was fun to get back to swinging a bat, though my arm is a little sore from swinging too hard.

From there, we headed down to a place called Hoppin‘. It’s a neat concept, and you basically pour your own beer from the various taps they have. They have a lot to choose from and two levels! You wear a wristband, which they give you after checking your ID and getting your credit card. So, your wristband is connected to your credit card, and that’s how they charge you. You swipe your wristband before pouring the beer, and it measures how many ounces you pour. There is a 32 oz limit at a time, so if you want more after that, you have to go back up to them and “re-certify.” Since you can pour your own, you can try as little or as much as you’d like, so I just went around trying a bunch of different beers and flavors. It was a neat atmosphere, but one I’ve felt so far removed from.

From there, we headed to Bardo, one of the relatively newer restaurants in Charlotte. We sat at the bar and enjoyed some cocktails and then tried the octopus, scallops, sunchoke and tortellini, and some carrot cake for dessert. Everything was astounding and we enjoyed talking to the bartender for most of the night.

As we made our way back to the car, we stopped at Golden Cow Creamery for some ice cream. They are known for their fun homemade flavors! We got Dunkaroos (anyone else obsessed with those when they were kids?) and Salted Oreo in a waffle cone.

Scraped Knee

On Sunday, we did some packing for a trip we’re taking this week and went for a family jog. Ed and I took turns pushing Camryn while the other one held Tater on the leash. We only ended up covering about two miles, and towards the end I took a little fall. Luckily, I wasn’t pushing Camryn. I cushioned the fall and landed on my knee (rather than my face or head) which was fortunate, so I now have a little battle wound and bruise on my knee. It could have been much worse, and I’m thankful I wasn’t pushing Camryn.

Seasonal Lattes

Is anyone else a craft coffee fan? I love trying new coffee shops and trying their unique flavors and offerings. I like pumpkin, but I don’t go too crazy over the pumpkin spice latte’s – I’m more about some tamed down sweetness. Last week, I tried a new-to-me coffee shop in the area and tried their vanilla cardamom latte. I almost found it too sweet! Normally, I lean towards anything vanilla (or lavendar), but for some reason, this one just didn’t do it for me.

This week, Ed has a work trip in the DC area so we are joining him! We will also be visiting some family and friends in the area, so knocking out a few things. I’m not sure how Cam will do with a longer trip, so things will be interesting. I am excited to try some new restaurants, though! If I have any readers in the DC area, or if you have any food suggestions, please send them my way!

Was anyone else a Dunkaroos fan growing up? They were in my lunch box daily!

What’s your favorite coffee flavor/latte?

Any food recommendations or things to do in Alexandria or Frederick, MD?

10 responses to “4 Thoughts (Yoga and Body Thoughts, Date Night, DC Recommendations)

  1. So sorry to hear about your knee, Sarah! Falling down is so much rougher as an adult. On a happier note, one hot tip for visiting Alexandria is to wander through Old Town and catch the water taxi over to the Wharf in DC. It’s a newly-developed area with restaurants, bars, music, etc. As nice as the new stuff is, though, my favorite part of the Wharf is actually the fish market, which has been there forever (It’s the oldest continuously operating open-air fish market in the country.). You can get a to-go tray of freshly-caught fish (plus comfort-food sides), grab a seat next to one of the outdoor fire pits, and enjoy a delicious meal on the water.

  2. Glad you guys got out for a date night! We are trying to do at least one more before the baby comes because we haven’t really celebrated either of our birthdays or anniversaries this year. And I think it will be awhile before we do anything once the baby is here, especially because it will be the middle of winter!
    Sorry about your fall, but Im glad it wasnt worse!

  3. Love to hear about your batting cage experience – now thayt sounds like the perfect “date” to me….especially if a visit to that hoppin’ beer place comes right afterwards!

  4. What an amazing date night! Baseball – so fun! That beer place sounds dangerous though. I feel like I would be caught off guard with a massive credit card tab at the end without realizing it.

    Sorry about your knee 🙁

    I was never allowed dunkaroos as a kid, but LOVED to steal them from my friends at school. They would make the best ice cream flavor! And now I definitely want some. Are they still being made!?

    1. Yea! We wanted to do something different. I don’t know if Dunkaroos are still being made, I actually haven’t seen or heard about them in a while!

  5. Hoppin’ sounds like a really cool place! It would be nice to be able to sample a few different beers without having a full beer of each. Seems like you had a great date night!

    One recommendation for DC is Good Stuff Eatery! It was on Food Network and so tasty. It has burgers and shakes.

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