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You might be a runner if..

Before I get into some funky/typical runner habits, I had to share this picture. Look at this strawberry I came across yesterday!? Is this a sign of good luck? On a related note, did you guys hear that Whole Foods will start selling “ugly” fruit? I strongly support this notion to decrease food waste!

I haven’t written about running in a while (except discussing my training here and there), and I thought this would be a fun way to relate with the other runners in the blog world. Running is not only my outlet, but a huge part of my life and who I am. It keeps me sane, balanced and present with each lifestyle change that life throws at me. 

We all have our own habits, but here are some blanket ones that signify you might be a runner..

you might be a runner

You have running outfits and pairs of running shoes in your car, just in case…

You were supposed to take an off day but the weather is too beautiful to not run…just a few miles

chapel hill trail

When you walk instead of run, your body is initially in shock

Weekend plans revolve around when you can fit your long run in 

You foam roll like it’s your job

foam roll

Dinner table talk with your spouse or significant other revolves around that day’s runs/training

You have extremely specific habits before and/or after a run

You’re used to being stinky, sweaty and live in workout clothes and you’re okay with it


Your running schedule revolves around when you eat (obviously)

You have trouble justifying spending over $100 on an outfit, but you’ll drop $120 on running shoes, no problem

quote running shoes

The majority of your laundry is running gear

You could chat about running shoes for hours

Speaking of, you have several pairs of old running shoes just lying around that you’re figuring out what to do with

running shoes

When you see new areas or roads, you think about running on them

queens rd

Your running watch is one of your most prized possessions

10.3 miles

Stressful, happy, good or bad days can all start with or end with a run

You’re always hungry


You get jealous if you see someone out running and you haven’t gotten your run in today

You get excited when you find a new trail


You talk in terms of PR’s, write down paces and splits like a mad person, and can’t contain your excitement when you set a new PR. WHY DOESN’T ANYONE CARE?

race course half

When you meet another runner, part of you gets giddy on the inside. Let’s talk about running!

running talk

Your hard earned money goes to races, running attire and pre and post workout food

If you’re going out, you don’t wear heels or anything that could make your feet hurt. Dancing in sneakers it is!

What other “You might be a runner if…” tidbits do you have?

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