BBQ Salmon in the Air Fryer

Bucket List Tummy

Prep: 20 Mins

– 2 salmon filets (I used Butcher box) - ¼ cup BBQ sauce - 1 Tbsp water - 3 tsp honey - ¼ tsp garlic powder - ¼ onion powder - ½ tsp minced garlic - ¼ tsp paprika

Cook: 14 MINS


Step 1

Combine ingredients for sauce in bowl. Add more honey to sweeten or more water to thin it out as needed.

Step 2

Coat salmon with marinade. If you have time, allow salmon to marinate for 20-30 minutes before cooking for optimal flavor.

Step 3

Add salmon skin side down to basket of air fryer. Cook at 380 for 10-12 minutes or until salmon reaches 145deg F using a food thermometer.