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Your easy family meals are heading your way, but to truly enjoy food, you want to have a good relationship with food! This ebook will help you learn intuitive eating so you can truly enjoy family meals again.

Do you struggle with following all the “diet rules” only to leave you feeling confused about your own body, your own hunger and fullness?

Have you wondered if you’re hungry or just bored?

Did you just eat too much again and feel bad about it?

Do you want to repair your relationship with food?

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Save more than $30 on the original price and get a thorough 50+ page workbook with journaling prompts, client handouts, visuals and more!

Do You Struggle With Restricting Food Only to Later Binge?

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Do you control calories by restricting food or exercising it off? It can be a vicious cycle that messes with you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Undereating makes you tired, sluggish, cranky and hyper-focused on food, when can then lead to bingeing and overeating.

This ebook will help you find balance between eating for your needs, feeling great and reaching the health goals you set.

What’s Included?

  • 60 page workbook on hunger, fullness and everything in between
  • Printable journaling exercises
  • Printable resource sheets
  • Self Care Exercises and Alternative Coping Mechanisms
  • Guide To Understand Different Forms of Hunger
  • Tips for Adding Fullness & Satisfaction To Your Meals
  • The ultimate snack guide resource (that I use with clients!)
  • Examples of applying flexible eating to real-life examples
Your guide to food freedom ebook

This Workbook Will Help You To..

  • Stop the meticulous calorie counting
  • Stop feeling obsessed and out of control around food
  • Understand hunger and fullness cues
  • Enjoy mealtime again
  • Get rid of food guilt
  • Stop with the “I’ll start again next week”…
  • Gain control with intuitive eating
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Hi, I’m Sarah Schlichter, a Registered Dietitian focused on helping you achieve food freedom.

I help you fix and improve your relationship with food. I work with both athletes and non-athletes alike to reduce the stress around food and learn to enjoy food again, without focusing on the extremes of going too long without eating or eating until you feel sick.

We can normalize food and get rid of the long standing food rules you have. Let me help! I made this resource to help you repair your relationship with food.

This Is For You If:

  • You can’t make sense of your hunger cues
  • You feel full before you know you have eaten enough and anything extra sounds like “too much”
  • You’re wondering what an appropriate level of fullness is for you
  • You’re struggling with balancing intuitive eating and hunger with hard training
  • You’re struggling with the diet mentality and you don’t know how to stop it
  • You can’t afford to work with a dietitian 1-1
  • You’re not experiencing consistent hunger cues
  • You want to learn how to be flexible with your eating
  • You’re confused whether you’re bored or you need nourishment
  • You feel guilty about emotional eating
  • You worry you’ll never “crave” nutritious foods again
  • You don’t understand how gentle nutrition and intuitive eating can go together
  • You’re in a food rut
  • You want a healthy approach to fueling the body and mind
  • You like activities and journaling prompts to help you learn a concept   

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