Hi there! I’m Sarah Schlichter, aka BLT (Bucket List Tummy). I'm so glad you're here!

I am a Registered Dietitian with my Master's in Public Health. I'm also currently working on my certification to become a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Dietetics (CSSD).

I co-host the Nail Your Nutrition podcast, a podcast about endurance fueling from a non-diet perspective. For more nutrition and running information, grab this free freebie about nutrition for runners!

I am also a wellness entrepreneur, distance runner, recipe creator, coffee shop lover and toddler mom, who lives in the Washington, DC area.



My Education Background

I received my nutrition education at UNC Chapel Hill, where I also did my coordinated internship. I changed careers (and wrote about being a career changer dietitian).

After graduating with an undergraduate degree in Sport Management, I worked in college athletics for a few years before ultimately deciding to pursue graduate school for health and nutrition. I felt a strong, too-passionate-to-ignore desire to help people with food and health.

You can see more about how I got into nutrition and passed the RD Exam.

My Nutrition Motto

With a Master's in Public Health and Nutrition, I now seek to help people develop a healthy, thriving relationship with food, and help educate about healthy lifestyles (not “diets”).  I think all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle.

My nutrition motto is easy: I am a non-diet dietitian, meaning I don’t prescribe diets for my clients. Diets aren’t sustainable, and as humans, we need to be sustained and satisfied. I work from an intuitive eating perspective.

Many of us have lost that innate mind-body connection and we’re searching for the next diet or next best thing to get that back. But food shouldn’t be complicated. It is just that – food.

We've lost our intuition when it comes to hunger so much that we depend on external rules and diets to guide us. Except they do the exact opposite.

A kale salad can be just as nourishing as a slice of cake with your family. I aim to decrease the food guilt and help you find your happy relationship with food and yourself.


Eating a cinnamon bun



My Passions and My Work

I’m also an avid runner. Running is my favorite way to reconnect and check in with myself. I used to be the person who used running as a way to get away from things, to not cope with them and to burn calories. I've come a long way and now recognize all of the other things running can bring. I now work with clients on developing a healthy relationship between food and exercise.

I even have a fueling course I created with another sports dietitian that talks about adequate fueling for endurance activity.

I talk and write a lot about marathon trainingnutrition for runners, and how to eat intuitively when exercising. More often than not, I see runners (and women, in particular) underfueling. Our bodies are so amazing, but they need enough Grade A fuel to perform.


Stretching before a run


I work 1-1 with individuals and groups and see clients virtually from all other the country. I’ve helped women regain their periods, worked with runners on fueling for training and recovery, and helped countless women improve their relationship with food. My ultimate goal is to help you get away from fearing food.

For those who can't or prefer not to work 1-1 with a professional, I created an Ebook about making peace with food, hunger and fullness. You can purchase it here. 

I also do recipe creation and freelance writing for many publications. I want to communicate the tenets of nutrition in an easy, non-extreme way so you're not flooded with diet messages in the media.

You won’t hear me talking about never eating “x” again, because there is room for all foods.

freelance photography and recipe creation


Also, I love love to travel. I’ve been to Europe, Australia, South Africa and several of the 50 states. I’d say the biggest travel destinations on my bucket list right now are Greece, Switzerland, South America and Alaska. I write a lot about what I eat when I travel because I have to try everything.


Along with loving to eat, I love to cook. All of my recipes can be made in under an hour, and most can be made in under 30 minutes because we are all busy. I want my kitchen time to be efficient. You can see all of my recipes here.


Blueberry Chocolate Chip donuts ingredients

And lastly, I have a two-year-old daughter who I talk about on here occasionally. Motherhood has become a very important topic to me, and I try to be as authentic as I can in balancing being a working mom and a present mom for my daughter.


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Let’s make eating fun and enjoyable again. I look forward to connecting with you!