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Hello! I’m Sarah, A Registered Dietitian passionate about helping people enjoy food. I work through an intuitive eating lens.

I help you fix and improve your relationship with food. I work with both athletes and non-athletes alike to achieve an optimal nutrition plan.

  • Stop the meticulous calorie counting
  • Stop feeling obsessed and out of control around food
  • Understand hunger and fullness cues
  • Enjoy mealtime again
  • Get rid of food guilt
  • Gain control with intuitive eating

Sports Nutrition Services

Learn to fuel your sport adequately without the diets and rules.

  • Break personal records
  • Fix your digestive issues
  • Eat more of the right foods
  • Change your body composition to enhance performance
  • Fuel for races, workouts and recovery
  • Have sustained energy
  • Master your hydration and electrolyte plan
  • Learn key sports nutrition concepts

My self paced endurance course has 12+ modules that will teach you everything about nutrition for your sport, to bring your performance from good to great.

You have FOREVER access to the course and future updates for the same price as a month of working with me 1-1.

Intuitive Eating 1-1 Work

Let these resources help you achieve food freedom and learn to enjoy food again.


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Nail Your Nutrition Podcast

The Nail Your Nutrition Podcast is a podcast about fueling endurance activity from a non-diet mindset, hosted by two sports dietitians. Guests range from sports researchers, to sports dietitians, to running activists and those passionate about fueling.

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