What Clients Are Saying


Even though we worked together virtually, Sarah has a way of making you feel at ease and I felt like I was sitting in her office with her. I am so grateful for everything that Sarah encompasses - food freedom, understanding the importance of eating enough and making running fun again. I came to her feeling overly fatigued and afraid of food after years of dieting and food rules. Now, I'm free of those constraints and my running is better than ever.

- Taylor K

Sarah took the time to talk things through with me and address the needs of both my body and my mind. I wasn't just numbers on a sheet of paper to her. She challenged me, but also encouraged me to ask questions and approach situations with curiosity, rather than judgment. As a result, I've learned to approach eating from a place of self-compassion rather than rigidity. I can't say enough good things about working with an IE RD, and Sarah in particular. Venturing outside the perceived "safety" of diet culture can be scary at first, but it is so worthwhile.

- Shannon O.

After 3 months of working with Sarah, my cholesterol and blood sugar went down. I now have more energy to exercise and cook more. I've learned so much from Sarah and made sustainable changes to my life now that I have education about what foods make me feel best. I highly recommend working with Sarah for a healthier, happier life.

- Chinh T

Before meeting with Sarah, I knew I was an emotional and stress eater, but I thought I just needed help controlling the amount of food I was eating. Sarah didn't try to talk me out of a weight loss goal, but was determined to help me better understand what was going on beneath the surface. I wasn't sure this intuitive eating concept would work. It sounded nice in theory but it had been so long since I'd had a normal relationship with food, I wasn't sure if I could change my mindset. Each time we met, Sarah gave me a new technique to put into practice to help me reframe my prior negative thoughts about food and my body. Over time, it became easier to tune in to my body. Now, I'm able to make more balanced choices when traveling (which is always tough for me) and in my day-to-day social activities. Sarah helped me think about food differently, and in turn, focus on other ways to take care of myself. I'm seeing improvements in many aspects of my life, not just my eating habits.

- Amanda F.

I contacted Sarah after seeing she was an avid runner and non-diet dietitian. As a runner myself, I was concerned when I was no longer getting my period and lived in a world consumed by calorie counting and over-exercising. I wanted to be healthy and not feel trapped in a world of dieting and also learn how to fuel my body properly. This was especially important because I have a little daughter and I did not want to pass on my complicated relationship with food to her. I needed to learn how to trust my body and treat it accordingly. I had no idea where to even start, and that is when I found Sarah.

Working with her went well beyond the food I was eating, she really encouraged me to look deep and challenge the thoughts that were holding me back from food freedom. Did my fears generated by diet culture really outweigh my goals of a healthy relationship with food and my body? She challenged me to look deep and discover myself as so much more than a body or a runner. Sarah is very knowledgeable, she read all of my rambling anxiety ridden emails, allowed me to vent to her as I worked through years of disordered eating, laughed and celebrated even the smallest successes, and was just over all a cheerleader. Discovering intuitive eating and body peace is such a deep personal journey and Sarah held my hand every uncomfortable worthwhile step of the way. She will get you out of your comfort zone in the most comfortable way.

If you have lost your period, found yourself obsessed with every bit of food you eat, or are constantly obsessed with when and what your next meal will be, there is help, and Sarah is someone you want on your team! Sarah showed me that I could listen to my hunger, honor my fullness, and love and cherish the strong beautiful body I have no matter the size. She taught me how to enjoy a cookie (or two!) with my daughter, how to relax over a romantic dinner with my husband, and that all food is good food and that one should eat that dessert whenever they want to!

- Kathryn K

After graduating college and not being involved in competitive team sports anymore, I gained a little weight. I tried for a year or two to lose the extra 10-15 pounds on my own - listening to apps such as My Fitness Pal or the newest thing I found on an internet search. I was getting very discouraged when I did not see any change and even had another professional tell me that maybe this is "my new normal." I knew that was not true. I found Sarah and started seeing her. She spent a while listening to my struggles and educated me on what my body needs.

While I thought I was eating "healthy" for a while, I found out that other plans I found were actually having me under eat based on my metabolism and activity level, which was why I could not lose the weight on my own. What I loved about Sarah and her plan is that I never felt restricted or that I was "on a diet." She never said "don't eat this or don't eat that." With Sarah, it is more about discovering a healthy lifestyle balance and a healthy relationship with food. I feel like I eat more food than before, but I feel more toned and healthier than ever! Sarah is also amazing at always being a resource and quick to answer with any questions! I can't thank her enough!

- Cassandra V