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Stop Overthinking Food


Hi, I’m Sarah Schlichter. I help you fix and improve your relationship with food. I work with both athletes and non-athletes alike to achieve an optimal nutrition plan.

I’m a Registered Dietitian based in Frederick, Maryland. As a Maryland dietitian, I work with clients in person in the Frederick area, but also see clients virtually from anywhere.

Find the perfect balance to reach your nutrition goals while still enjoying the food in front of you. Break free from dieting.

Let’s work together. Both myself and my associate RD are on board with fueling
athletes adequately without the side of diet culture.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I reached out to Sarah because my exercise and eating behaviors became extreme due to the pandemic and I needed help to get back on track. With our first Zoom visit, I knew immediately Sarah was the right choice and I instantly felt comfortable with her. In that first visit, she had me set goals and provided me with follow up resources regarding overexercising and nutrition. With her knowledge and guidance, I have been able to make significant changes and I am overjoyed with how my quality of life has improved and I really feel like I am truly addressing my issues with food and exercise and finally getting balance and establishing a healthy relationship with both food and exercise.


Meet Our Team

Sarah Schlichter  RD, MPH

I’m Sarah, the owner and creator of Bucket List Tummy. I’m a sports dietitan with a Master’s of Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients to improve their fitness, their fueling plans and their relationship with food. As a former collegiate athlete and someone who used to count calories, I’ve overcome that dieting mindset and I can help you get there too!

Danielle Talenti  MS, RD

Danielle is a dietitian in the Philadelphia, PA area. Danielle worked as a sports nutrition graduate assistant while earning her Masters at Drexel University, helping to fuel the Division 1 athletes at Drexel, and two local professional teams, the Philadelphia Flyers, and Philadelphia Union. Danielle is an endurance athlete herself and former college athlete.

Stop “Earning” Your Calories

Find the perfect balance to reach your nutrition goals while still enjoying the food in front of you.
Break free from dieting. Let’s work together.

Is This You?

Do you control calories by restricting food or exercising it off? It can be a vicious cycle that messes with you physically, mentally and emotionally. Undereating makes you tired, sluggish and hyper-focused on food. Overexercise damages your body and makes it harder to recover. In our sessions, we work towards finding balance between eating for your needs, feeling great and reaching the health goals you set.


For Runners Who
Want to Be Better

  • Break personal records
  • Fix your digestive issues
  • Eat more of the right foods
  • Change your body composition to enhance performance
  • Fuel for races, workouts and recovery
  • Have sustained energy
  • Master your hydration and electrolyte plan
  • Learn key sports nutrition concepts

For People Totally
Stressed Out by Food

  • Stop the meticulous calorie counting
  • Stop feeling obsessed and out of control around food
  • Understand hunger and fullness cues
  • Enjoy mealtime again
  • Get rid of food guilt
  • Gain control with intuitive eating

Self Help Resources

Simplifying Hunger & Fullness

A 60 page guide & workbook to making eating easy again and help you find the food freedom you deserve.

Get the eBook

A Runner’s Guide to Intuitive Eating

A 100 page book on sports nutrition, intuitive eating and more! Understand nutrition for runners to improve your performance.

Get the eBook

The Nail Your Nutrition Course


13 modules of sports nutrition information to help you PR, feel nutritionally adequate, confident and strong for your next 13.1 or 26.2. Learn how to fuel your endurance activity, recover quickly and get all the right nutrients to keep you fit and healthy to meet your performance goals.