As a former Division 1 college athlete turned marathon runner, I understand and appreciate the power of nutrition in athletic performance and recovery.

Oftentimes, it’s the food and recovery piece that holds many of us back from performing our best.

Sports Nutrition is constantly evolving so let me help simplify it for you. All you have to worry about is your sport itself. 

I have helped many female athletes navigate amenorrhea and restore menstruation, enhance their relationship with food and their body, and helped many marathoners perfect their fueling strategies to reach their PRs.



You're wondering how to fuel before / after a race or competition

You have experienced or are experiencing digestive issues while exercising that you can't figure out

You want to figure out your fueling and hydration plan

You are confused and unsure how exercise fits in with intuitive eating

You want to build muscle mass and enhance speed or performance

You are struggling with obsessive or compulsive exercise

If you want to...

  • Break personal records
  • Fix your digestive issues
  • Eat more of the right foods
  • Change your body composition to enhance performance
  • Fuel for races, workouts and recovery
  • Have sustained energy
  • Master your hydration and electrolytes


sprained ankle with tape and pair of blue running shoes on wood

Stop Feeling Sluggish and Fatigued

In our sessions, we work towards finding the right amount of fuel for your body to prevent you from underfueling and experiencing constant injuries and fatigue, while balancing the right nutrition plan to prevent bloating and discomfort.

Whether you're training for a race or competition, or just looking for some friendly guidance for your pre- and post-workout nutrition, I can help make nutrition WORK FOR YOU.

Stop spending time worrying about what to eat so you can focus on what you love.

If you're not yet ready for 1-1 work, check out my self-paced Nail Your Nutrition course that breaks down everything you need to know about nutrition for distance/endurance exercise. Click below to learn more!