Struggle with getting dinner on the table? Grab our 5 easy family meal recipes!



This is how you simplify your meal planning, once and for all! From staple ingredients to make 20 minute meals, to reducing food waste, saving loads of money at the grocery store and more, you NEED this bonus!

Now’s your chance to make your meal planning quicker and easier – to help you and your family eat healthier!

But act quickly – before this one-time deal expires!

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Does the idea of meal planning just make your blood boil?

Do you want to enjoy it, but just don’t know how?

Do you want to eat healthy and stick to your health goals?

Do you need some inspiration in the kitchen to just do something different?!

Hi, I’m Sarah Schlichter, a Registered Dietitian, recipe creator and mom of 3. I don’t always enjoy meal prepping, but I know that with my tips and methods, I can save SO much time and money in the kitchen.

And I really value being able to feed my family healthy meals, so I do it. I share all of my tips, easy recipes and more to make your life simpler.

Myths about Meal Prepping

You don’t need to spend your whole Sunday meal prepping…

You don’t have to eat unpalatable, un-tasty foods to be “healthy….”

You don’t have to subside on boring leftovers. We can make a whole new meal in less than 10 minutes with some staple ingredients!

As a mom of 3, I don’t always want to cook dinner.

In fact, I’m aware of just how HECTIC the dinner hour can be – kids or no kids!

Everyone is hungry, the house is a mess, you still have to send that *one* email to close out the work day, the dog needs to be fed and walked…

chapter 4 of ebook

The Best Friend for Moms in the Kitchen!

Make Your Meals Easy. And Delicious. And Healthy.

I live this life daily. That’s why I’m here to help!

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This BONUS is only available temporarily before this special price is gone forever!

This small investment can save you hours upon hours of time in the kitchen, and money at the grocery store with our downloadable shopping list of pantry staples, freezer staples and more!

Do you struggle with not knowing what to make during the week?

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Do you just buy whatever at the grocery store, hoping you’ll find the perfect recipe for those ingredients?

Are you lacking energy by the dinner hour, and desperate to get SOMETHING on the table that the kids will eat?

Do you want to save time in the kitchen so you have more time to yourself?

What’s Included in Dinner Simplified?

  • Chapter 1 – Meal prep tools to make your life easier, pantry staples, freezer staples, how to properly set up and stock your fridge to make your week and life easier
  • Chapter 2 – How to have dinner ready in minutes. We also include tips for repurposing leftovers and meal ideas when you don’t feel like cooking.
  • Chapter 3 -The mix and match method, and how you can create easy balanced meals using this method. Also tips for transforming bland meals
  • Chapter 4 – A repertoire of easy 20-30 minute recipes.
  • Chapter 5 – How to cook once and have multiple meals, such as freezer meals and make ahead breakfasts.
  • BONUS – snack guide
table of contents of ebook
table of contents of ebook

Why This Ebook is Different From a Cookbook

It also includes….

  • a list of recipe/pantry staples
  • recipes that use those staples
  • easy 20 minute recipes for the family
  • how to mix-and-match ingredients to feed everyone
  • ideas for when you don’t feel like cooking
  • explain the mix-and-match method
  • tips for leftovers
  • how to eat healthier during busy times
  • and more
chapter 4 of ebook

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