2.5 Weeks In With a Newborn

  Apr 23, 2018  |  #Baby

I can’t believe we’re actually close to 3 weeks in as I write this. I also can’t believe I now have the title, “mom.” It’s still so surreal to me.

mom holding newborn

To be honest, the last 3 weeks have been a huge blur. From the few days leading up to Camryn’s birth where I was in ‘get everything done mode,” to the last few weeks where I’m in survival mode (sleep deprivation), alot has happened. I’ve been trying to chronicle it in a sort of journal, just because every day it seems like Camryn is doing something new!

I love this app for uploading photos every day to share with friends and family.

She is so curious and LOVES to be looking around. She gets very distracted during feedings and I just see her eyes darting around – it’s adorable though. She has a range of faces she makes, from confused, to studious, to surprised, to guilty (probably her gassy one) to happy. I see smiles all the time and I have to try to capture one on camera! Here’s my closest attempt so far.

Sleep, or lack thereof, is to be expected. Coming home from the hospital, they suggest waking every 2-3 hours since their stomach’s are so small. Camryn has passed her birth weight, so usually that takes some of the pressure off.

We’re still getting up every 3-4 hours I’d guess, whether we set an alarm or she wakes up on her own. The nighttime feeds are hard – I won’t lie. When all you want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. But, I know it won’t always be like this, and plus it’s really cool that I am keeping this little human alive!

Breastfeeding has had its challenges. I feel like it’s something that not many people talk about – it’s expected to be easy. But it’s definitely not! We’ve had our ups and downs, and seen a lactation consultant a few times. We’re doing better now and I hope this streak continues.

Nighttime breastfeeding snacks have been all over the place – I need quick and easy. A few of you have asked for a full post on this. Most recently, I made some HB eggs to grab.

But otherwise, it’s looked like popcorn (a good family friend sent us homemade kettle corn), muffins, cookies, dry cereal, and lots of water. I feel like I am constantly thirsty throughout the day and can never catch up!

I managed to sneak in a cinnamon bun yesterday morning during her morning nap.

My food is kind of all over the place right now in what I’m choosing to eat (anything easy) and how I’m feeling so maybe I’ll do a post on that.

Caring for newborns is hard! Yes, they sleep a lot, but it’s in very small chunks. Right now, we have no sort of routine so we take each day as it comes. I haven’t gotten out as much as I’d like to, aside from stroller walks, so that’s something we will hopefully start doing in the coming weeks.

I have to learn how to navigate these wraps and carriers. Mamma’s, any tips for first bringing your little ones out in public, or even just shopping?

Tater is getting along just fine with Cam. She does seem protective of her, and always wants to smell and lick her. It’s really cute. Tater definitely needed a few weeks to adjust, and part of me still feels so badly that she isn’t getting much attention these days.

2.5 weeks

We did our newborn photos last week and I can’t wait to see how they come out.

Well, friends, that’s where we are right now! I hope to have another post or 2 up this week, and my new blog design will be revealing itself SOON!


Any tips for logistically taking newborns out in public? Wraps, carriers? Do I put the carseat in the grocery cart? lol


17 responses to “2.5 Weeks In With a Newborn

  1. Most of my kids fell asleep during car rides when they were that small. I wasn’t going to wake them up to put them in a carrier! I brought them in the cart and brought the carrier with me if they needed to get out, but usually they slept through shopping trips.

  2. Yes, you can put the car seat in the cart, but it has to be in the actual cart, not up top. I legit had no idea about this until my 4th was born and there were suddenly a bajillion reports about grocery carts toppling over with a car seat hooked in to the top. I also read that by snapping it into the top of the cart, it can damage the latching system. I love love loved the Ergo carrier for #4, she would snuggle in and sleep and I could do anything and everything! She practically lived in that the first 6 months.

  3. Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and your new addition! She is precious! I have never commented, but I am a long time reader and love your blog. I am a mom of 4 (youngest 6 months) and for going out in public I definitely recommend wearing the baby. To me it is the least stressful option. My little ones never did great in the car seat in the cart and I was always nervous they would just start screaming their heads off at any minute . My favorite carriers are the baby k’tan and the ergo carrier.

    You are doing awesome! Motherhood is hard and has a steep learning curve, but gets so much easier the older they get! Congrats again!!

    1. Hi Blair, thanks for reading πŸ™‚ Mom of 4? I have so much respect for you! I’ve heard great things about the k’tan, and I have the ergo now, just need to get comfortable with it.

  4. Do you have a recipe for those muffins?? They look delicious!
    Also, I couldn’t cope with the complicated wraps and used an Ergo with an infant insert and it was a lifesaver and SO easy.

  5. She is such a cutie! Breastfeeding is so hard, I struggled with it a lot, I hope the lactation consultant is helping. I loved using a wrap with my newborns. I found it helped to practice at home, so I could get it on fast when we were out and about.

  6. So lovely to read how you all are getting on with having Cam home. Taking each day and moment as it comes is the best. Do what you feel is right for you and Cam.
    I love your photo’s. Cam really is adorable and the one of her and Tater is just too cute. πŸ™‚
    I struggled with breastfeeding and wasn’t able to produce enough milk, so both my girls ended up being bottle fed. I personally found it less stressful and both my girls thrived and were happy bundles of joy.
    I had a carry cot for my girls which came in so handy when going out or shopping. (I used to prefer waiting for my hubby to be home or weekends for shopping, as that extra pair of hands made shopping a lot easier, and then to go out as a little family was so special)
    Have a wonderful week Sarah.

    1. There is so much stress around feeding babies – I’m glad you found what worked for you and was the least stressful πŸ™‚ Yes, extra hands make shopping easier – I’ve tended to wait on my husband too!

  7. Oh Sarah. <3 <3

    I wish I had suggestions for you… but I'm clueless. I can say those wrap things I see Moms wearing are HELLA cool. I would have loved to have been taken around in one of those. You should get one…

    I can also say, until you actually have to do it yourself, I don't think anyone gives breastfeeding much thought, or really understands the workings and difficulties of it. My mom has told me countless times that she was noottt a good breast feeder. And I turned out okay…?

    I do hope some routine starts to settle in and that Cam gets on a sleeping regime soon. However this is just one of those phases that will pass before you know it. <3

    1. You’re so right – you learn so much by doing it yourself and going through it! Time is passing so quickly already, I know that once I get the hang of it, I’ll look back and miss these days.

  8. The picture of Tater and Camryn sleeping is adorable Sarah! The cinnamon roll looks delicious and I was jealous when I saw you post it yesterday lol.

    I’m glad everything seems to be going well (minus sleep deprivation) and I’m glad to hear you’re all figuring each other out!

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