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26.2 Letter of Encouragement to Myself

In trying to mentally prepare for Saturday’s race, I thought I would write myself a letter to calm the nerves. I hope this could also be helpful for someone else who wants to run a marathon, or in just preparing for something you really care about.

So, you’re running a marathon tomorrow?

You probably have all sorts of thoughts going through your head.

First and foremost, relax. Enjoy the ride, the experiences that have brought you here.

Think back to the good and bad runs, the hard and easy ones, the solo and group runs. Remember the runs when you were awake before everyone else, and you were done before most of the world left for work.

Or the runs that taught you that you can’t stay up so late and have two glasses of wine, and perform like you used to. Or the runs you saved for after work, and dreaded them, until you realized they weren’t so bad and were a great avenue to release your stress from the day.

Letter to myself ,Marathon training

Remember How Hard You Have Worked

The runs that taught you to dig deep. The pain that taught you what you can handle and more. The sweat, the dirt, the tears. The grit in your first marathon.

The puppy hugs to greet you when you come home in mountains of sweat.

Letter to myself ,Marathon training

Think about the time you’ve put forth in the last 5 months. Or, the experiences you’ve passed up for training, and the times you left your warm bed after the third alarm but really thought about skipping the run entirely. You’ve done the work, you’ve been here before.

Pull on those times tomorrow. Know that what’s done is done. You can’t change anything now.

Letter to myself ,Marathon training

Remember the joy in running. Keep that joy with you. 

While you may try so hard to qualify for Boston, it’s okay if it doesn’t happen. There’s plenty of future races out there waiting for you. Run what feels good. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Listen to your body.

Turn your brain off. Get a good night sleep. Eat well, you’ve practiced your fuel, your body will know what to do.

You are ready. You are fit. You are physically and mentally strong. Run strong.

Again, You are ready. You are fit. You are physically and mentally strong. Run strong.

Most of all, have fun out there. Talk to new people. Take in the sites. Remember how you felt the morning of so you can share your story. Be proud and be confident.

You’re fortunate to be able to run in the first place!


You go girl. HAVE FUN.



How do you motivate yourself? What’s your favorite mantra?

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  1. Hope all went well Sarah. I have pinned this post to read the day before my first marathon (41 days to go!)

  2. Excited for you. Pinned this because I would love to read this when I do a next long race, Lord willing. Praying for your race; I hope it goes so well. It’s exciting that you got to travel for it.

  3. GOOD LUCK THIS WEEKEND! I needed this as my own reminder. I know you’re going to crush it!

  4. Have a great day Sarah! Lots of people pulling for you. And enjoy that post-marathon celebration!!

  5. Good luck this weekend! I am going to read this to Rob on our car ride later today (and modify it a bit:)) Cant wait to hear how it goes for you! Fingers crossed for a BQ, but even if it doesn’t happen I hope you enjoy your race!