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30 Week Pregnancy Update

Hi guys! We’re still in Charleston soaking up the last day of the Babymoon! As I head into the 31st week of pregnancy, I wanted to share a quick little update!

If you’re looking for past updates, you can find 25 week pregnancy update and 20 week updates too.

It’s now clearly obvious I’m pregnant. I guess you can say I’ve “popped” – probably around 29 weeks.

It was easy to hide for a while – not that I tried to hide it. But wearing a baggy sweater or jacket could hide the bump, but not so much anymore. 

Oh and you guys – my belly button has pretty much disappeared. It’s still there, but it’s like morphed into my growing belly.

It’s funny because some people are just now realizing I’m 31 weeks pregnant.

I had only told about half of my clients, mainly the ones I’ve been working with the longest. And some people are guessing to offer congratulations.

It comes from a good place, but I can tell they are also hesitant about asking about pregnancy/my due date, in case I’ve just gained weight.

Either way, I’m not offended and I just thank them and say I’m due in late March/early April.


Baby Size and Characteristics

Baby is now the size of a butternut squash – about 17 inches. At our last ultrasound, she was just under 3 lbs so she may be at that point now.

We now see the OB-GYN every 2 weeks, so I feel like there is always an appointment coming up. I think the official countdown is around 60 days or less now!

30 week pregnancy update

Fun things – The brain is now forming channels and creases to allow for further expansion.

Bone marrow is also now producing red blood cells to transport oxygen. The baby can also hear distinct sounds now, like familiar voices and music, so we continue to talk to her at night.

It’s so fun to see what each new week brings in terms of development.

In other news, the placenta previa that I had at 25 weeks has been cleared – the placenta has moved away from the cervix which is good!

They said that normally happens on its own as the baby and uterus continue to grow.


No real changes here. I really wonder if why people get really strong cravings is because it’s something they are deficient in, or may have been restricting (sometimes without even realizing) before pregnancy?

I don’t know if there is scientific research backing that in pregnancy, but just a thought. I’m trying to include a variety of food in hopes that it will contribute to the baby’s preference for different options.

I still love my carbs, and when I’m undecided, tend to gravitate towards pizza, toast and bread products.

30 week pregnancy update

I’m trying to get my two servings of seafood in twice a week. Have been loving my salmon!

I have also been craving smoothies lately – just something about the cold, thick liquid makes me really satisfied right now.

Better yet when they have toppings galore!

Nektar Smoothie

No real aversions, although the smell of certain alcohols really churns my stomach.

Ed was drinking some bourbon the other day, and just smelling it made me sick to my stomach. Yuck!


There was a time (a few weeks ago) when I was having horrible reflux. It seemed to happen when I seemingly ate too much at one sitting, mostly at night.

The worst was having it before bed. It seems to have resolved itself for the time being though. I think I’ve adjusted to shortness of breath, which was more noticeable in the beginning.

I still get short of breath very quickly sometimes (spurts of intensity, or even just walking up stairs), but I think it’s more recognized by my body now.

Not as much of a shock.

Also, still having some back pain – I’m not sure if it’s sciatic pain? I’ve started doing prenatal yoga videos and runner’s stretches like pigeon pose, triangle, etc.

I don’t know if it’s helping but I keep telling myself it will. Per many recommendations, I started seeing a chiropractor.

I heard so many great things from other pregnant women and even from some of you! I had my first adjustment last week, and this was actually my first time ever seeing a chiropractor.

I’m really hoping this helps! I also bought a belly band for some of my longer days, and have gotten a few pre-natal massages.

I also think I have experienced some Braxton-Hick contractions, which is normal. Apparently they can start as early as the 2nd trimester.

I don’t know how to describe them other than a quick tightening in my lower stomach, and some minor pain.

I know real contractions and labor will be MUCH more intense but maybe these are good practice? I’m terrified of the pain associated with birth, but we’ll save that for future recaps.

30 week pregnancy update

Sleeping is still up and down. It’s almost like I’ll have a good stretch every other night. I bought this wedge for between my legs and sleeping.

I haven’t caved and bought the whole body pillow yet, mostly because I’m intimidated by how big it is.

Though I have heard raving reviews from all the women I know who bought it. I usually stuff a regular pillow behind my back and this wedge between my legs.

The next few weeks may have me getting a body pillow though.

I’m hoping the next few weeks will stay mild. I know some women get tingling hands and carpal tunnel like symptoms as they get closer to 40 weeks.

I feel fortunate that pregnancy has been overall pretty normal for the most part, and I think part of that is because I move around a lot.

How I’m Feeling

I have had some emotional breakdowns – one was when I locked myself and Tater out of the house after our morning walk when it was 15 degrees.

I thought I had lost our key on our walk and we kept retracing our steps in the cold weather but didn’t find the key. Eventually, I got our garage door open to get our spare key (the keypad was frozen for a while so I wasn’t having luck in the beginning).

The next step would have been to call a locksmith. Grateful for sweet neighbors who let Tater and I warm up while we decided the plan of attack and gave me coffee.

Oh? And the best part of the story is that I left the key in the house – totally locked myself out, didn’t lose the key. Pregnancy brain is a real thing!

I still feel overwhelmed with everything we’re supposed to be doing right now. I am planning to breastfeed, and we are taking a breastfeeding class in a few weeks that I think will help.

We’re also signed up for an Infant CPR class this week, and another class about childbirth prep through our hospital. I’ve done some reading on the birth process (the act of birth still freaks me out) and a little about parenting.

I am trying to make sure to incorporate some relaxation and self care into my routines as well. 

I got a mani/pedi last week that was awesome, and just setting quiet time aside to read and relax has been glorious.

30 week pregnancy update


Still running, but far less and often. I actually have a post about running in the 3rd trimester and throughout pregnancy, what I’ve modified and such.

On some days, I feel like there isn’t enough cushion in my shoes. I’m starting to feel pain in the bottom of my feet from the extra weight.

My endurance is not as strong anymore, either. I’m aiming for 20 minute workouts since that seems to be what I can best handle. Lots of walking too.

Walking is my favorite! I usually do a morning walk with Tater, a nighttime walk, and then any long stretches between clients, I’ll try to get some daylight sunlight walking in.

I still need to be better about stretching consistently because I feel wound up and tight constantly. Truthfully, I do notice such a big difference when I do stretch.

30 week pregnancy update

I’ve really changed my mentality about exercise and movement lately. I used to be able to handle 30-45 minute workouts, and now it’s about 20.

And that’s completely okay, and I need to remind myself that there are plenty of benefits of shorter workouts too. Physically, but also mentally and emotionally.

I know the next few weeks will continue to be an adjustment, as I continue to gain more weight and hopefully manage the back pain.

I am still enjoying the comfort of being pregnant and knowing anywhere I go, she’s there with me.

It’s reassuring to know I’m never alone right now. Her kicks are my favorite, and it’s easy to get worried on the days when she isn’t as active.

Though we don’t have immediate family nearby, I am so grateful for the support we do have and received thus far. Even the online community groups are so helpful and supportive. Just having people to talk to and learn from is so nice!

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Have you ever seen a chiropractor?

What’s your favorite form of self care?


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  1. Oie, thank god for neighbors. I would have been a wreck if that’s how my morning started out as well. Though I definitely wouldn’t have put it past me.

    I used to be so against the idea of a chiropractor. Now it is one of my favorite forms of health care. They do so much more than just “adjustments,” and can really work with you – much like a physio – to figure out long term solutions. I’m a big fan. Hope it offers you some relief!!

    1. I’ve really enjoyed learning more about how chiropractors work and their overall approach to “wellness.” Fascinating stuff!

  2. The back pain doesn’t sound fun; I struggle with back pain especially when I sit for too long or sit on the floor. Also. . . I would really like to hear more about what you’ve learned about running during pregnancy. I love how mindful you are about making your meals and food SOO fun and nutritious. 🙂 Your baby is going to be so well nourished and fed. Praying for this little one and you!

  3. I’ve seen a chiropractor twice, for some pain in my butt. I wish I could go more often, but the price tag isn’t feasible for me, even though it’s worth it.

    Completely unrelated, I took your advice and cut a lot of fiber out of my diet at dinner and I think it’s working. Also about a month ago I started eating more simple carbohydrates and less vegetables to avoid this problem. I’m happy to say we’re on the same line of thought. Too much fiber isnt good for running lol

  4. Based on your Instragram it seems like you’re having a wonderful baby moon!
    I love going to the chiropractor to get adjusted. It’s such a nice feeling. For self care, I tend to do a face mask or put off some responsibilities and relax with a glass of wine at the end of a long/stressful day.

    1. So many people say that and I’m glad I’ve finally experienced the chiropractor! A glass of wine at the end of the day is something i very much miss currently.