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5 Grocery Shopping Tips to Save Time and Money

Don’t we all want to save time and money when grocery shopping? Those are two motivating points for me when grocery shopping – how can I save time? And, how can I save money?

I’m excited to be partnering with Sprouts to bring you some tips on saving time and money when grocery shopping.

If you’re local to the northern Virginia area, the Herndon store, which is opening to the public at 7am on Wednesday, October 2nd, will offer 20% off the first 200 shoppers’ total purchase. Plus, all customers will receive a free usable bag, and every 15th shopper at checkout will receive a coupon book featuring Sprouts savings. 

Now, let’s talk about 5 grocery shopping tips to save time and money. 

5 Grocery Shopping Tips To Save Time and Money at Sprouts 

1. Online Grocery Shopping + Mobile Apps

If you’re an impulse grocery shopper like me (and don’t even get me started if I go hungry), you may fair better with online shopping. Online shopping is great for my budget (and time).

I love it because it’s easy to compare sales and just stick to my list. Fortunately, Sprouts offers low-cost delivery through Instacart, which is another plus, and your first delivery is free. 

The Sprouts mobile app also has several digital coupons and promo codes available, making it even more worth it to do your grocery shopping online and spend your precious time not wandering around the grocery store when there are a million other things on your “to-do” list. 

Plus, Sprouts has SO many unique product offerings (over 19,000 to be exact), that online shopping makes it SO much easier to see them and compare and contrast. 

Sprouts delivery information with text overlay

2. Stick with Non-Brand Names

Sprouts has over 2,400 Sprouts Brand products that deliver exceptional taste and value, while meeting strict ingredient standards.

They also have new products arriving frequently and seasonally – believe me, they search far and wide for unique, seasonal items as well as new everyday grocery essentials!

Grocery store brand products are typically much cheaper than name brand products, while delivering similar (sometimes healthier and fresher) ingredient lists.

Sprouts seasonal grocery items - pumpkin iced cookies, crispy mixed veggies, cookies

My absolute favorites so far are their pumpkin iced cookies and the crispy mixed veggies. The crispy mixed veggies are great crunchy snacks for Camryn (and myself) and the pumpkin iced cookies are good for any occasion. 

Toddler eating Sprouts VEggie Crisps on kitchen table

The iced cookies seriously may be my favorite cookie ever. You would have no idea they weren’t made fresh right in front of you – that’s how soft and flavorful they are. 

Sprouts pumpkin iced cookies paired with greek yogurt

And since you know that Sprouts offers fresh ingredients and food options, their name brand products are a safe bet! They offer a wide selection of natural and organic products, as well as gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO varieties.

3. Buy in Bulk 

Sprouts even has a wonderful bulk section so you can buy ingredients in the amounts that you need. In the bulk department, you can find beans, grains, granolas, spices, nuts, sweets and much more.

The best part is the savings. Since there is less packaging in that department, you save more and do your part for helping the environment.

Bulk product offerings at Sprouts Farmers Market

I’ll also nudge you to check out their produce. Sprouts is famous for their farm fresh produce, which is typically priced 20-25% below supermarket prices. 

4. Focus on Healthy Convenience Items

These come in handy for busy lifestyles, especially as easy meals when marathon training! Some necessities for us include frozen pizza, rotisserie chicken, frozen vegetables, pre-chopped vegetables (spiralized zucchini, pre-cut butternut squash, pre-cut watermelon), fresh and frozen meat, and quick cooking grains. 

Sprouts continues to innovate in the Market Corner Deli where they offer prepared entrees and sides, a salad bar, soup, fresh sushi and juice to cater to the on-the-go shopper. Plus, you can get sandwiches starting at $3.99. 

5. Be Aware of Your Store Sales and USE THEM!

This was a mistake I made regularly when I was rushed. I wasn’t efficient or pragmatic with my grocery shopping and lacked strategy. Now, I always base my grocery list on the sales available.

Overhead view of Sprouts Grocery Store Products on wooden backboard

For example, if boneless chicken breasts are “buy one get one free” this week, I’m ditching my idea of buying ground chicken or turkey, and will now build the recipes around boneless chicken breasts for meal prepping.

Plus, I may even buy extra and freeze them for when I need them because I bought them at such a great price now. 

Using the digital app, Sprouts even offers “Checkout Challenges,” as ways to save more on the items you buy most often. 

It may seem like little savings each time, but it adds up! Nearly one third of the store is on promotion at any given time. The sales are consistent and plentiful. 

I would love to hear if you have any tips for saving time and money at the grocery store!

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  1. I’m definitely an impulse shopper! If anything is showcased in front of my face, I’m sure to buy it! I love the online grocery shopping as well!

  2. Sprouts is the BEST store for produce – HANDS DOWN!!!! I love it. Plus I just love to wander through the aisles and see all the interesting products they have because they’re generally vastly different from other stores! 🙂 I don’t know how to save money at grocery stores because I kinda just IMPULSE it all! hahahaha! I don’t know how to stop!

  3. Store brand items are a must, such a great way to save money. I will say there are a few items that I have to get name brand since the store brand doesn’t stack up in my mind. Another tip is to buy things that are on sale even if you don’t need them that week. I would always buy black beans when they were 5/$3 since it’s the best sale my store had on normal occasions.

  4. YES to all of this! There are so many ways to eat well and not break the bank! THis looks like such a nice store options too.