5 Reasons To Get Excited About Sprouts Farmers Market

  Sep 4, 2019  |  #meal prep

Like most dietitians, I truly love grocery shopping. Yes, it can be busy and I often resort to online shopping and pick up (time and convenience is paramount as a mom), but I love exploring new products, shopping for deals and finding new recipes to shop for. 

I’m so excited to be partnering with Sprouts Farmers Market in the upcoming months, as there is a brand new store opening in Herndon, Virginia. You’ll be seeing a lot from me about exciting new Sprouts products and events (like the cooking demo I’ll be hosting on October 2nd), and some future giveaways. 

Sprouts Grocery Store Exterior

This post is sponsored by Sprouts Farmers Market. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that make Bucket List Tummy possible. 

Grand Opening Details

If you’re local to the northern Virginia area, the new Sprouts store is opening on Wednesday, October 2nd at 7am. The beautiful 30,000+ square-foot-store will bring 150+ full and part-time jobs to the area. 

If you’re not familiar with the Sprouts Farmers Market Brand, Sprouts is a healthy grocery store offering fresh, natural and organic foods at great prices. They are the epitome of the belief that “healthy should be affordable,” so they specialize in offering, fresh and organic options that can appeal to everyday grocery shoppers. 

Today I thought it would be helpful to talk about ways I spend less grocery shopping and why I’m excited for this new Sprouts location!

The Sprouts Mobile App

With new technology comes new opportunities to make our lives easier.

Personally, I know I can be an impulse grocery shopper (and don’t even get me started if I go hungry), so online shopping is great for my budget (and time). It’s easy to compare sales and just stick to my list.

If I think of something when I’m out or away from my computer, I just add it to my mobile grocery list. I love how the Sprouts mobile app has several digital coupons and promo codes available, too!

Sprouts also offers low-cost delivery through Instacart, which is another plus, and your first delivery is free. 

Sprouts grocery bag with text overlay for Instacart delivery


Sprouts has nearly 19,000 products (90% of which are natural or organic), so the mobile app can be a great way to make sure you’re not missing any when you’re shopping. You can just search by whatever product or category you are looking for. 

Sprouts Brand Items

Sprouts has over 2,400 Sprouts Brand products that deliver exceptional taste and value, while meeting strict ingredient standards. These products emcompass quality, taste, creativity and price, and can only be found at Sprouts stores. 

Overhead view of Sprouts Grocery Store Products on wooden backboard

Some of my favorite Sprout products include:

  • EVOO Cold-Pressed
  • Crispy Mixed Veggie Chips
  • Cheese Bite Packs
  • Avocado Cooking Spray
  • Broccoli Slaw
  • All of Sprouts produce items!

Plus, Sprouts’ produce prices are on average 20-25% lower than traditional supermarkets!

A Stocked Up Bulk Section 

Buying in bulk can help save money and reduce food waste, and many grocery stores don’t have these sections available for you. 

Bulk product offerings at Sprouts Farmers Market

Have you ever only needed 1/2 cup quinoa for a recipe and don’t want to buy a whole box? Or maybe you go through a box quickly and it’s cheaper to buy as much as you need rather than multiple boxes? That’s where the bulk foods area comes into play and can help you!

The Sprouts Bulk Foods area has over 300 varieties of foods. It is very organized and clearly marked to save you time from wondering aimlessly around the store. 

Fresh and Varied Meats and Convenience Items

At The Butcher Shop at Sprouts, shoppers can enjoy meat cut in-house by highly trained butchers who grind more than 20 varieties of sausage daily.

Butcher Shop in Sprouts Markets

The employees are super helpful in sharing cooking tips and dealing with special orders, and can custom cut anything to your liking. 

I respect and appreciate the option for fresh meats and fish. Sprouts is able to deliver all-natural, never frozen, grass-fed and USDA Choice beef, chicken and pork at affordable prices due to their smart buying. 

Sprouts also continues to innovate in the Market Corner Deli where they offer prepared entrees and sides, a salad bar, soup, fresh sushi and juice to cater to the on-the-go shopper. Plus, you can get sandwiches starting at $3.99. 

Market Corner Deli in Sprouts Farmers Market

Clean Aisles and Fresh Produce

One of my favorite qualities of Sprouts Farmers Market stores is the open, bright and airy aisles and fresh produce options that they procure. I’ve never had a problem with quality and enjoy that they source from local farmers, truly my favorite way to enjoy produce!

They offer a wide variety of items, both in and out of season. I love the bright colors that speak to the quality and freshness of the items. 

Produce items available in Sprouts

Plus, the stores are vibrantly decorated and very welcoming, making for a perfect excursion with kids. 

You tell me,

Have you ever shopped at Sprouts? Do you have any favorite Sprouts products?


19 responses to “5 Reasons To Get Excited About Sprouts Farmers Market

  1. Grocery shopping = my favorite type of shopping! I was really sad when Barnes & Noble closed in my town, but it was replaced by a Sprouts, so I’m more okay with it than I would’ve been otherwise–I love that they have so many foods that are actually affordable!

  2. I love new grocery stores, but the Sprouts in Orlando is not great. I stopped in primarily needing oats, and couldn’t find them. They must have been there somewhere but not near cereal or bulk. Thumbs down. Our Whole Foods is way bigger, cleaner, better organized, and cheaper. No reason to go anywhere else.

    1. Sorry you had a bad experience. It can be an adjustment to get used to a new store and figure out where things are.

  3. I’m very excited! What a cool grocery store! Seems like it has so much healthy stuff to offer. Can’t wait to shop tthere.

  4. I’ve got a Sprouts near me & it’s my go to store because their bulk section is the best, produce is usually a great deal, and their meats are great quality!

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