The Best 4 Ingredient Homemade Trail Mix

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This post will walk you through how to make the easiest and best homemade trail mix. This DIY trail mix is super simple, delicious and a great portable snack option!

You guys – I made the best homemade trail mix this week. This simple and delicious DIY Trail Mix is too good not to share. I think it is my best trail mix recipe ever. 

I actually put it in a bowl, mix some peanut butter in, and eat it on a spoon. Personally, I love how the nut butter just holds it all together.

What I also love about trail mix is how custom and personalized it can be. It’s perfect for so many people and circumstances. 

You have allergies? Great, remove the nuts for a tasty nut-free trail mix.

Need low sodium snack options? Use unsalted nuts and seeds. 

Trying to moderate added sugar? Buy no-sugar added dried fruit options (some ideas listed below). 

homemade trail mix on granite countertop | Bucket List Tummy

Furthermore, this homemade trail mix is great for athletes, busy working professionals, older adults and so much more.

Trail mix can be a great snack for older children, too. You definitely want to wait until they are out of the choking hazard stage.

Big, hard pieces of food still terrify me around Camryn so I’m very careful about what I serve her. She loves pretzels and kix, and she is starting to enjoy raisins and dried fruit. She also really loves these chickpea muffins

I actually feel good serving her dried frut, especially since it is a good source of iron for little ones!

Is Trail Mix Healthy?

If you’re a regular BLT reader, you know my thoughts about the word, “healthy.” Any food can be healthy, depending on how you view it. 

pumpkin seeds for homemade trail mix recipe

But, if we’re talking about nutrition facts and whether this homemade trail mix is nutritious, then, yet it is. 

This homemade trail mix is full of heart-healthy unsaturated fats as well as protein, which both make for a satisfying and filling snack. Plus, the fiber from the nuts, dried fruit and grains can help with fullness and balancing blood sugar.

Trail mix nutrition also offers micronutrients like B-Vitamins, sodium, potassium and magnesium. 

I have loved snacking on this healthy trail mix recipe in the afternoon because it prevents that blood sugar rollercoaster and instead helps keep me focused.

Plus, dried fruit can be a great source of iron and antioxidants, too!

This trail mix recipe can also be a great meal prep snack that you can make one at the beginning of the week to snack on as needed. 

pumpkin seeds, almonds, kix and raisins in a bowl for homemade trail mix

How to Make Your Own Trail Mix

  • Pick a nut
  • Pick a seed
  • Add dried fruit(s)
  • Pick a grain/cereal/fun item

Personally, I think these categories are perfect in a balanced combination for a diy trail mix.

diy trail mix in a bowl

For example, 1/3 nuts/seeds, 1/3 dried fruit and 1/3 cereal. However, sometimes I want it to be more savory and crunchy, so I’ll do 2 parts nuts and seeds to 1 part fruit and 1 part cereal. 

Homemade trail mix is so easy peasy! 

You can, of course, modify ingredients as needed based on preferences, allergies and whatnot. But once I combined these four, I was hooked. 

Now you can always add multiple nuts and seeds, or substitute one for the other. I think the dried fruit is an important addition because it sweetens up the typically salty and savory blend for the perfect sweet and salty trail mix.

Raisins for homemade trail mix

Raisins are wonderful because they are small, like nuts and seeds, and chewy and sweet. They pair really well with the crunchy, hardness of nuts and seeds. 

For this easy trail mix recipe, I combined the ingredients in a large bowl and mixed well. I figured it would last all week and I would snack from it when I was hungry, so I stored it in a large ziplock bag.

However, it barely lasted that long once Ed and I realized how dang good it was. And addicting.

Homemade granola recipe with text overlay | Bucket List Tummy


What Ingredients Do You Need For a Healthy Trail Mix Recipe?

While nuts and seeds can get expensive, I just prefer to buy them in bulk when available. I always get them from costco, but Amazon also has some great bulk deals.

Ingredients for homemade trail mix on countertop | Bucket List Tummy

Here are some of my favorites that you could throw in your homemade trail mix. You could even do a diy trail mix bar and set out small bowls of all different things and just pick from them. 


  • almonds (these are my favorite)
  • peanuts
  • cashews
  • pecans
  • pistachios

salted almonds for diy trail mix


Dried Fruit


A Note About Sodium Content

Trail mix can be salty (you could reduce the salt by buying salt-free nuts and seeds), but for me, it’s perfect after a run. Replenishing sodium through natural food options (rather than supplements) is my preference anyway.

So, this easy trail mix recipe is a perfect snack for athletes. 

The great thing is, there are so many options and combinations that you can personalize this healthy trail mix recipe to avoid certain allergens and likes/dislikes, too.

Trail Mix Without Raisins

Not a fan of raisins? Replace them with anything from the “dried fruit” list! I think chopped dates would be a great alternative but anything can work so you can enjoy a trail mix without raisins. 

Nut Free Trail Mix

If you desire a nut free trail mix due to allergies or general preferences, I would load up on other crunchy items, such as pretzels, bagel chips, cereal, and/or hearty seeds like pumpkin/pepita seeds.

Kix for homemade trail mix

This will still ensure a healthy balance of fat and protein for satiety and satisfaction purposes. 


What To Serve With Homemade Trail Mix

I’m a bit bias but I would 110% recommend my sweet potato cookie dough dip or almond flour banana mufins. Both make great snack combinations! 

If you’re looking for some other homemade trail mix inspiration, here are some other trail mix recipes.

15 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes with text overlay | Bucket List Tummy

Other Trail Mix Recipe Ideas

If you need more inspiration, check out some of these other delicious homemade trail mix ideas from around the web. 


Have you ever made your own trail mix? What are your must have’s?

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  1. This trail mix looks delicious — perfect fuel for a hot day! Love that there are more recipes to explore at the bottom, too,

    1. It can be expensive!! We just buy all of the singular ingredients in bulk and make our own, now.

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