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Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite baby products!

When I was pregnant and even now as a new mom, I’m always looking for information.

Stories about motherhood, baby products (and mom products) that (could) make my life easier, ways to help baby sleep more and what to do with baby developmentally.

I figured now that we’re at the 3 month mark, it was time to share some of my favorite products that we’ve been using so far.

This list isn’t an exhaustive list of everything you must have, by any means. But, it’s a list of some of my favorite products so far.

Nursing Related

Bamboosies Nursing Pads and Nipple Cream

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

I found these so helpful in the beginning stages!

Let’s be real, if you’re a mom and you’ve breastfed, you know about the pain it can bring.

Cracked nipples, sore boobs. The nipple cream is a life saver.

I also liked the compression pads for before and after pumping because you can heat them up or freeze them to provide some cool therapy and relief. (In full disclosure, bamboosies sent me some of their products to try.)

I also love this breastfeeding cover. I’m still not super confident about breastfeeding in public but I wouldn’t not do it if Camryn was hungry and had to eat.

You don’t prevent a baby from eating when they’re hungry! Plus, this can be worn as a scarf too and is quite stylish.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

My Breast Friend – I much prefer this pillow to the boppy for breastfeeding because of the flat surface and the clip around the back.

I use the boppy to prop her when I need a break from holding her though. She loves the boppy as a lounger, and it’s great for tummy time too.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

While we’re on the topic of breastfeeding, I also try to include lactogenic foods in my diet whenever I can, that may help with milk production. 


I found out about the haaka through my FB baby group and it is awesome.

You basically put it on the breast you’re not feeding with to collect any drips and leakages – free milk!

It’s also a good manual pump to have in case your electric one breaks (I have the spectra S2 for my electric).

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms


Nursing bras and tank tops are essential. I ordered these off of amazon and was happy with them, but I also have some bras from Target!

I also have the Bamboosie yoga bra for lounging around the house. Best of all, it’s a nursing bra!

Unlike other nursing bras, you can also use it for exercise. I’ve done yoga and light exercise. 

It’s not supportive enough for running or high intensity, but it’s super comfortable and stretchy for lighter things.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

Sleep Related

Snuza – We put this on Camryn before bedtime and it just gives me a peace of mind.

It will alert you if they they stop breathing or breathe less than 8 times per minute.

If it detects 15 seconds without a breath, it will start vibrating to try to wake up the baby.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

Swaddle Me Swaddles – we loved these “velcro” items because they made swaddling MUCH easier. At the hospitals, you have the nurses who make swaddling look SO easy.

And then you come home and realize it’s a little bit tougher!

We’re almost at the stage where we will transition Cam out of swaddles (NOT looking forward to that), but this has been a must have for the first 3 months.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

Diaper Related

Kute’n’Koo Diaper Bag Backpack – I have bother a regular diaper bag and a backpack and I much prefer the backpack because it’s one less thing to carry.

This made airport traveling so much easier because I had my hands and arms free to carry Cam and my own carry on bag.

This one has so many pockets. It comes with a portable changing pad inside, plus ample more pockets.

I don’t have any trouble fitting everything I need for her (and me) in here!

Favorite Baby Products for New MomsFavorite Baby Products for New Moms

Keekaroo Changing Pad – We love this because you don’t have to worry about changing a cloth or cover every time it gets covered in pee, poop or spit up.

You’d be surprised how common it is. For this, you just wipe it with a wipe!

Someone told me this was worth investing in and I completely agree! It was one of our “splurge” nursery items.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

Obviously, the diaper genie is a must as well.


Belly Butter

I used this throughout pregnancy, and I’m still using it now.

The smell and creaminess of it is my favorite. I still have the linea nigra down my belly button and not sure this is helping it go away, but it can’t hurt.

It has vitamin E, which is great for skin and scars.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

Fisher Price Piano

Cam is OBSESSED with this. It’s reasonably priced, and it has 3 levels, meaning she can grow into it over the next few months.

Each level works on different developmental skills. It’s great for tummy time, and for when she’s on her back looking up, playing with the hanging toys and looking in the mirror.

Tater loves it too 🙂

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms


Frog Seat

The sit me up frog seat is something we just started using but it’s amazing.

I prop Cam in it when I want to get some work done and it improves her head/neck strength and it helps with support. Plus, she can look at me!

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms


Both Cam and I love the Ergo. I have the 360 mesh one, so it is supposed to help with the summertime heat.

This allows me to get stuff done around the house (with hands!) and I also used it alot when we were walking around outside Portland, Maine, where the weather was a little cooler.

Favorite Baby Products for New Moms

I think that’s most of my favorite products, or at least, the ones we tend to use the most right now. At the 6 month mark, I’m sure things will look a little different!

Do you remember having a favorite product or toy growing up? I LOVED Polly Pockets! Does anyone else remember those? I used to collect them 🙂

Moms – what are your favorite baby products, or ones you couldn’t live without?


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