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  Feb 7, 2018  |  #Eats

Hi friends, how’s your week going so far?? I’m popping in today to show some recent eats that can hopefully provide some inspiration for you!

Remember, not every meal has to be perfect or calculated. Part of intuitive eating is the fun of spontaneity and going with the flow. But, being intuitive can also include packing lunches, and doing some meal prep too. There’s definitely a balance. Robyn wrote a great post about it if you’re looking for some more insight on the two, and I hope to write about it soon!

Here’s what some recent meals have looked like:


Creamy overnight oats with yogurt and smashed cookies in this delicious peanut butter that tastes like cookie dough.

Food Inspiration for you

Toast with PB and banana, an egg bake, and oatmeal bake -> Sometimes, I want a bit of everything.

Food Inspiration for you

More oatmeal bake.

Food Inspiration for you

Cinnamon Raisin bagel with strawberry cream cheese. Extra cream cheese please.

Food Inspiration for you


New Kind protein bars. Loving these. 

Kind bars

I Heart Keenwah Chocolate Covered Puffs <– Ya’ll, I’m recently mildly obsessed with these. They have a chocolate sea salt and a chocolate peanut butter that both make my heart so happy. 


Blood oranges. And cara cara oranges. I am ALL about the citrus fruits right now.


Rice cakes with PB, popcorn and sparkling water

Yogurt with cocoa powder, graham crackers and frozen mango. Random, but it works.


Random salads with leftovers, hard boiled eggs and apples.

Food Inspiration for you

Tuna + avocado + sea salt + a little bit of mayo

More tuna salad with citrus. I told you I’m obsessed.

Food Inspiration for you

Viva Chicken salad, because they are close to work 🙂


Chicken pot pie. Had some this past weekend at home in RI and it was so comforting. Hadn’t had it in so long! We didn’t make it from scratch – there’s a great local spot that makes it and you can buy it frozen. It’s great for groups. We also had a delicious lasagna one night, but I forgot to take pictures.

Food Inspiration for you

Pacific Foods Butternut squash soup + veggies + fried chicken tenders. This was my first time trying Pacific Foods Soups and I really liked them! Huge plus that they have 10 grams of protein.

Food inspiration

Mac’ n cheese with cauliflower and pancetta. This was a Hello Fresh meal.

Food Inspiration For You

SALMON! Loving this sheetpan recipe with minimal clean up.

Sheet Pan Breaded Honey Mustard Salmon, an easy, one pan dinner for easy prep and cleanup

Chili and cornbread! My sister’s boyfriend made a delicious chili for the superbowl. And he taught me a secret – put the cornbread on the BOTTOM of the bowl and pour the chili on top. Game changer.


Pinkberry at the airport! I hadn’t had it in so long.

Superbowl dessert spread. My mom knows how to set up an ice cream spread with toppings.

I’m still gravitating towards ready made or easily cooked meals lately. But that doesn’t mean food can’t taste good or you can’t look forward to it. I actually do look forward to the few times a week I am cooking because I’m getting rid of ingredients, but also, most of the recipes have been on my list for so long and I’m finally getting around to making them.

What have you been into lately?

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21 responses to “Food Inspiration For You

  1. So many good ideas in this most! Especially those desserts:) I like to meal prep for a few meals and the leave a few open for going out to eat or cooking something when I have more time.

  2. I am obsessed with overnight oatmeal! You name it, and I’ve probably tried it! Looks like your trip home was a success!

  3. Now you have me craving chili and cornbread! So cozy in the winter. Recently I’ve been SUPER into avocado, kale, and cooking with ghee. I also was majorly craving baked goods and bread this weekend, so I used my day off Monday to make some. So satisfying 🙂 !


  4. Move over chicken wings – you guys know how to do the Super Bowl right! I can’t wait until I’m craving all things citrus and ice cream…. because that will mean its summer! I’m still all about wraps with extra sauce right now.

  5. I have been all about the blood oranges recently as well, so good! I need to get me some chicken pot pie. I usually make them st least once or twice in the winter and just haven’t gotten around to it.

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