Marathon Training Week 2 + Eats

  Aug 5, 2019  |  #Marathon Training

Week two was a good week of training, I’d say.

Sunday was a couple mile shakeout run. I took Camryn with me on the trails – she loves looking at all the trees. 

My sister was here early in the week so she joined me for a 5 mile run Tuesday morning on the trails, which made for great company.

The weather is so perfect and cool in the mornings which makes running feel so much easier!

On Wednesday, I felt great and opted to run 5 miles and switched my off day/cross-training to Thursday. I chose to stay off my legs but did some light upper body strength training following a 20 minute you tube workout. 

Friday looked like an easy 3 mile shakeout with Ed. It was to keep me loose for Saturday’s 10 mile run, which actually didn’t end up panning out. On Friday night, Tater was playing in a local field and must have stepped in something and somehow twisted her paw.

We debated taking her to the emergency vet on Friday night but they had a long wait (we called) and they said there probably wasn’t much they could do at night and it would be really expensive, so we opted to take her first thing Saturday morning.

Turns out, she has a few fractures and is in a full leg cast. It’s so hard to see her like this since she is usually FULL of energy. She’s a good running buddy too, but now she will be sidelined for 8-12 weeks.

Needless to say, I didn’t feel like running at all Saturday plus I was waiting by the phone to hear updates from Ed at the vet. He took Tater while I stayed home with Camryn.

So, Saturday turned out to be an unintentional rest day – another reason I’m so glad I’m embracing flexible marathon training. 

On Sunday, I got my 10 miles in. I got a late start around 8:30ish. Typically, I won’t fuel for anything under 10 miles but I thought, why not practice my fueling plans early. I tried the Gu Watermelon gels, and actually really enjoyed them.

Watermelon Gu Chews during a long run | Bucket List Tummy

They were a little more sour than I thought they would be but quite tasty. I added them to my favorite products list.  

And then Garmin told me to rest for 3.5 days – I don’t quite understand how they determine their “Rest day” predictions – anyone know?

I have cross training / rest on the agenda for today. I’m hoping to start incorporating speed in the next few weeks but right now I’m building up endurance. 

And some delicious eats from the week…

Family Friday pizza night at a new brewery. 

On a ricotta toast train ever since our trip to Montauk.  I usually prefer maple syrup to honey but this wildflower honey just works with this combination and lots of berries. 

I’ve made this quinoa sweet potato salad recipe each of the last two weeks. I highly recommend it!

This was lunch at a local coffee shop this week and it was so good! It was a ham/cheese panini, but what I loved the most was the beet sauerkraut. 

We had domino’s pizza one night. Extra garlic sauce, of course 🙂

A smoothie after a morning run with Garden of Life Sport Protein, full fat greek yogurt, frozen blueberries, banana, spinach, peanut butter and a splash of turmeric

When do you typically add speed in for marathon training? How many days/week do you run when training?


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7 responses to “Marathon Training Week 2 + Eats

  1. Oh no Tater!!!! Poor girl! What a crummy thing to happen to a dog. I hope for a fast and speedy recovery, and then she’ll be back running around in no time.

    And now I want pizza.

    1. It is such a horrible thing for a doggy. Thank you for your thoughts for her!! Come have pizza with me, I miss you!

  2. To answer your speed work question: starting at 12 weeks before marathon, I did only LT workouts during the week – once per week with break every couple weeks.

  3. Your poor pup! Hope he is ok! Definitely smart to be flexible with your training. You had a great week of workouts and some yummy eats as well.Would love to have you link up to the weekly run down on Sundays and share your week

  4. It’s a great idea to be flexible with marathon training! You have to be since life happens and while running goals are great you can’t control everything in life. I hope Tater is feeling better even if she’s sidelined a bit.

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