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Marathon Training: Week 7 + Runger

I felt a little back on track with training this week (compared to weeks 5 and 6), and in more of a routine. I was able to get in some speedwork and a long run, as well as a medium run and some cross-training. 

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Monday was a travel day back from Vermont so that was an off day.

On Tuesday, I went for a 5 mile run – planned on originally doing 7-8, but my body wanted to stop at 5. Maybe it was from the traveling? I had slept pretty well the night before so not sure why I wasn’t feeling it, but oh well – these days happen.

On Wednesday, I decided to incorporate some speed.

My workout looked like this:
2 mile warm-up,
3 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy (x5)
2 mile cool down

I felt pretty good throughout that workout and probably could have done more intervals or pushed the current ones harder, but I know I need to “build up” so happy with how it went.

On Thursday, I did about 45 minutes of biking and then 20 or so minutes of upper body strength training. Ideally, I’d like to incorporate strength training 2x/week, but I haven’t been super diligent about that.

I feel like holding Camryn does count as strength training though – my arms are always sore!

I did my long run on Friday again this week.

I had 15 on the agenda and it went pretty well. I took a gel and some chews, as well as some Skratch in my pack. I also did some dried fruit.

Friday long runs are now my favorite. The last two times have been out of necessity (travel, Ed being gone Saturday so wanting to knock it out while he could watch Camryn) but I am really enjoying the Friday long run. It’s nice to be able to relax on the weekend.

Granted, I do a shakeout on Saturdays after Friday’s long run but it sure beats waking up super early to run 15.

It’s all part of my flexible marathon training so we’ll see what happens. 

Sunday was a complete recovery day. I took an epsom salt bath and did some light stretching. I have a massage on Monday and I couldn’t be more ready. 

And for some eats..

Pizza, per usual. This is at least once a week thing. 

Farmer’s market cinnamon buns!

The morning we left Vermont we stopped in a cute cafe. Split a belgian waffle and breakfast platter. 

Really enjoying Daily Harvest for after a run. The smoothies are so simple and I usually add either greek yogurt or protein powder for protein. 

Kodiak Cake pancakes, our favorite! If you haven’t tried them, they are a high protein batter (without eggs, so you can eat it as you go, which we always do) that you just add milk/water to and there you go!

We made blueberry pumpkin pancakes this weekend. 

And pumpkin cookies! I followed this recipe. They were delicious. 

I used pumpkin puree in some black bean tacos too. Super simple. 

Also made this sweet potato, quinoa, beet scramble. I try to eat beets more during training for their nutrition properties (they are great for runners!) I also added ButcherBox meat because I try to be conscious about my iron intake, and it’s delish. 

Linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down!

How’s your marathon training going?

What are you into right now?

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  1. Pumpkin puree in tacos is a new concept to me! Did it taste like pumpkin? Sounds like a great week of training! Carrying Camryn definitely counts as strength training since I’m counting moving as strength training.

    1. It added a sweetness flavor! We do sweet potatoes with black beans all the time so I figured pumpkin would be similar.

  2. 15-miler for me, too! I have tried the Kodiak pancakes, and they are good! I like the speedwork you mentioned…I should mix up my speed drills and do some by time intervals (rather than distance). And pizza….say no more 😉 I’d gladly eat that on the daily if I could.

  3. Love all of your eats this week. I am such a pizza girl too. I like the idea of adding beets into that quinoa dish. A great week of runs for you as well. Nice job on your 15 miler