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Marathon Training Week 8: Feeling Defeated + Feedback Pasta

If we’re being honest, I don’t even feel like I was marathon training this week. It was a rough one and I’m trying not to feel too defeated from it. I’m linking up with Deborah and Kim for the Weekly Run Down. 

I knocked out 15.5 last weekend, which actually felt rather comfortable. I then did a recovery 3.25 miles the next day to get the blood flowing.  I used Monday as a cross training day and just did a short run on Tuesday before my planned speed workout on Wednesday. 

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Wednesday’s speed workout was a little rushed because I had a flight to catch in Baltimore (about an hour drive). 

I did a 2 mile warm up, and then some intervals, based on time not distance.

  • 5 minutes hard, 1 minute easy
  • 4 minutes hard, 1 minute easy
  • 3 minutes hard, 1 minute easy
  • 2 minutes hard, 1 minute easy
  • 1 minute hard, 1 minute easy

At this point, I would have done another 3-2-1 down but I was short on time, so I added another 2 minutes hard, one minute easy. I followed it up with a 1/2 mile cooldown, which wasn’t enough either, but something is better than nothing!

I then rushed home to shower, change, load the car, drop Camryn at daycare and head to the airport. Thank goodness for being TSA pre-board because I was having some major anxiety about making it to the gate on time, but all was ok.

I spent the rest of Wednesday and the better half of Thursday in Chicago for a sponsored blog trip. I was invited by the Barilla team to learn a little bit more about them as a company, some of their food products, and give some feedback about what consumers think about pasta. 

Even though I work 1-1 with a lot of runners, I still hear about pasta being a constant fear food among clients. Diet culture has demonized pasta as a “bad” food, villianizing it for its carb content.

Nutritionally and biochemically, nothing about that is true. Pasta is actually a very healthy, balanced food, and it’s a great vehicle for including other food groups. For example, adding proteins like shrimp or chicken, or other veggies like spinach, broccoli and onions.

Barilla has a variety of product offerings available (gluten free, chickpea pasta, veggie pasta) and they are constantly testing and evaluating more.

I personally appreciate their reliance on consumer feedback. Their protein based pasta was originally made from egg and lentil protein. However, they received consumer feedback about wanting to reduce allergens and egg products, so they retested and came out with a new recipe for protein pasta that is egg-free and instead uses lentils and pea protein. 

They also have some new pasta sauces coming out that are very artisanal, like you would make in your own kitchen, with limited sugar and salt. And their price point is very reasonable. I’m looking forward to stocking up on them!

It was a late nite Thursday night, as I arrived home close to midnight. I woke up Friday feeling drained, so didn’t want to force myself to do my long run, even though the last few longs runs on Fridays have gone great. I just needed to rest and reset.

But, I wasn’t able to get the run in on Saturday either, since Ed was gone for the day and I was dealing with a vomiting baby and a dog who’s cast fell off so we had to run her to the vet. It was one thing after another, and while I did get a stroller run in, it was only 3 miles. 

I’m trying not to feel too discouraged about the lack of mileage and quality runs this week, but this is life and I am all about embracing that flexible training plan

I’m planning to go long Monday morning, and then see what I can pull off this week before my sister’s wedding next weekend. I knew when I signed up that I had a pretty committed fall, which is why I’m trying to be as practical and reasonable as possible with this training plan. 

And, here are some yummy recent eats. Lots of pumpkin things…

An aldi find that I love putting on my yogurt and pancakes. 

I was buying Perfect Bars every single week so I just splurged on a big box. Aside from that, I also do the KIND Snack Club program, where they send me snacks every few weeks. I love it!

We harvested some swiss chard at a community garden in Chicago!

A blueberry burrata from Spiaggia in Chicago. Their chef, Joe Flamm, was a Top Chef champion. 

The Barilla chef teaching us the right way to cook pasta. Did you know if you do it al dente, it will keep you fuller for longer? It’s because the starches are less broken down, so they will take a longer time breaking down in your digestion process, therefore keeping you fuller for longer. 

Yummy veggies at the Barilla HQ. 

We all teamed up and made different pasta dishes based on themes – there was an indian theme, a budget friendly, a summer seasonal and I forget the other one. I had to try them all!

A pumpkin bars recipe I’m testing and hoping to share soon!

Pumpkin Chicken Crockpot Chili – my favorite fall soup. (This was before it was all cooked). 

Have you ever felt undertrained for a race? 

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  1. Life happens. I know it kinda sucks but missing one long run isn’t going to make or break a marathon training plan. I hope everyone feels better!

    I love pasta it’s actually a staple in my diet and I make it a lot. It’s super easy and you’re right you can make it in a variety of different ways and make it healthy.

    1. That’s very true. Sometimes I find it challenging to zoom out and focus on the big picture, thanks for the reminder.

  2. I’m french so I’m not down with this demonization of carbs at all (though I’m more of a bread person than pasta). That Barilla trip sounds so interesting… I have been enjoying some of their new pastas (like the chickpea one) though good old plain pasta will always be my fave 😉

  3. I love speed workouts like the one you did! You are definitely right, something is better than nothing when short on time. It’s so weird you went to Spiaggia since I was just talking to my mom who organized a work conference and they went there.

  4. I’m doing a mountain race event in 2 weeks – I feel I’ve done enough running, but I haven’t done near as much climbing/clambering up mountains as I think I should have done. But… here goes nothing! Let’s see what happens. I say well done for all the training you managed in not so easy circumstances! When you are juggling work, and kids, and dogs, and running its not easy to get it all done.

  5. Helpful tip about al delte pasta- good to know! Sounds like a useful event with Barilla. I do love me some pasta and have definitely not shied away from it.

    Amazing looking dishes- making me hungry!

  6. Oh, I love pasta…so I have kind of ignored all the bad press it’s gotten in recent years LOL I’m not a coach, but it’s been my experience that it’s better to go into a race under-trained rather than over-trained. Sounds like you at least have a good base, so even if you have to skip (or modify) a workout now or them, it may not be a big deal. Hope it all works out! That pumpkin chicken chili sounds good!

  7. Funny, I was in Chicago for work this week too! I do cook pasta at home but am more cautious at restaurants because of portion sizes and heavy sauces. It’s great that Barilla modifies it’s recipe to be egg-free.

  8. I didn’t feel undertrained for my most recent marathon, but i did not meet my goals, so you just never know what race day will bring. I’m always surprised at how I can fit the training in when initially it looks crazy! That’s an interesting tip about preparing the pasta. I didn’t know that!

  9. For sure. I’m two weeks out from my 2nd half marathon and 50-50 about whether I’m ready for it or not. I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way to know is to run the race. But it really sounds like you’re in good shape and dealing with a tight schedule.

    That pasta tho…yum!

  10. I always feel undertrained for races! LOL You still got in a pretty solid week of training during a very busy week. That Barilla trip sounds like it is right up my alley! I agree w you on the negative talk on pasta but it’s still my fave food. I will have to look for that protein pasta sounds good. Hope you have a fantastic week