A kale salad can be just as nourishing as a slice of cake with your family. As a Registered Dietitian, I am very passionate about de-stigmatizing and taking the fear away from foods. My specialties are womens' health, sports nutrition, intuitive eating and corporate wellness. 

I love helping women rekindle their relationship with food and learn to enjoy food again. Many of us have lost that innate mind-body connection and we're searching for the next diet or next best thing to get that back. Those fads or temporary "fixes" don't work in the long term. We know this through the research.

I'll work with you to help you re-establish hunger and fullness cues, learn to seek satisfaction from food, and enjoy all foods again.


Food shouldn't be complicated.

It is simply food.

A kale salad can be just as nourishing as a slice of cake with your family.

When we’re working together, we’ll work on minimizing and eliminating food rules and figuring out the source of food guilt. I will help you find your happy relationship with food and yourself. (You can read more about my nutrition and health beliefs here.)

Are you struggling with maintaining your energy levels throughout the day?

Did you know that our food choices can impact our energy levels?

Whether you’re trying to figure out what a healthy diet and lifestyle entails, or you just have some general questions about nutrition fit to your lifestyle and needs, I can help.

There’s SO much information out there that it’s difficult to sort through, and even more challenging to decipher what’s true from false. I’ve been there and I used to feel the same way. One day you’re hearing about this health tip or diet, and the next, it’s something completely different.

Maybe you’re ready to try something different than a "diet." I help individuals get back to that inner relationship with food and themselves. Food isn’t meant to intimidate or stress you out. You may think there’s certain foods you’ll never be able to have again.

We’ll work on improving your relationship with food to understand the bigger picture. We’ll go through a detailed past medical and health history to come up with an individualized plan for you.

Whether you’re looking for tips on meal planning, trying to understand digestion and feeling better, or just looking for personalized nutrition coaching, this plan would benefit you.

We’ll discuss motivation, goal setting, and accountability towards your personal health and nutrition goals. If you’re local to Charlotte, I offer grocery store tours and cooking classes as well.

If you’re interested in learning more, email [email protected] to set up your free 15 minute consultation call.