Sesame Almond Meal Tofu Parmesean

  Apr 7, 2016  |  #Entrees

This Tofu Parmesean is encrusted with almond flour and sesame seeds for a delicious, crispy exterior, and a soft and juicy interior. This meal is great for Meatless Monday or for an easy plant-based recipe. 

I wanted to share a quick recipe with you today. It has to do with tofu!!

And if you don’t think you like tofu, you won’t be saying that after you try this. My husband, the avid 60-mile-a-week running phenom is a huge meat lover – and couldn’t put his fork down with this vegetarian substitute.

This is a great Meatless Monday recipe.

Tofu Parm with cheese in baking pan

I really like tofu – not as much as I like tempeh, but it’s still high on my list.

It’s standard to order it when I go out, but in my own kitchen, I’m a little more timid. Mostly because I can never decide what to do with it!

I have so many recipes pinned, but when it comes down to following them, I’m always changing my mind.

I admit, I was a little intimidated when I first tried tofu years ago.

Some people tell you, “it tastes like chicken,” or “takes on whatever flavor you combine it with.”

While I wouldn’t say it tastes exactly like chicken, it can definitely play the role of chicken in many things and fool ya by the look. It bakes like chicken and breads like chicken – it just doesn’t get as crisp on the inside.

But I like tofu for it’s soft and chewy nature – it sets it apart. And I do agree with the later – it’s a blank canvas for the flavors you want to add.

Sesame Almond Meal Tofu Parmesean

Nutrients in Tofu 

Plus, tofu has some things that chicken doesn’t have – like calcium. I urge you to try to slip it in your diet every now and then and see how you like it. No better time than the present, right?

I was determined to try something a little more out of the box. And I wanted something Italian-y with red sauce. So I figured why not bread the tofu and see how it turned out?

The first time it was gooood but a little under-crispy, at least to my liking. I modified a few things and got the breading to crisp a little more.

The first secret is…making sure the pan is really hot!

Sesame Almond Meal Tofu Parmesean

Because tofu is so soft and chewy, it really does wonders to have a crispy breading outside and a chewy inside, and it’s ready in just under 40 minutes from start to finish. 

Throw it over quinoa or some brown rice with some veggies, and you’ve got yourself a balanced plate, friends!

This tofu parmesean will be a hit for the whole family! And a great way to introduce tofu as a tasty alternative to chicken. 


Tofu Parm over rice

Sesame Almond Meal Tofu Parmesean over quinoa

Pin it for later!

Closeup of tofu parmesean

Looking for more tofu recipes?

This tempeh buddha bowl could also be made with tofu, and it’s vegan. 


How do you like to use tofu?


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  1. What a great idea and it sounds amazing! Really missing tofu and wishing I could have it. Thank you for linking up with us for Meatless Monday!

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