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  Aug 17, 2016  |  #Eats

Good morning, friends!

Happy Wednesday! I did my best to photograph most of my meals while on vacation (it was easy when they were so pretty and tasty). Personally, I love looking at what people eat when on vacation so I figured I would discuss how I treated vacation meals in honor of today’s What I Ate Wednesday.

beet, tomato, avocado and veggies on whole grain sandwich stacked on white plate

I truly believe that food creates memories, and I discuss this often on the blog. Food is the epitome of traveling in my opinion, I love researching new restaurants, trying new dishes, and finding new favorites.

And this vacation, in particular, was a very active one, so to keep up with our increased caloric needs, we ate more often and also larger meals.

In short, we were always hungry.

This is a colorful day of eats from last week. We were tired after completing a strenuous hike the day before. Per usual, I woke up starving and grabbed a quick bar to snack on in the hotel lobby before heading out.

By the way, I have really enjoyed the Kind Pressed Bars. Kind sent me a bunch to try (they may be for sale now at Target!) and they are pressed with ONLY fruits and vegetables, no sugar or anything. They taste really good and remind me of healthy fruit roll ups!

Mango Apple Chia Kind Pressed Bar

Then, we walked about a mile for breakfast at the Mediterranean cafe, Cafe Medina. We expected a little bit of a wait, but it was actually much shorter than we anticipated. Weekday brunches, for the win.

After a few cups of coffee, we decided on the liege style waffles and the special flatbread with smoked pork. You can pick your toppings for the waffles, so we ordered sides of dark chocolate and raspberry caramel, and actually ended up mixing them together as the ultimate waffle topping – no syrup needed. Loved every part of this meal!

Liege waffles and flatbread with an egg for breakfast at Cafe Medina in Vancouver egg plate and liege waffles on white plate on restaurant table

We leisurely strolled back to our hotel, popping in some of the shops to look around. We eventually ended up on Granville Island for a food tour. Aren’t these guys cool?

Granville Island energy buildings with faces on them

Granville Island

Granville Island is a little niche in Vancouver. Technically, you can walk there, but you can also take a three-minute Aqua Ferry over like we did. The island is known for its local farmers market, showcasing various foods, fresh fish, antiques and products.

It also is known for its various entertainment!

welcome sign to granville island in vancouver Granville Island Market Food Tour brochure

We tried so many yummy things within the farmers market, including fresh fish, charcuterie, fresh baked bread, cheese, coffee, fresh cherries from the farmer, and Lee’s donuts.

charcuterie plate during food tour on granville island cherries and fresh berries at farmers market on granville islandsliced cheese on wooden plate for tasting

girl eating Lee's Donuts on Granville Island during food tour

Later on, we headed to the Seawall for a run! And by run, I mean I stopped like 57 times to take pictures, but I got 6 miles in.

husband and wife posing for pictures on Vancouver Seawall during a run

The Seawall is SO COOL, you guys, and it is apparently the world’s longest uninterrupted waterfront running path! It is absolutely beautiful. 

It’s full of walkers, runners and bicyclists and is a great way to see the city, as well as the bountiful mountains and water.

Vancouver Seawall running path picture of vancouver city buildings from the seawall

After the run, we decided we had to hit up happy hour. Daily happy hours are one of my favorite parts of west coast culture, as I quickly learned in Portland. We found one at Lift, with dollar oysters, and $5 glasses of wine. And, we also ordered some fried crispy chicken bites.

Oysters and calamari on white plates with glass of wine for happy hour

We then walked back to the hotel to shower and get ready for dinner. By the way, we did not have a car in the city. We walked everywhere. Vancouver is a very walkable city, and our steps added up quickly walking to and from all of our meals.

We grabbed a smaller dinner at Miku Sushi, which our food tour guide raved about. We ordered a tofu salad and 3 sushi rolls to split. The sushi was flame seared, giving it a little bit different flavor, but it was delicious! I would definitely order it again.

Sushi topped with jalapeno on white plate closeup of Sushi from Miku Sushi on White plate

And I couldn’t not end the day with something sweet. There were a plethora of gelato and ice cream options. D’Oro Gelato was my most favorite gelato, among the different places we tried. We tried 4 flavors, including cookies and cream, chocolate, creme brule and ricotta fig.

The ricotta fig was the creamiest of them all, and won my heart over. We then headed back to our room to watch the Olympics.

4 scoops of gelato in a to go container

Guys, it was so hard to be on vacation during the Olympics! We wanted to explore, but we didn’t want to miss key events. But, the #bucketlist wins out, always, so we ended up not watching much of the Olympics, so I’m bingeing on them this week.

Here is a recap of our weekend in Whistler if you’re interested in seeing more Vancouver pictures!

Favorite Olympic sport this summer? 

Are you a happy hour fan?

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  1. oh you DEFINITELY have to stop at least 20x to take a few thousand seawall photos!! looks like it was a great time, and you went to all the best places! The sushi there is unbelievable. That’s the number one thing i miss about living there haha

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