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What to Wear for Jogging in the Summer

Are you unsure about what to wear for running in the summer? This post will detail some easy outfits and what to keep in mind for summer running outfits.

This post is sponsored by adidas. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

I’ve decided that I won’t be following any training plan this summer, but that doesn’t mean I won’t be running.

I’ll be doing a mixture of running and strength work, as I have been doing.

Leading up to summer, I’ve been running 1-2 times a week, now that I’m back to running postpartum.

This summer, I hope to make it 3-4 times a week.

Of course, with running more, comes proper running attire!

girl in mirror with white sports bra and green shorts

Proper Jogging Attire

And what do you wear for running in the summer? Well, proper jogging attire will vary slightly per person.

Some things to consider include:

  • the weather where you live and run
  • how far you’re running (30 minutes vs. 2 hours)
  • if you’re a heavy sweater
  • how you’re hydrating
  • if you have any other health conditions to monitor

You’ll generally find me living in tank tops in the summer months anyway as that is my preferred way to dress.

I like having air to my arms and neck, and don’t love t-shirts, which feel restrictive, especially when I’m exercising and moving fast.

Tank tops are comfortable and stylish for my athleisure style.

Since partnering with adidas, I’ve found some great running outfits that I wanted to share for summer running.

girl wearing summer running outfit looking in the mirror

What to Wear for Jogging in the Summer

When dressing for summer running, opt for moisture-wicking materials like polyester or nylon blends, which both allow sweat to evaporate quickly.

adidas’ Own the Run Tee is a great example.

You’ll want to avoid cotton, as it tends to trap moisture and can become heavy and uncomfortable.

My summer running outfit will revolve around a hat or viser, a strong and supportive sports bra, a cool and comfortable tank, and no chafe shorts.

I love so many of the options for women’s shorts.

The great thing about these power running shorts is that they are lightweight and stretchy with an inner mesh brief made from recycled polyester.

Their outer shell material is made from 100% recycled nylon and also has reflective capabilities.

If I’m running early in the morning before the sun rises and it is a bit chilly, I do like a lightweight long sleeved shirt over a tank.

  • Hat/Visor – I also recommend a good, breathable hat or visor to help keep sun out of your eyes. I love wearing hats for summer running and you’ll never see me without one. Protect your skin!
  • Moisture wicking socks– Don’t skimp on socks and get cheap, dollar socks. Moisture-wicking socks will feel luxurious on your sweaty feet and keep your feet drier to prevent blisters.
  • Sunglasses – Get UV protection for your eyes. You can find budget-friendly, stylish options with Goodr and Knockarounds.
  • Reflective Gear – If you are running early in the morning to beat the heat or into the dark and evening, consider a set of reflective gear for safety’s sake!
  • Running belt – I always use a running belt to hold my phone, and a gel or two if I’m running longer.
  • Running Specific Shoes – Don’t try running in regular athletic sneakers – you want running shoes. adidas has several running shoes to choose from!

If you do any combination of strength work as well, you may want to consider some more flexible attire or other options.

For example, I love these Techfit colorblock leggings when doing high intensity workouts, and switching between quick speed cardiovascular sprints/workouts and weights.

adidas colorblock leggings

Sweat in the Summer

Your individual sweat rate is dependent on many factors, including your genetics and physiology, how hydrated you are, the temperature and humidity, and what you’re wearing, to name a few.

If you’re wearing the wrong types of clothing, you could sweat more and have that sweat stick to you versus having it wick off.

According to a study published in the journal Sport, actual sweat loss exceeded estimated sweat loss in female and male athletes, showing a high prevalence and trend of underestimation.

Therefore, you want to make sure you are hydrating appropriately and wearing lightweight, breathable clothing.

homemade watermelon electrolyte drink with lemon and salt
Making your own electrolyte drink is a great way to avoid dehydration and handle gut issues.

I love staying hydrated with these homemade electrolyte drinks.

Womens Running Outfit for Summer

So, what do womens running outfits for summer actually look like?

Here are some ideas for your running outfit this summer.

Women need a strong,supportive sports bra. Again, I prefer ones that are breathable.

girl in mirror wearing white sports bra

For shorts, you could choose flowy options or tight-fitting options to prevent chafing.

This is totally a personal preference.

I would recommend avoiding capris or longer options that go below your knees as they are not comfortable for running outdoors.

Here I’m wearing the Future Icons Winners 3.0 Tank because I love the loose fit, paired with the Adizero Running Splits Shorts, which are 100% polyester with an elastic waist (for comfort!), reflective logos and overlapping hem slits.

woman standing in mirror with running outfit

Summer Running Tips

What you wear when jogging in the summer months can make a difference in many things, including performance!

The last thing you want is a hot and sweaty material that is moisture absorbing, prevents adequate air flow and is not breathable.

If you’re constantly a sweaty mess, this could lead to chafing and discomfort, which may even cut your run short!

  • If you’re a heavy sweater, make sure you have moisture-wicking attire. Moisture-wicking material has little holes in it that moves the moisture away from your skin and fabric. This is a necessity for me!
  • I love running in hats, especially in the summer. It’s great to protect your skin and face from the sun!
  • Use a good sunscreen when you’re out in the sun. I prefer Supergoop or Fre active, which are both sweat-resistant.
  • You don’t have to wear spandex, but I prefer shorts with built in liners, like these, which prevent chafing. I feel like it’s easier to run fast!
  • Don’t forget about summer hydration for running – it’s a necessity for summer running!
  • If you are running long and far, you may want to consider a hydration pack to help hold your liquids and fuel. Here are some of the best hydration packs for runners.
  • If it’s windy or rainy, consider a weather-resistant jacket!
girl wearing summer running clothes with hat outside

As with anything, the best summer running gear will be what feels most comfortable and best for YOU.

The great thing about running outfits is that there are so many options to choose from! For men, my husband can shop the men’s shorts for golf and/or workout-friendly options.

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