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5 Toast Topping Ideas

I wanted to share some easy toast topping ideas that you can use as breakfast toast toppings.

I know bread seems to be something diet culture loves to villainize (anything low carb diet), but it’s a favorite food of mine so toast spread ideas come pretty naturally.

If you are suffering from some diet culture thoughts, first read why fad diets don’t work, and then read about the low carb diet.

Fun Toast Topping Ideas

None of these toast toppings are novel, but different for us since we usually stick to avocado or pb & j.

And to be honest, we will probably always stick to the above because they are delicious options, but sometimes you just want to amp it up.

I also like to use toast as a canvas for introducing new flavors, textures and food items for Camryn. Pro tip for all you momma’s out there.

Sometimes toast can be a little too dry and tough for babies, so dipping it in breastmilk, formula or any form of liquid can help!

1. Yogurt Toast

Sometimes I’ll swirl peanut butter and jelly into the yogurt toast, sometimes I’ll top it with nuts/seeds and fruit, and sometimes I’ll just use a flavored yogurt on the toast.

All are delicious and you really can’t go wrong. Plus, it’s extra protein, calcium and probiotics.

I love using Dave’s Killer Bread or some sort of multigrain bread. 

Toast with yogurt, peanut butter and jelly

2. Chickpea Toast

I really love adding more protein and fiber through chickpeas. Camryn really loves beans, so sometimes we add some to our toast too!

Usually, I’ll use either hummus or avocado as the creamy base (you want something for the chickpeas to stick to), and then I’ll add them on top.

Need other ways to use chickpeas?

These nut free protein bars are a favorite snack, and these roasted chickpea pitas are a great meatless meal option. 

Chickpea toast with hardboiled eggs and toast with fruit on a white plate

3. Hummus Toast

I love hummus toast for another savory option. I usually add red pepper flakes and some hemp seeds, and the opportunities are endless based on what flavor hummus you like.

If you do want a sweeter option, adding this vegan edible cookie dough dip to toast is a game changer!

I really add hemp seeds, chia seeds, flax seeds and the like to pretty much all kinds of toast. They are pantry staples that we always keep stocked, and usually order monthly from Thrive Market.

They add so much nutrition without changing flavor and are great add in’s for kids and toddlers, too. 

thrive market

4. Salmon or Tuna Toast

This is a spin-off a tuna or salmon sandwich and an upgrade to mashed avocado toast. Layering toast with avocado and canned tuna or salmon and sea salt is a delicious combination.

Sometimes, I’ll also add barbecue sauce, hot sauce, or balsamic vinegar depending on my mood. Such a fun upgrade and great way to add extra omega‘s, Vitamin D and protein. 

My other favorite way to use canned tuna are these zucchini and salmon patties

Salmon toast with avocado on a white plate with striped napkin

5. Cranberry Strawberry Chia Jam

Add this healthy cranberry strawberry chia jam to toast for an upgrade from your regular jelly. You won’t regret it and you can thank me later.

What are your favorite toast toppings?

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  1. My go-to toast toppings are peanut butter+banana+honey and avocado+fried egg+hot sauce! We also recently DIYed a cinnamon sugar shaker, and that + buttered toast = instant happiness.

  2. Oh I love the idea of salmon or tuna + avocado toast. Never actually done that before. Adding bbq or balsamic would be divine!

    Congratulations on finding the new congregation! Hope it gives you a sense of welcoming <3