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Flexible 30 Minute At Home Circuit Workout

When I was home in Rhode Island, I made up an at home circuit workout that I really liked. I shared it on my Instagram stories and figured I’d share it here too.

It should really be titled 30ish minute workout because you can really adapt as needed! I did a few extra sets and finished somewhere in the 35 minute range with some breaks.

I’m slowly building more strength into my workouts. It’s amazing how much strength I feel that I’ve lost, both throughout pregnancy and since having Camryn.

Cross training is important for me because eventually, I want to get back into marathon training and I know I need to have a strong base and fitness level.

Running and breastfeeding is compatible, but you have to take care of yourself in the meantime!

Easy At Home Circuit Workout

Since I just don’t always get to the gym (real life), I need some ides for at home circuit workouts and weight training. They fit me really well in this stage of life, with a small baby. 

I really enjoy workouts that switch things up since I tend to get bored just doing something like lifting weights. I wanted something I could do outside if I wanted to as well – something that would get my heart rate up!

The great thing about this one is that it’s only 30 minutes.

Flexible 30 minute At Home Circuit Workout

You can totally do this workout without free weights (just skip the shoulder press, or do it with your body weight) and it is still a killer! You can add lateral raises or bicep curls, too.

If you need a refresher about a shoulder overhead press, here’s a great video. You can use dumb bells too, rather than a bar.

The whole workout took me 30-35ish minutes. I didn’t take a ton of rest in between but I definitely modified (like doing knee pushups).

You can totally modify the running distance too (or leave it out all together if you’d like).

free weights on wooden floor

Warm Up and Cool Down

Don’t forget the warm up and cool down for your circuit workout at home, to get your muscles slowly working.

I chose 3/4 mile for the warm up and cool down because we have a neighborhood loop that is that distance. However, you could even do it by time. For example, warm up for 10 minutes, cool down for 5 or something like that.

For the circuit training workout part, you could adapt to run for 2 minutes in between, or sprint for 30 seconds, or something like that as well.

Are You Getting Cardio?

This workout is a mix of cardio and strength! So, for cardio, you’re getting some running in. For endurance, you’re switching exercises, and getting as much rest as you need (or don’t need). If you want more cardio, consider my pyramid workout. 

For strength, you’re getting a combination of bodyweight exercises and free weights. You’re working your entire body, including your core, throughout.

Again, you can ramp this up if you want. For my triathalon readers and those looking to supplement running with strength training, you can even add an extra circuit or do more reps.

I hope you enjoy this workout and let me know if you give it a try.

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  1. This looks like a good one! I need to get some free weights for my apartment for nights that I can’t make it to the gym. I know I can do plenty of workouts without them, but I feel like my options would be expanded so much with some dumbbells.

  2. I love doing a mix of running for cardio and some weights when I’m home at my parents house and can’t go to the gym. I also love popsugar videos, because sometimes I need help getting motivated when traveling!

  3. This looks like a great workout! I tend to avoid exercises like air squats and mountain climbers because I find them so tough. It seems like this kind of workout would go by quickly!

  4. I can’t wait to try this out! I’ve been looking forward to this circuit since I saw it on your stories last week and didn’t screenshot it.