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60 Minute Speed Interval Workout

I reached 20 miles in my long run this weekend, and it was definitely a challenging experience. I didn’t feel completely “on,” and the three hours went by pretty slowly. But what I do like is being done by 9am and having the rest of the day ahead!

I refueled with an oatmeal bowl and some iced coffee.

Like I mentioned in my post about recovery foods, I usually try to get a large amount of carbs with some protein after a long run.

You need the carbs to replenish your glycogen (Carbohydrate) stores, and the protein to rebuild your muscle fibers that you just broke down. The rise in insulin (correlating with the carbohydrate intake) will also help your muscles build more protein.

My favorites are usually an oatmeal bowl, a smoothie bowl, or an omelet with toast and veggies. Today, I was craving lots of fruit and peanut butter.  I read recently that caffeine may help with recovery and decreasing soreness, but I definitely need to read more research about it!

Running Recovery, Epsom Salt Bath

And guess how I spent my Saturday night!? I took an Epsom Salt Bath, like I said I should (would)! Plus, I just purchased a new Garmin as a treat to myself.

I wore it on my easy shakeout run on Sunday and what I love about it is that it shows overall time, distance and pace on the same screen. With my old garmin, I could only see time and distance on one screen.

Garmin Forerunner 235

I was pretty much eating throughout the day on Saturday after my long run. I couldn’t even tell you everything I ate, it was just a snack-fest all day.

I did attend a health fair where they had food trucks set up, and after seeing my friend’s tacos, I decided to go get some for myself.


Anyway, aside from long runs, tis the season for some speedwork. I’ve been devoting 1-2 days/week to some speedwork.  I really want to improve from my first marathon time (3:41.57), even if it’s just by a few minutes. While last week’s speed was 800’s, the prior week was a workout that I really enjoyed and wanted to share.

First, I guess I should disclaim that I love ladder workouts. They are one of my favorite things to do on the treadmill because I can ensure I’m hitting the right pace every time and really recovering at the right pace.

Plus, they make treadmill runs a little more bearable. If I have a track close by, I’ll also do the ladder workout at the track.

Recently, Ed and I discussed a longer ladder option workout. This was a drawn out workout since there is recovery between each interval.

The workout is as follows:

You will do a 5 min warm up, followed intervals of hard and recovery running. You’ll work your way up the ladder from 1 minute hard, followed by two minutes easy, up to five minutes hard, with each interval followed by two minutes easy.

You’ll then work your way back down the ladder. With the 5 minute warm up and cool down included, it’s 60 minutes on the dot.

You could definitely walk the two minutes, too!

60 minute speed work, workout, running

You’ll really love those two easy minutes, believe me. They are the perfect amount of time to let your body recoup a little bit.

Looking for some other speed workouts?

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Cruise Reps Speed Workout, 200's Speed Workout

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pyramid workout, running, speed workout

More Workouts for Runners

You may want to check out some of these treadmill workouts for runners, too!

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  1. I love ladders too- that’s a great workout! I always find it tough to keep the speed in when I’m hitting 20 milers too.. sounds like your training is going really well!

  2. I’ve done similar workouts for track and let me just say, this one’s a killer! You start off thinking “no big deal” with the one minute on and two whole minutes rest, but by 5 minutes on, it’s like “dear God please help me this will never end” ;). I’m traveling and it’s been hard to get in runs so thank you so much for motivating me with this awesome workout! Can’t wait to get in a good sweat.


  3. That oatmeal bowl looks delicious! It’s been a long time since I ran that kind of mileage (and a long time since I’ve managed to finish any run before 9am!), but I always love that feeling of getting all of that done so early in the day.

  4. I love that you knocked out 20 miles before 9 AM. You would be my marathon training goals! 🙂 Right now I’m taking a step back for some other healing in my body, but I’m excited because I’m hoping it will mean a stronger comeback. 🙂 And I totally agree that ladder workouts are the BEST! I’d probably rather do a workout where you run for ‘time’ more than distance. I like how you have it 4 minutes hard/4 minutes easy, because for some reason it’s mentally easier for me to do time than to do 400 meter repeats or 800 meter repeats.

    1. Healing is so so important and after my marathon, I plan to fully embrace the rest process and do a post on it. You will definitely come back stronger and more refreshed.

  5. These are all great workouts! I’ve been doing a little bit more with speed work the past few months and I’m really enjoying mixing it up! I’m just waiting for my Nike+ watch to die so I can finally get a Garmin!

  6. What say it isn’t’ so about the caffeine. Like I need another excuse to drink more coffee lol. I do love my coffee no matter how hot it is. If all the coffee I”m drinking is helping with recovery I hate to think what kind of shape I’d be in without it!