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Gifts for Running Moms and Foodies

These creative gifts for runner moms and mother runners will help keep your run fun, safe and help you recover with tools in the kitchen as well! Even if you aren’t a running mom, and just like to run, you’ll find tons of gift ideas in this complete guide.

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Rather than do two separate gift guides this year, I figured I’d combine them into one. This gift guide will appeal to running moms, every day runners, and also include some helpful knacks and tools for the kitchen because we know to run well, you have to eat well and enough.

This is the first year I pretty much have my Christmas shopping done before Black Friday. It’s such a weight lifted off of my shoulders, and the bulk of it has been online shopping, per usual.

Here are some ideas for gifts for the athletes, food enthusiasts or hopefully something that can appeal to anyone! You could also make a cute runners care package with lots of these things!

I will say, my husband has even gifted me some of these as mothers day running gifts so don’t put it past you.

1. Sports Bras and Cold Gear

I can never get enough sports bras. My absolute hands down favorite is this Lulemon Wunder Train bra. I wear it for nearly every race and long run.

I also love:

wearing half marathon medal from rnr Virginia Beach

2. Air Fryer

I was hesitant to get an air fryer initially because I didn’t want any more appliances! But I lucked out because my MIL gave me hers and we love it for making crispy vegetable sides (like these air fryer parsnip fries). Minimal prep and clean up involved.

Or, air fryer tempeh is easy to pair with microwave rice!

This one is similar to the one I have.

3. Reflective Gear

Getting a reflective vest and a headlamp were high on my priority list this year, and now I rock them proudly. This reflective gear set is under $20, and I love how it has the wrist bands too.

Not the best quality photo, but this is the running headlamp I have.

girl wearing hat and headlamp before dark run

4. Quality Water Bottle

If you don’t have a quality water bottle yet, what are you waiting for? Keeping a water bottle by me at all times is the only way I can stay hydrated.

I’m loving this Thermoflask bottle. Also eyeing a Bindle Bottle that holds your keys, credit card, etc! So, you no longer have to carry a purse or multiple bags if you’re just going out for a short drive with your water bottle.

white thermoflask water bottle

5. Electrolytes

And when we think about staying hydrated in the winter, we also have to think about UCAN electrolytes. I love UCAN‘s watermelon electrolytes, and I also love how their energy powder includes them!

Ucan fueling
Click here to order

6. Personalized Gifts

Etsy is always my go-to for unique gifts. Here are some of my favorites for running and food stuff.

tumbler design of runner

7. Frame Your Half or Full Marathon Race

These maps are awesome and a good memorabilia item for your special races! I made one for Ed’s Boston Marathon race back in 2017 and I’d love to make one for my Rock n Roll Savannah marathon since it was my fist marathon .

framed NYC marathon map against wall

8. Sporty Sunglasses

I love Knock around Sunglasses. They are so affordable, which makes it not the end of the world if you lose them. And lots of fun colors to choose from!

You can basically have one for every running outfit. Plus, they are polarized and provide UV protection.

knockaround sunglasses

9. Reusable Ziplock Bags

I love using these stashers for snacks, freezer baked goods, and on the go stuff. I even use it for half of an avocado or chopped onions or anything like that. So convenient and environmentally friendly.

orange stasher bag with homemade energy bites

10. Cookbooks

What’s new in my kitchen this year is the Rise and Run breakfast cookbook. We love breakfast but we always default to the same thing. This book has some fun new ideas that use different fruits and veggies, that can be beneficial to athletes and for recovery!

Highly suggest this as a stocking stuffer or for those who love to cook. I also love the 14 week marathon plan from Shalane in there!

Rise and Run cookbook with bowl of oatmeal in front

11. Koffee Straw

We moms and runners love our coffee, so use these straws to help keep your teeth white! No lie, these straws and a milk frother are my two must haves for coffee!

white coffee mug on table with pink koffee straw

12. Thrive Market Membership

I’ve talked about Thrive Market on here many times before. It’s my favorite for fun, unique and healthy snacks. You can find stuff for any diet – vegan snacks, vegetarian, frozen, high protein and plant-based, etc.

thrive market

12. Quality Protein Powder

I’m working on a specific post all about protein powders for runners, but until it’s ready, here are some of my favorites:

Bag of momentous chocolate essential protein powder

13. Protein Power Balls

These high protein bites are great for on the go and post run! My favorite flavors are the coffee and peanut butter.

7 bags of protein power balls in different flavors on orange steps

14. Premade Smoothies and Hot Bowls

For the runners who have everything, what about quick food options?

They are great as gifts for busy marathon runners!

Daily Harvest has a bunch of quick meal and smoothie options, which are great for quick mornings, or throwing into the blender after a run for a recovery smoothie drink. 

My favorite is the chocolate blueberry or acai cherry!

Try Daily Harvest!

Ready-to-Blend Smoothie – Superfood Smoothies

15. Running Vest

If you’re marathon training, you know you have to practice your fueling plan (see my 20 mile fueling plan here), and have to have a practical way to hold everything.

I’m a big fan of the running vest for that reason! This one is similar to the one I have.

girl running on the C&O Canal

16. Running Belt

Lululemon Belt Bag – I love the everywhere belt bag for running errands, as well as the sleek fast and free running belt. It doesn’t bounce!

fast and free run belt by lululemon

17+ Stocking Stuffers for Runners

I’m always a fan of making stocking stuffers good. These ideas are not only cute, but they are practical and important for any women runner.

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