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Holiday Gift Guide for Runners

This Holiday Gift Guide for Runners is a comprehensive list of Christmas gift exchange ideas, unique gifts for runners and stocking stuffers for runners. You’ll find something for everyone, even gifts for runners who have everything!

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I don’t know about you but this is the first year I feel on top of my Christmas shopping! I’ve started early, and I’m planning on getting a few more things on Black Friday, and then I should be done.

I can breathe such a sign of relief, knowing that it’s done. 

Here are some of my favorite Christmas gifts for runners and active people. I may or may not have bought and/or asked for some of these on my wish list 🙂

Either way, things from this holiday gift guide for runners can be fun to add to your list of Christmas gift exchange ideas. 

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Best Gifts for Marathon Runners

Running a marathon is something to totally be proud of, so why not buy a gift for yourself or a friend/family who’s done one to brag a little?

Even a simple t-shirt can be a fun momento, or a small marathon keychain, can be great gifts. 

Half Marathon Mamma t shirt on wood floor

Or, a fun momento elevation necklace for the marathon you finished that boasts the elevation. She is also located near where I used to live in Charlotte, so support local.

Gifts For Runners Under $20

Cactaki Water Bottle – These are great for runners who don’t drink enough water, since it’s broken down into time spots. BPA Free, which is a big one for me. 

Reflective Vest and Gear – Safety is the most important, especially now that many hours of the day are dark. 

Green reflective vest for night running

Inspirational shoe lace tags – Just look down and feel more inspired!

A Corkboard map as a way to chronicle all of your races. This would be great if you’re a visual person, trying to see all the places you have run/raced. 

corkboard map is a great option for unique gifts for runners

Gifts For Female Runners

** For females looking for apparel, Reebok is offering 50% off apparel with code AP50 on 11/27 only!** I recommend loading your cart up now, and setting a reminder on Wednesday to purchase!

Running gifts for her seem to be easier than running gifts for him. And some of the items on this list will appeal to both. 

Soft tissue release tool on toes of runner


I also love the idea of creating a runners gift basket with lots of little different things and snacks and wrapping it with a bow. 

Unique Gifts For Runners

I always find several unique and cute ideas when shopping on Etsy. 

Like these Personalized bib holders. I think every runner should have one of these!

Or, these 365 Days of Motivational Quotes. I think we all need some motivation, especially on those days when we don’t feel like running.

For a more relaxing option, I’m eyeing this soft tissue release tool. Looks great for massaging, myofascial pain and trigger point pains. 

Run 365 running calendar of motivational tips for 2020


Stocking Stuffers for Runners

Here are some of my favorite ideas for stocking stuffers for runners. Etsy is having 60% off tons of products. 

And let’s not forget the trendy CBD products right now. I’ll admit I have no personal experience with CBD (I’m still nursing and don’t feel comfortable taking it) but it’s touted to help everything from anxiety to sleep to inflammation, and even recovery. 

I think there’s still alot of research to come, but the reviews I’ve heard from friends and colleagues have been positive. 

cbd oil

Gifts For Runners Who Have Everything

We all know those runners who have everything, so what to buy them? Maybe it’s you, or your spouse. These ideas should help!

SkillShare Membership

This one is perhaps one of my favorites – for the person who loves learning and furthering skills and education.

Not a gift just for runners, but for anyone who enjoys learning! Consider buying your loved one a gift subscription to Skillshare, they can learn about business, marketing, calligraphy, music, photography, creative writing and more.

I know a lot of runners are looking for other creative hobbies, and this can be a great place to start. 

Premade Smoothies & Hot Bowls

For the runners who have everything, what about quick food options? Daily Harvest has a bunch of quick meal and smoothie options, which are great for quick mornings, or throwing into the blender after a run for a recovery smoothie drink. 

My favorite is the chocolate blueberry or acai cherry!

Daily Harvest Acai and Cherry Smoothie


An Audible Subscription

Know a runner who LOVES to read, but doesn’t have time? Or someone who loves to listen to audiobooks?

An audible membership may be perfect for them. I kid you not, I am pretty proud of the amount of books I’ve “read” this year, and most of them is through listening. 

Don’t get me wrong – nothing compares to actually turning pages in a book, but for a busy lifestyle, why not listen to books when you run?


Prime Pantry Subscription 

Have you tried Amazon Prime Pantry yet? Super easy way to have groceries delivered right to your door, for less. I use it occasionally for pantry staples and non toxic cleaning products.

I also recently learned that Amazon now has Home Services options – like deep cleaning, pressure washing, carpet cleaning and window cleaning!



Fab Fit Fun Box

Fab Fit Fun Boxes are fun little “prize” subscription boxes. Each season, you get a box of 8-10 premium goodies, ranging from beauty to fitness to wellness and even home things. It’s a great way to discover new and exciting products, or request some of your favorites. 

Some of my favorite finds have included bath salts and soaps, beauty brushes, bluetooth headphones and a cute teapot! Plus, nothing matches the anticipation of a box of surprises each quarter. 

Here’s what was in the Fall 2019 box. 


Snack Box!

Do you know that runner who is always hungry? Well, first, that runner is me. But secondly, why not send him/her a snack box? Plus, from Tuesday through next Monday, take 20% with the code KINDTHANKS at checkout. 

This is one gift I would really appreciate! Kind Snacks has a bunch of different snack and bar options you can add. 

Kind Bars Snack Box Subscription

Or, just order a bunch of snack bars for them to keep on hand. My husband, for example, always complains we dont’ have enough snacks (he just doesn’t know where to look). So, I bought him a bunch of bars that I put in a bag near his keys and shoes, so he can take them every day to work!

What are your favorite runner-friendly gifts?

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  1. A box of Picky Bars. My go to gift for runners and active families. The bars are so good, balanced nutrition, easy to pack and perfect for all ages (no big nuts that can be hard for little ones, no dairy, no weird soy protein nonsense).

  2. I’m really the only runner in my family but I love doing gift baskets! It’s fun to customize then to the persons likes and lets you create a fun experience for them. This may sound lame but I love to get new apparel! It’s so easy to just reuse what you have so to have someone else get you something is a treat.

    1. Gift baskets are so fun because they can be fit to match someone’s personality – I love them too. And I totally agree with you on the apparel 🙂