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Best 15+ Running Stocking Stuffers (2023 Edition)

If you’re looking for the best stocking stuffers for runners, this post is for you. With fun ideas ranging from gifts for runners under $20, to some more expansive ideas, read on for some RUN-spiration!

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Christmas shopping can be fun, if it’s something you’re into.

But if you don’t know what to buy the person you’re shopping for, it can be difficult, to say the least.

Let’s say your shopping for a friend or family member who loves running, but you’re not so much of a runner. These ideas for runner stocking stuffers can appeal to all runners, no matter the level or pace, and can be a lovely idea for self care for runners.

They are just great general ideas for stocking stuffers for fitness lovers, in general.

woman crossing finish line at marathon

As a runner myself, I can vouge that each of these carefully picked items is important or helpful in some way, or can add excitement or practicality to our days and workouts.

I truly believe that these running stocking stuffers are not only practical, but fun!

As runners, we load up on race t-shirts and likely have 92104 pairs of running shoes, but some of these other knick knacks come in handy. I’ve made these runner stocking stuffer ideas easy for you.


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read through each of these, here are my top considerations for stocking stuffers

  • UCAN superstarch – This is great for hydration and electrolytes, and is very easy on the stomach no matter the type of runner you’re shopping for. It keeps for a long time, mixes with water, and has fun flavors!
  • protein powder – Since I’m a dietitian, I think mostly about food and recovery, but protein powder is essential for the recovery process. Many runners skip the post-run snack or meal, so this makes it easy! I love this protein powder and this Orgain version with so many flavor options.
  • Resistance bands – Runners are notorious for not doing enough stretching or strength work and these are my favorite resistance bands. They are great for traveling and getting some strength, mobility work in in front of the tv!
  • Lululemon Belt Bag – I love the everywhere belt bag for running errands, as well as the sleek fast and free running belt. It doesn’t bounce!
  • GPS Watch – Small but mighty gift that will keep on giving for runners training for a new PR. I’ve always loved and used Garmin but many people love COROS!
  • Aaptiv Virtual Workout ClassesAaptiv is affordable and has classes for outdoor running and lots of cross training activities, from the comfort of your own home!
purple, pink and green resistant bands

Best Stocking Stuffers for Runners

As a Registered Dietitian, I have a tendency to think a lot about food and fueling for runners, since it’s typically underemphasized.

So, snacks are always a great runner stocking stuffer, plus a great gift for runners under $20!

1. Snack and Food Ideas for Runners

Any of these healthy snacks for athletes are great options, and here are some personal favorites. Or, consider my meal prep ebook for athletes who need just a little help in that department!

  • UCan – the hydration mixes are stellar, and I love the bars and protein mix too.
  • Running gels – Any runner is always in need of these. They can add up quickly and are an important part of marathon training nutrition. For more info, check out the best chews for running.
  • Protein powder – A small tub of protein powder or a mix is a great recovery choice for runners and can fit in most stockings!
  • Meal delivery – I personally love both Sun Basket and Blue Apron, but there are so many options! Here’s a roundup of meal delivery services for athletes.
  • Thrive Market – Nothing beats Thrive Market in my opinion, for the most fun, healthy snack ideas! They can cater to any dietary lifestyle (gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, kid-friendly), and I look forward to my monthly shipments so much!
blue apron meal delivery block

Save up to $200 today!

2. Stashers

Runners are snackers and having a way to contain those snacks is important!

I love using these stashers for snacks, freezer baked goods, and on the go stuff. I even use it for half of an avocado or chopped onions or anything like that.

So convenient and environmentally friendly. I also talk about more storage hacks in my meal prep ebook.

stasher bags

3. Compression Socks

We wrote more about compression socks in our top tips for recovering from a half marathon. They help with blood flow which can help reduce soreness and bring more fresh oxygen to the muscles.

I prefer a neutral or gray color so they always match with any outlandish colors or outfit I may be wearing.

gray compression socks

4. Resistance bands

I’ve become a big believer in resistance bands and use them so much now to compliment my strength workouts. These can also be used when stretching and for mobility.

These are a great purchase for any runner or athlete, especially for any upper body workout for runners.

I always bring them when I’m traveling so I don’t neglect that strength!

different color resistance bands

5. Foam Rollers

Foam rolling for runners is very beneficial, and also a great way to improve mobility, blood flow, recovery and reduce muscle soreness.

A mini foam roller isn’t too expensive but it’s something that will help you in many ways! Also, this travel Running Stick – great for knots, and helping with recovery

runner rolling out calves on foam roller

6. Lululemon Belt Bag

This bag is great for when you’re running or exercising and want to hold your keys, cards, cash, etc.

It’s also stylish to wear around the house or for errands!

7. Waterbottle

Water bottles are always an elusive category because I struggle to find the best one to like and recommend.

I really love the Simply Modern Tumbler Cup if you’re in the market for a straw water bottle. I also love the Brita stainless steel bottle with a cute lid for carrying!

8. Reflective Vest

Reflective Vest and Gear – Safety is so important, especially now that many hours of the day are dark. A reflective vest is a must for you early morning risers.

Green reflective vest for night running

9. Headlamp

I also use a headlamp on my dark morning runs, since I’m accident prone to tripping. You too?

I can’t imagine running on trails or on dark streets without it!

girl wearing hat and headlamp before dark run

10. Ponytail headband

I love how this functions as an ear warmer and way to keep hair out of your eyes. On those hot sweaty runs, I need something to tame my hair and this is great!

It can soak up sweat and moisture too.

11. Sports bras

I can never get enough sports bras. My absolute hands down favorite is this Lulemon Wunder Train bra. I wear it for nearly every race and long run.

I also love:

wearing half marathon medal from rnr Virginia Beach

12. Yogatoes

Yogatoes are a great option for all runners as they can help with flexibility and toe pain. 

I would think these would also be helpful for plantar fasciitis.


13. Beanie

Who wouldn’t want a warm and stylish beanie for those cold weather runs? Love this one from lululemon!

red beanie for womens running

14. Running Sunglasses

Knock around Sunglasses are great for running, exercising, the beach, etc. I really love their colors and designs. Plus, you don’t have to fret if you break or lose a pair since you’re not paying an arm and a leg for them.

knockaround sunglasses

These Goodr sunglasses are also so hot right now!

15. Virtual Workout Classes

I mentioned Apptiv above. I also love the peloton app, and there are several more too! It’s nice to switch things up!

16. Safety Bracelet Alarm

The birdie has a siren, strobe light and keychain so it can easily fit into a glove, sports bra, keys, or even in a running belt.

You can activate Birdie’s LOUD siren and flashing strobe-light to create a diversion and to help deter an attack if you feel threatened.

With all of the scary stories in the running world, especially around women, this is super important!

birdie siren and alarm

16. Daily Motivational Quotes

These 365 Days of Motivational Quotes are fun for any runner! I think we all need some motivation, especially on those days when we don’t feel like running.


I hope these awesome stocking stuffers for runners are helpful and spark some ideas for the runners in your life! Running stocking stuffers are so fun.

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  1. This is so helpful! Honestly, I love the typical chapstick and socks but I love the suggestions for things that are even MORE useful like the birdie. I have been eyeing that for a while now I think I’m going to get these for my kids. We currently have a commercial painter painting our apartment right now so I can’t decorate for the holiday but I can prep gifts! Thanks