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Thoughts About Not Running Boston 2018

Gooood morning! By now with the baby news, you may have wondered, guessed or even figured out I won’t be running the Boston Marathon next April.

So, today, I’m discussing some thoughts about not running Boston 2018.

Boston 2018

Obviously, running the Boston marathon is a milestone and goal for nearly all of us who take running seriously. The Boston Marathon is a race on its own. While I’ve watched Ed run it once and seen the excitement firsthand, I have not yet had the opportunity to run it myself and experience the ups, downs and all its glory.

I did qualify for Boston for my age group next spring (the limit was 3:35 and I ran 3:31). I would have been starting my training right about now.

Thoughts about not running Boston 2018

But, in any case, I won’t be running Boston 2018. Obviously, I’m a little bummed about it. Qualifying for it was one of my “reach” goals when training for the Ogden Marathon.

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I put it alot of speed work, ate right, turned down several events and nights out for extra sleep and rest. That’s what most of us do when we’re dedicated towards a goal, whether it’s training related or not. We make sacrifices that we don’t always see as sacrifices because we’re focused on the prize – the ultimate goal. It’s almost like tunnel vision – you know what you want and what it takes to get there.

I love setting and achieving goals. That process makes you feel so capable, proficient and ready. But, like anything in life, you can’t always control timing.

Thought Process

I’m lucky that I’m not running Boston because I’m injured, I’m burned out, or I don’t have the means/scheduling flexibility to get there. I’m not running it because I’m having a BABY due that month.

They say in life, timing is everything. An opportunity falls into your lap because you were in the right place at the right time. Or, you met the right person at the right time. I hear this often and really believe in it. And, I think God planned for our family to grow at this time.

We’ve had the idea of growing our family for the past year. We didn’t want to start trying until after the marathon. We knew if I did qualify, things would be up in the air and we would “figure it out.”

I am fully aware that I could still train throughout pregnancy. Whether I could run the race or not would be questionable (my due date is April 1st and the race is April 16). I’ve heard of women running pregnant and giving birth on the marathon course. That just doesn’t sound a) safe or b) pleasant to me.

I love the sport of running, but there’s no need to force anything. To me, training throughout pregnancy would taint some of the pureness of running, and that pureness is something I want to keep forever.  I love running but I didn’t want to associate pregnancy with marathon training.

I’m embracing all the other things that come with being pregnant.

Thoughts about not running Boston 2018

This experience has helped teach the process of flexibility (a lesson I am constantly learning). Things don’t always happen on the timeline you plan for, but that doesn’t mean they won’t ever happen. I’ve always been the impulsive person that when I get something in my mind, I want it now. I’ve gotten much better about patience over the past few years, and really understanding that there are certain things I can’t determine. Through this process, I now have a greater appreciation of what it felt like to run that strong, hard marathon, and the faith that I could do it again.

Thoughts about not running Boston 2018

So, what now?

Running is actually feeling really good right now. I’m thinking about maybe getting a belly band in the future as I continue to grow, but I’m thankful I’m even able to run during pregnancy. I know for some women, it’s tough and just not possible. Running is a big part of my life, and while my body is changing, I’m not a different person. I’d love to think my running will influence little baby running in the future.

Thoughts about not running Boston 2018

I hope I qualify for Boston again. Let me rephrase – I will qualify again. I am itching to run my 3rd marathon. I don’t know when that will be. My life is about to change on a level I can’t even fathom at this point, and I will cherish it all. And when it’s safe and feasible for me, I’d love to get back to a training schedule that works with my new lifestyle. I’m sure I’ll become proficient with stroller running, and maybe join some mom running groups (hi, new friends)! I don’t know what it will look like next spring yet, but I’m coming at it with flexibility and an open mind.

But in the meantime, I’m embracing this gray space. This extra rest and relaxation. Building up my mental and physical strength for the future. Continuing to appreciate what running has brought to me and what it will bring in the future.

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Have you ever achieved something you were really proud of but not been able to follow through with it?

If you’ve had a baby, what was the transition to running again?

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