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3 Month Postpartum Updates

Now that I’m just over 3 months postpartum, I felt like it would be a good time to check in and share some updates about the 3 months postpartum body, hormones and baby things.

The 3 month hormones are starting to normalize, as compared to the hormones right after giving birth.

I’m getting a little bit more sleep, and I’m starting to find my stride (well, at least on some days). Though, some days are better than others.

Although I think that sums up motherhood in a sentence.

Exercise & Running Thoughts

I’m still not running. Truthfully, I’m kind of annoyed I can’t run yet.

Of course, I “could” run if I wanted to, but I trust my pelvic floor therapist care provider and I’m listening to her advice.

My pelvic floor is “very weak,” so I’m working on some exercises she gave me and working to strengthen it.

I wrote this post after seeing a pelvic floor therapist after Camryn’s birth, but this is much more in-depth since I had a vaginal delivery this time around.

I did recently order a spin bike (not a peloton, though I plan to use the peloton app), so I can at least start doing some cardio because my body is starting to crave a little more intense movement than walking.

The pelvic floor therapist mentioned that cycling would be great since it’s low impact.

mom on spin bike high fiving toddler

So far, I’ve loved the Peloton workouts I’ve done and I look forward to building upon them as I get stronger and more fit.

I’m out of breath after like 15 minutes after not having done heart-pumping cardio in so long.

I have also been enjoying walking (we’ve had some fabulous October and November weather) and some light strength workouts.

I’ve also been doing the Momma Strong workouts, which have been great for focusing on building pelvic strength and overall strength where needed as well.

I am preparing myself for the running and breastfeeding increased hunger that will soon be a truth.

Energy in the Kitchen

I have not been feeling super inspired in the kitchen. Lunches are often anything I can put together quickly. I still use many of these postpartum freezer meals and try to include nourishing postpartum foods!

PB&J, chicken salad (I buy pre-made chicken salad), rotisserie chicken on a salad, etc. Sometimes I’ll even do a smoothie on warmer days.

skillet with chicken sausage and vegetables

Aside from the recipes I’ve tested and published for the blog, I’ve relied mostly on EASY weeknight meals and past blog recipes. I’ve enjoyed:

Self Care

Hannah is starting to sleep longer stretches (she’s slept through the night a few times), so I know once I’m more regularly rested, that will make a difference.

I’m still heavily relying on these breastfeeding night snacks to keep my blood sugar stable with night feeds.

I’ve gotten one massage, and a few moments away from kids where I can go work out or lay down.

I’m much more of a napper now than I used to be because I often feel so tired and the thought of a full day is too much.

mom with toddler on shoulders and holding baby

Work at 3 Months Postpartum

I’ve also been working maybe more than I initially planned on.

Quarter 4 (now) is always a big time for blogs, brands and business owners so I kind of jumped back in. I’m so happy I pretty much took 3 weeks completely off, and I’ve been easing back in since then.

The thing with being a business owner is that there is no paid maternity leave, so I did plan on easing back in. And I signed up for this so I’m not complaining.

I know I just have to be careful and intentional about setting up work time, but also time for self care, exercise and just hanging with the girls. I just need more time every day (said every parent ever) lol.

It’s definitely about finding balance for me. I’m not meant to be a full-time stay-at-home mom because I take so much pride in my work and I really do love that purpose and challenge in my life.

But, I don’t want it to take up ALL of my time either

Transition from 1 to 2

It’s still daunting to take care of two kids alone, and it still intimidates me. I think it’s because I feel like I have to constantly keep Camryn busy and engaged, when in reality, I know that’s not the case.

Update: I later wrote about the transition from 2 to 3 kids!

I’m trying to give myself enough grace to remind myself that this is just a short period overall, and sometimes, more screen time is helpful to get through it.

Once I’m running again, I’ll be able to take them both out in the stroller which will be nice.

I’ve already enjoyed tons of walks in the double stroller and Camryn loves being able to sit next to Hannah.

green bob double running stroller

Some things are a bit easier because I know what to expect in terms of babies, sleeping, etc.

Ed and I have been through this before and while we still have to communicate and work together, at least it’s not completely new and unforeseen territory.

holding a sleeping baby and looking in mirror

In other ways, it’s harder because there is always a toddler there so even when the baby is down, I have another human to watch when she’s not at daycare.

I’m so happy that Camryn seems to have finally “accepted” Hannah. She’ll ask for Hannah in the morning. “Mommy, Hannah still sleeping?” or when I pick her up from school. 

She will get on the ground and play with Hannah on her activity mat, and try to hold her more. It’s sooo cute to see that happening.

baby on boppy and big sister

While I was convinced throughout most of the pregnancy that I was having a boy (and was excited for the prospect of 1 of each), I am so hopeful and excited to see these sisters grow up together and become the best of friends.

I’ve also been spending as much 1-1 time with Cam as possible. It’s usually going to the grocery store because Cam loves to go to the grocery store.

She has recently started pushing her own cart and putting plenty of unnecessary things in there but she has a blast doing it. 

toddler pushing grocery cart

So, that’s about what postpartum life looks like right now. It’s messy. It’s hectic and hazy. It’s reliant on others and about asking for help. But, it’s beautiful and fleeting, I know that. 

What are your thoughts on postpartum? Transitioning from 1-2 kids?

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  1. It sounds like you are doing well! It’s funny how we know doctors are right when they give us advice or tell us to rest from exercise but it also sucks to hear it since you want to jump back in