PostPartum Day of Eats

  Apr 13, 2018  |  #Baby

Happy Friday! All of the days mesh together, so we have no idea what day it is over here. But, happy to be back on this space!

I’ve gotten some requests for what eats look like right now, and honestly, this is the easiest post to put together as long as I remember to take photos of my food!

Sometimes, the hunger has been so real that I’ve scarfed things down before photographing, or remembered to take a picture after I’ve started eating. That’s real life for ya!

I knew having a baby would change my entire life, routines, priorities, etc. So, I guess notes from this post come as no real surprise.

I heard other mom’s talk about not being able to eat first thing because you have to feed the baby, take the dog out, etc. I understood but I always thought breakfast would be the easiest thing to prioritize! Just grab an easy yogurt on the go, snack on some toast in bed, or make a smoothie the night before.

While these ideas are good ones and could probably work, they take planning and energy ahead of time which you often lack as a new mom. I know this now 🙂

Now, I totally get the taking care of others before yourself. I can’t think about eating until Camryn is fed – some days take longer than others. We are still trying to figure out breastfeeding – some days are better than others as well.

Having my mom here for the past week has been an absolute lifesaver. I knew food prepping ahead of time would have been helpful, and it has been for easy meals. But, having my mom here has taken things to a whole new level.

When I’m sleep deprived and grouchy, she has held Camryn for hours so I could nap. Little things you don’t think about but come into play in real life – I can’t just “do one thing on my computer,” or “take Tater for a walk.” T

hings take ALOT longer these days, and while I need (additional) fuel for breastfeeding, having it premade, pre-planned or pre-taken care of by someone else has been absolute life saving.

I know it won’t always be like this but it has made the transition home from the hospital and living with a newborn so much easier.

Post partum eats


Mom has been a huge help in the mornings, making me coffee and breakfast (gourmet style) while I feed Camryn. Once she leaves, I’ll have to figure out a system on my own lol.

She made this sweet potato blueberry french toast casserole, topped with corn flakes which has been super yummy. I add some syrup and pair it with coffee.

Post partum eats

These waffles have come in handy – yay for meal prep that I did prior! I’ve also eaten toast and a styled oatmeal bowl (look at all the energy I must have had that morning)!

post partum eats post partum eats


So far, it’s been mostly leftovers. My mom made a bunch of stuff our last few days in the hospital that we slowly made our way through.

We also ate the lasagna I made for our meal prep, lots of sandwiches (now that I can have deli meat again!).

Some friends brought over some ham, green beans and sweet potatoes, so we made ham sandwiches with these biscuits!

post partum eats

One night, I paired some mini ham sandwiches with pizza (this is one of those photos I remembered halfway through to take the picture, after eating a muffin).

post partum eats

My mom’s a rockstar and made this our first day back home. It’s a sweet potato egg casserole type thing she found in Our State Magazine, and has been perfect to reheat for lunches and dinners!

post partum eats


Snacks have been whatever I can get my hands on! I’ve been known to have a few PB&J’s in the wee morning hours of breastfeeding.

My midnight snacks have looked like sandwiches, cookies, crackers, energy bites and cereal – easy things. I joke that my nightstand is like a second kitchen.

My mom makes some mean cookies, so they have been the quickest and easiest snack option just waiting for me.

post partum eats

I’ve also had lots of single serving yogurts (easy), energy bites I premade, and muffins.


Someone on instagram sent me this recipe, so I may try these next!

post partum eats

Also, I’ve been loving popcorn, rice cakes with PB and LaCroix waters.

post partum eats

We’re over a week old now! Still taking lots of naps, but timing is very unpredictable.

I probably need to be better about napping when Camryn naps but there’s always others things I want to do.

Once we get the hang of things, I think things will be much easier and more predictable.

post partum eats

Trying to take one day at a time. Thanks for bearing with me in this space! Oh, and so far the overwhelming consensus is that Camryn looks alot more like Ed!


Any fun plans for the weekend?

Do you have a go-to midnight snack?

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