5 Easy Ways To Cook With Winter Squash

  Nov 29, 2020  |  #Recipe Roundup

Hey everyone! Hope, here. Sarah asked me to put together a post all about squash, which I happen to really love, so I had no trouble doing just that! After rounding up some of these delicious recipes, I myself feel more inspired to cook it in the kitchen!

We all have different thoughts about squash. If you’re like my brother, you didn’t start eating squash until your senior year of college. If you’re like half the food bloggers on Instagram, you have squash every night.

Butternut Squash Beet Salad with goat cheese in white bowl

Or if you’re like me, you enjoy squash, but you don’t cook it as much as you’d like to because you don’t really know how to cook winter squash.

This squash roundup has so many ideas, but I thought it would be helpful to categorize them all. 

For example, should you roast it with salt and pepper, or should you make it into a soup? If you choose the soup, how should you flavor it?

If that sounds like a snapshot into your brain, this blog post is for you. Keep scrolling for five different ways to prepare your squash this winter, plus recipes under each category.

1. Roast It

Okay, so you knew this one was coming. Roasting squash is a classic move, but that doesn’t make it any less delicious.

Precut butternut squash on baking sheet for butternut squash salad | Bucket List Tummy

Often times, people forget about roasting squash because it’s almost too simple, but I’m here to remind you that you should think twice before glossing over this option.

The best thing about roasting squash is that you can flavor it however you wish. Because of squash’s earthy sweetness, it picks up pretty much any spices or sauces you throw on it.

Squash also makes a great substitution for sweet potatoes, like in this sheet pan pork chops with sweet potatoes. Don’t have sweet potatoes? Swap in squash for an easy weeknight meal!

For some ideas, check out the links below. From spicy to cheesy to ethnic flavorings, the possibilities are endless.

pork chops and sweet potatoes onions and apples on sheet pan

2. Stuff It

Stuffed squash elevates roasted squash to the next level. I mean, you’re starting with a delicious base—squash—and adding various tastes and textures to enhance the flavor even further. What could be better?

Beyond that, stuffing squash takes roasted squash and makes it into a meal. By adding meat or legumes, cheese, and vegetables, you now have a plate with sufficient energy and a variety of macronutrients to fuel your body’s activities.

roasted vegetables in skillet for vegetarian spaghetti squash casserole | Bucket List Tummy

Like roasted squash, stuffed squash has the potential to please anyone’s taste buds. You can choose a protein, vegetables, and grains that you enjoy, then stuff your squash with that. If you need some ideas to get started, check out the recipes below.

stuffed acorn squash with pomegranate seeds and chicken sausage

3. Substitute It for Noodles

Let me start with this: don’t view squash as a lower-calorie substitute for noodles.

They’re different in macronutrient and micronutrient values, plus, they taste different. If you’re craving pasta, have pasta. If you’re craving squash, have squash. Or, I like to mix them both together!

Spaghetti squash is the most popular option when substituting squash for noodles. It’s gluten-free, easy to make, and adaptable to different dishes.

If you’re feeling crazy, you can stuff spaghetti squash and eat your “noodles” out of the shell. There’s nothing wrong with cooking all of the ingredients separately or making a casserole, either.

Just follow your taste buds!

Cheesy spaghetti squash boats with fork on wooden table

 4. Make It into Soup

In my mind, winter means soup season. Soups are nutritious, filling, and comforting, and there’s a soup for just about everybody on the planet.

The great thing about adding squash to soup is that you can leave it cubed or blended. For example, you could throw butternut squash, kale, wild rice, and chicken in with some chicken broth and let it cook, or you cook butternut squash with broth and blend with cream for a pureed soup. Both are great, just for different moods.

Don’t let your soup game be boring, though. If you season it well, your soup will be anything but mundane.

Check out the recommendations below if you need any ideas.

 5. Use it As a Topping For Other Foods

Squash on salad? Squash on pizza? Squash on a grain bowl? Yes, yes, and yes. And keep the ideas coming.

The flavors of squash pair so nicely with a variety of other foods and flavors! Hopefully by now, you’ve realized that squash is incredibly versatile.

Because of this, it makes an incredible topping for virtually any food. If you’re thinking about putting squash on it, you probably should.

Start with these options below—salad, tacos, or pizza—and go from there. Before long, you’ll be brainstorming your own squash-centered creations.

roasted beets and butternut squash salad with arugula and cheese in white bowl

What’s your favorite way to enjoy squash?

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