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Surprise Weekend Getaway in Lake Toxaway

I hope you had a nice weekend! Our getawak weekend turned was fun and action-packed.

We left Friday afternoon. All I knew was that we were going somewhere “a few hours away,” and that our weekend would likely include hiking and lots of eating. I packed as best I could.

On the way to our final destination on Friday, we stopped at Sierra Nevada Brewery to enjoy some beers and an early dinner. I got a flight and chicken wings for my entrée. We also enjoyed some duck fat fries.

We were staying in Lake Toxaway for the weekend, a part of North Carolina I’d never explored. Ed found a perfect Air BnB that was somewhat central to our weekend plans.


On Saturday morning, we were up early (thanks to Cam) and decided to just start our day. We got coffee and some pre-hike fuel at The Blind Mule –  we split a cinnamon raisin bagel and blueberry muffin. I also got a full fat latte for some espresso energy.

Next, we made our way to the trails. We hiked Rainbow Falls in Gorges State Park, which was about 3.5 miles roundtrip. It took us about an hour and a half, which I thought was pretty good. Cam did awesome and took a 20 minute catnap, but mostly, enjoyed looking out at everything.

She loves being outside, so I can just imagine all the new sights, sounds and smells in the trails around her. I fed her right before we left, and we took a bottle on the hike just in case – though she didn’t end up taking it. There really is a rainbow at the waterfalls, so the waterfall is perfectly named, “Rainbow Falls.” We enjoyed some mini Kind Bars for our fuel during the hike.

I was more than ready for more food after our hike, so we headed to the Oskar Blues Brewery in nearby Brevard. They had a pizza food truck so we ended up getting 3 slices to split. And beer. Cam looks very interested in the beer.

After lunch, we headed back to the Air Bnb to shower and rest a little before dinner. Ed said dinner was the main point of the weekend and had been alluding to it every so often, so I was really excited. We left just before 5 to head to the “surprise dinner spot.”

It ended up being at Canyon Kitchen in Lonesome Valley, a BEAUTIFUL farm to table spot in Cashiers, surrounded by granite cliffs. I had never heard of it, but it was breathtaking. Ed had found it while looking through “Our State Magazine” (a magazine that talks all about North Carolina and different food spots to visit).

It was so stunning. We had a cocktail out back while looking out at the mountains. I walked through their garden (which they use for their food) and was in awe at all their local produce. Amazing!

We got sat around 5:30 and enjoyed a 4 course dinner. I had a glass of Syrah – I would have ordered another cocktail but I tend to drink them way too quickly to justify the price. I started with a peach and duck dish with peanuts. I really enjoyed the peach and duck together!

Next up were some clams. I never order clams (although I like them) so I felt like I should! For the third course (main entrée), I got the sirloin. So good. Ed got the poussin (chicken) which was also delicious. We both decided on the peanut butter pie with peanut butter ice cream for dessert, because how can you not?

All in all, it was a wonderful experience and delicious food. Camryn wanted to be a part of the whole experience, so we just took turns holding her at the table. I’ve pretty much learned that she won’t sleep and doesn’t want to be in her carseat when we are somewhere new – she wants to get out and experience it just as much as we do. She has extreme FOMO.

They even brought an extra dessert with some macarons for my birthday – sooo nice of them. I would definitely come back and eat here. The whole night (and views) were spectacular. So glad Ed found it!


Cam slept 11 hours straight, which was amazing! I think she was extra tired from fighting naps all day. We packed everything up and hit the road around 8:30, so we could stop for breakfast on the way home. We stopped at the Fireside Pancake Inn in Hendersonville for a nice homemade breakfast. I got blueberry pancakes with some eggs and bacon, and Ed got blueberry French toast with hashbrowns. We had fun letting Cam taste a tiny tiny piece of eggs. She is SUPER interested in our food right now and it’s so fun. I can’t wait until we introduce solids.

Fireside Pancake House

I started writing this post on our way back to Charlotte. It was a fun weekend but now I’m hoping to catch up on laundry, cleaning and do a little writing today. Hope you have a great week!

Do you like surprise trips, or do you prefer to be the planner?

Do you like to travel to the same spot or new places?


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  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!

    I just wanted to pop in and say that I made your sweet potato blueberry baked oatmeal last weekend. It was awesome. I added a couple of scoops of vanilla plant based protein and left some smaller pieces of sweet potato.…. so good! even hubby liked it and he doesn’t fussy sweet potato. Thanks.

    1. We’ve been to Sierra Nevada before and I love it there. It’s just HUGE and has a great patio and outdoor area and great food. This was my first time to Oskar Blues Brewery (though I’ve had their beer) and was smaller but had a great patio. Different atmospheres but both very good!

  2. This is amazing!! This is my absolute perfect getaway – exactly what I would dream of doing for my birthday one day. I’m so fascinated and in love with farm to table restaurants that are on their own grounds and forage their own produce/herbs. GO ED.

    And how anyone not have FOMO? I’d be right there awake and big eyed just like Cam. Glad she slept well after all the excitement :). And I hope you have some nice rest and reprieve now that you’re back home.

    1. It was so impressive! I loved seeing that restaurant – I don’t think we would have ever stumbled upon it any other way.

  3. Cam totally looks like she’s about to grab your beer and take a big swig after the hike – too cute!!
    The Type A part of my personality likes being the planner but I also love having someone else plan things since it shows they love me and put the effort into it. I’m glad you had a great birthday getaway!