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Deep Creek Lake Things to Do

If you’re looking for a fun weekend trip in Maryland, there are so many things to do in Deep Creek Lake. This post will review some of the Deep creek activities for families and kids.

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We just got back from a weekend in Deep Creek which is in western Maryland. It was a very fun long weekend trip for us, with kids!

There are so many things to do in Deep Creek, so I thought a blog post about our experience and recommendations of Deep Creek Lake things to do would be helpful (similar to what to do in Montauk).

It would also provide a nice bookmark and reminder when we go back to visit again.

toddler looking out at Deep creek, MD

We loved where we stayed and the constant views of the lake, as well as the cooler weather, being surrounded by mountains. It was truly an overall great experience!

Things to Do in Deep Creek in Summer

Deep Creek has many activities for both summer and winter months, you’ll never run out of things to do.

Here are some of the options for fun, outdoor summer activities, from hiking, to ice cream, to mini golf and digging for gems.

Plus, if you do find yourself going hiking, make sure to pack some fun hiking snacks for kids!

family hiking in deep creek lake


There are endless options for hiking in Deep Creek. Both Swallow Falls State Park and Deep Creek State Park are great, family-friendly options with many trails!

Swallow Falls is probably what’s recommended most for a deep creek hike, but there are some trails we couldn’t bring our pup on.

The waterfalls are beautiful, and there are lots of flat rocks and shallow areas you can sit on, and dip your feet in the water.

Hiking at Swallow Falls in Deep Creek
Swallow Falls State Park, Deep Creek, MD

There are several other options and trails, too, but these are the two we explored.

A note for hiking – not all trails allow dogs so make sure to check ahead of time. We love our kid friendly hiking pack.

We also packed tons of snacks, water, and this hands free dog leash, which is a necessity for keeping your hands free!

hiking in deep creek, MD

We also saw many people camping on camp sites on our way down the Beckman’s trail at Deep Creek State Park. We found that the Beckman’s trail (an easy 2 mile loop) was the perfect distance for our toddlers and dog.

It was peaceful, quiet, not very populated, and easy to navigate!

Mini golf

There are a few places that offer mini golf. We checked out Funland, and it was the first time my four year old (and almost two-year old) had done mini golf.

We had a blast, and then did some of the arcade games inside before calling it a night. Mini golf is a must with kids, providing so many memories.

They had a neat carousel too, and a donut shop next door.

mini golf in deep creek
mini golf in deep creek

Brenda’s Pizzeria

We got many recommendations to check out Brenda’s so we got take out as we arrived to take back to our condo rental. It was delicious – we ate it so quickly, no photos.

I would definitely recommend planning ahead of time. Our order time took about 45-50 minutes.

It’s also attached to Trader’s Coffee, which we hit up for breakfast twice! Great coffee, pastries, breakfast sandwiches and smoothies. It has all outdoor seating, or you take it to go.

inside of Traders Coffee in McHenry MD


Who doesn’t like a good donut? Donuts are a great deep creek lake activity, no matter the time of year.

We stopped in Deep Creek Donuts for a quick snack before we did some gem mining, since it happened to be right next door.

3 donuts from deep creek donuts

Take a Boat Tour

If you’re intent on things to do in deep creek lake, you’ll definitely want to get out on the lake! There are several options to rent a pontoon boat, or take a boat tour – many companies offer this.

You can also swim at parts of Deep Creek State Park or go kayaking, canoeing, or paddle boarding.

Paddle Boarding or Kayaking

With small children, we didn’t get to experience this, but a great option for those with older children or without kids. Hope to try this one day!

Ice Cream

We can’t go anywhere without getting ice cream in the summer months and as with anywhere, it’s a great deep creek summer acitivity.

We were tempted to stop at Lakeside Creamery since we drove by it so many times, but instead, had ice cream sundaes at Ace’s Run for Ed’s birthday.

ice cream sundae's at ace's restaurant in deep creek MD

Lakeside Creamery is on our list for next time!

If you have a chance to eat at Ace’s Run, it’s a great restaurant with good view and a superb view of the lake! Opt for outside in the warm months if you can.

Wisp Resort

If you’re searching for things to do in deep creek, you’ve probably already come upon Wisp Resort. It’s widely known as a ski destination, but they also have several things to do in the summer months too!

We didn’t even make it to Wisp, although we stayed very close, and our schedule was already full. Just goes to show how many things you can really find for deep creek activities.

Although, next time I want to try the kids obstacle course and some of the outdoor activities there, like golf, outdoor concerts, white water rafting and more.

Farmers Market

We didn’t make it to the Farmers Market, but it would be a fun option on Fridays from 3-7pm.

Digging for gems

When thinking about what to do in deep creek with kids, think about gem mining!

My toddlers loved digging for gems as a deep creek activity. There is one located right in front of the lake, and next to the building that is shared with Deep Creek Donuts.

They had a few options for bag sizes and then you take it right out where the kids can clean and sort through the bags to find their coveted gems.

Gem mining in Deep Creek Md

Kids can also do this through Marsh Mountain Mining Company at Wisp Adventure Park.

Breakfasts in Deep Creek

On our three days there, we enjoyed three different breakfasts, each with a different atmosphere.

Sandy’s Diner

This diner is a former gas station and has a neat vibe to it. It’s small and quaint, and our breakfast came very quickly. It served as pre-hike fuel!

Trader’s Coffee

See above, as noted. Plan to take breakfast to go, or eat outside if you get a spot early enough! Friendly atmosphere and delicious, local options.

Casselman Cafe

This place was so cute and does have indoor seating. Make sure to try a glazed donut, they are not to be missed!

We also got some sandwiches to go one day, and enjoyed some pastries. The inside also sells some local goods and is very cute.

We also enjoyed dinner one night at Moonshadow Cafe, which came highly recommended as a local foods place. We loved the vibes sitting outside and enjoyed our meal. They also do a brunch on weekends.

dinner at moonshadow cafe in deep creek

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