What To Do in Montauk? 5 Fun Ideas

  Jul 8, 2019  |  #Travel

Wondering what to do in Montauk? This post will offer several ideas, both low-cost and extravagant, depending on what you’re looking for. 

I’m putting together this list of Montauk activities a few weeks after our trip to Montauk! I went to Montauk a few weeks ago with my two sisters and my mom to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.  

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 Girls on a hammock in Montauk, NY | Girls trip to Montauk

I’ve always wanted to go to Montauk and the Hamptons but had never been. But the things to do in Montauk NY are plentiful. 

If you ever find yourself taking a Montauk getaway or looking for some Montauk activities, I hope this post will help!


How To Get To Montauk

I guess Montauk can technically be considered part of “The Hamptons,” but it’s at the very end (easternmost tip) of Long Island. It is very picturesque, located on the Atlantic Ocean. 

If you’re wondering how to get to Montauk, you have a few options. 


I actually ended up driving, but many people take a ferry. I was supposed to fly into Rhode Island the night before and then take the ferry with my mom and sisters.

Since my flight got canceled, I ended up driving and meeting them there. I took the Southern State Parkway and Route 27 East into Montauk, a beautiful drive. 


I believe you can take ferries from New London, CT, Block Island or Martha’s Vineyard. 

Train or Bus

I also learned you can take a train (Long Island Rail Road) or bus. 

Personally, I think you’ll want a car to get around so if you choose not to drive, you may want to consider renting a car. 

Picture of girl in front of Montauk, NY Beach


Things To Do in Montauk

While Montauk is a big tourist destination, I think it can be helpful to go in with a list of things to do. There is no shortage of Montauk things to do in summer and so many Montauk attractions. 


Visit the Montauk Lighthouse (Montauk Point State Park)

Far off photo of Montauk Lighthouse | Montauk activities

We went down to the lighthouse one morning which is at Montauk Point State Park. It is New York’s oldest lighthouse!

Expect to pay for parking ($8) as well as entry to walk up to the lighthouse. We vowed to just look at the lighthouse from outside the fence.

Montauk lighthouse from afar

If you’re looking for a good run from the downtown area, it’s about 5 miles to the lighthouse and you wouldn’t have to pay for parking.

Beautiful houses to see along the way, too!

Apparently, there is a Montauk Lighthouse Sprint Triathalon, which sounds pretty neat and picturesque as well. 

Montauk Harbor

Of the places to go in Montauk, if you’re a shopper, you must check out the shops and restaurants in the Montauk Harbor area.

We stopped for a little shopping before dinner at Harvest on Fort Pond (more on that below). 

Shopping in Montauk Harbor

Montauk Harbor is located on the north side of the island and is home to the largest fishing fleet in New York State, both commercial and recreational.

Cool, right?!

Shopping in Montauk Harbor

I like it because there are shops, food and places to stay right along the water. 

We also decided to get some ice cream while we were there. I can’t say no to ice cream, even if it’s before dinner.

Where to get ice cream in Montauk Harbor

Dark Elegy Memorial

We only knew about Dark Elegy thanks to a family friend. I think it’s one of those things that you hear about through word of mouth.

Dark Elegy is a sculptor’s (Suse Lowenstein) portrayal of the victims who were lost in the Pan Am 103 flight in 1988, through an act of terrorism.

Dark Elegy Memorial in Montauk, NY

The sculptor’s son was one of the victims so it inspired her to make a lifesize portrait. Other mothers and widows were asked to participate as well.

There are over 75 pieces in her yard, each of which portrays a mother or wife. They are in the position they were in when they first heard of the death of their loved one.

Dark Elegy Memorial in Montauk, NY

One of the coolest things is that it’s in the sculptor’s beautiful back yard.

It also makes the hours very narrow so you’ll have to go at the right time. I think it was 10-2 or 12-2 or something.

When I searched for things to do in Montauk this weekend, this came up. Totally worth it, whenever you visit!

Go to The Beach

I’m assuming if you’re in Montauk, you plan on going to the beach and checking out the Atlantic Ocean. YOU MUST!

Girl looking out at the beach in Montauk, NY

There are so many beautiful beach resorts to do so. I feel like the views were too pretty to be real.

The sky looks like it’s been delicately painted with cotton candy colors and the ocean looks so calm, yet with waves of perfection. 

Sunset and Beach views in Montauk, NY

We spent a full afternoon at the beach and walked along at sunset too. It was absolutely gorgeous.

The sand was so white, too. 

Relax at a Spa

After all, I’m sure you want to relax in Montauk. Gurney’s hotel has a day spa that you can use (without being a guest a the resort).

We soaked in the sauna and indoor pool one afternoon as well.

Indoor pool at Gurneys resort in Montauk, NY

At Gurneys, you can also get beach access and they have live music throughout the day.

Enjoy The Montauk Restaurant Scene

We had two nights in Montauk. The first night, we dined at Scarpetta Beach, a beautiful ocean view restaurant at the Gurney’s Inn and Resort.

We got some fun cocktails and shared a bunch of dishes. 

The pasta dish was one of my favorites.

We also had octopus (yum!) and split some seafood and a cauliflower assortment. 

We didn’t make it to the Montauk Brewing Company but I’ve heard rave reviews about the beer and atmosphere. Their watermelon session ale sounds very dreamy.

I also received some other recommendations about food spots in Montauk. 

 Other Places to Eat in Montauk:

  • Harvest on Fort Pond – A great spot with family-style italian food. Seriously, the food portions here are huge! I wouldn’t recommend going here for a date, but instead, go with a group who likes to eat similarly to you. The Calamari Salad is a hit.

Calamari Salad from Harvest on Fort Pond

Iced Coffee From Bluestone Lane Coffee in Montauk

The iced coffee was delicious (with oat milk, of course), and we got a variety of toasts to split.

The toast was so thick and filling with just one. The ricotta with mint and berries was my absolutely favorite and now I want to recreate it.

Breakfast Toast From Bluestone Lane Coffee in Montauk

  • Lobster Roll – Everyone raves about this spot for an authentic lobster roll.

You’ll want to go early because it fills up quickly. It’s right on the way IN to Montauk, so the perfect way to welcome yourself to a weekend away.

  • The Inlet – Supposed to have great seafood overlooking the Montauk Harbor
  • Navy Beach – Another spot that was recommended to us but we didn’t make it. Sounds like a great spot for a drink and watching the sunset. 

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What is your favorite family vacation memory?

5 responses to “What To Do in Montauk? 5 Fun Ideas

  1. Montauk looks pretty beautiful! I love the beach; although I’m a bit more of a mountains girl, but I would love to visit this place because it looks so clean and pretty. That memorial looks sad and so vivid; that’s amazing that someone did that for them. Also who could say ‘no’ to icecream? I’m kind of an ice cream nerd. 🙂

    1. It is so beautiful, I’d love to go back sometime. The memorial was so breathtaking, it’s amazing what she has done.

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