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60+ Best Road Trip Snacks for Kids

Whether you’re looking for kids road trip snack ideas or family road trip snacks that are non-refrigerated, this post breaks down some easy ideas for food to take on a road trip!

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When you have young children, you know that road trip snacks for kids are a must.

Now that school’s out, the weather is warm, people may opt for road trips over flights, when possible. 

When you have kids, I won’t lie – it’s often easier to travel by car. You can pack everything you need and have more flexible departure and arrival times.

However, you cannot forget the snacks, and even a quality snack spinner to help!

gobe snack spinner with snacks in it

We have 60+ ideas for both homemade and storebought toddler travel snacks and travel snacks for kids.

And if you find yourself stopping for a hike, check out these hiking snacks for kids.

Peeled banana for a road trip snack for kids

Snacks for traveling with kids and kids road trip snacks cannot be underemphasized.

They are a necessity!

And so that brings up the topic of, What are the best kids road trip snacks?

We drove down to North Carolina a few weeks ago and we prepped and packed some homemade road trip snacks, paired with some of our favorite Thrive Market picks.

easy carrot cake bars on parchment paper
Easy carrot cake bars,  perfect for road trip snacking

With kids especially, we try to pack plenty of kid friendly car snacks and if we’re stopping, plan for healthy road trip meals.

It never hurts to have an abundance of road trip food ideas, including snacks for picky eaters!

I pretty much always pack snacks everywhere (have I mentioned my nickname in college was “Snacks?”) so I’m very well-versed on this topic and packing kid snacks for roadtrips.

I usually take stock of what we have in the pantry and fridge (fruit makes for a very portable snack), and I’ll go from there.

thrive market

Kids Road Trip Snacks Top Tips

When we’re in the car, I’m a little bit more of a stickler than normal about what the kids eat.

For my kids car snacks, I tend to moderate sugar intake more because I don’t want to keep stopping or have them snack the whole time.

Sure, fast food can be enjoyable for a couple of meals, but the cost eventually adds up, and a lot of it may leave you feeling sluggish and exhausted.

Keep these tips in mind as you choose your kids road trip snacks.

kid in car seat holding snack

How to Store Road Trip Snacks for Kids

Don’t forget to think about how you’ll store these snacks!

We like to have an insulated cooler of some sort for colder snacks and to keep things from getting squished.

I also recommend having something for them to be able to hold and/or open themselves, like our favorite snack spinner.

We also love bentgo boxes that they can hold, especially those that come with a cooler!

green bento lunch box for kids

Moniter Serving Sizes

Again, I love this snack spinner for kids to have a hard stop of some options!

I like to give them variety too. It’s also fun to use so keeps them busy!

gobe snack spinner with snacks in it

Think About Sustenance and Satisfaction

You want to make sure to include some protein, healthy fat and fiber in your road trip snacks for kids (and yourself)!

Everyone will feel better that way and not be continuously asking for a snack when they feel satisfied after eating.

apple and string cheese on black table
For a snack to cool down in hot weather, we love frozen cookie dough bites

We tend to stop somewhere for meals although I’m sure it’s possible to pack non perishable road trip food.

We’ll just aim for a balanced road trip meal, and include healthy family road trip snacks when we can (like these healthy banana oatmeal cookies).

peanut butter banana oatmeal cookies over parchment paper | Bucket List Tummy

Get Out and Stretch

Being in a sitting position for a long period of time is hard for anyone, let along kids! We always plan breaks to stop and stretch.

For kids, I recommend finding a playground or rest area with grass to run around and picnic tables to sit at.

dad and boy stretching on side of road

Buy New Snacks

Another fun way to find snacks for the road trip is to incorporate a gas station or grocery store as your stop, and let each kid pick one snack!

bag with car snacks for kids

This has worked really well for us because we’re moving around and the kids get excited to choose something new.

Road Trip Snacks for Toddlers

Your choices of snacks may vary depending on the age of your kids.

For younger kids and toddlers, packing food for a road trip is much easier with these options. 

Usually, for us, the best road trip snacks for toddlers are storebought things like:

7 bags of protein power balls in different flavors on orange steps
  1. Oat bites or bars (make these peanut butter pumpkin balls for little ones without sugar)
  2. Trail mix
  3. Low sugar cereal – Always a win with us because of a mixture of flavors and textures. Start with the original cereal mix—Chex Mix—and imagine where cereal mixes can venture from there.
  4. Granola (we make our own or we’ll buy low sugar granola – I love Purely Elizabeth from my Thrive Market Orders)
  5. Protein balls – We love protein powerball for portable tasty snacks! Use code BLT20 FOR 20% OFF!
  6. Fruit and veggies (easy and portable!)
  7. Fruit and veggie pouches
  8. Protein bars (a great road trip snack for adults) – some of my favorites are Perfect Bars and Kind Bars.
  9. Clif bars – Clif makes kid friendly protein bars or clif mini’s!
  10. Nuts – pistachios, peanuts, cashews and almonds are our favorites
  11. Sunflower seeds
  12. Hard boiled eggs
  13. Pb2 cookies
  14. Avocado slices
  15. Noka smoothie pouches – Subscribe and save is the way to go for these!
  16. Fava beans – High protein option!
  17. Harvest Snaps – I love these for the protein!
  18. Hippeas – Chickpea Puffs
  19. Rolled up deli meat
  20. Beef jerky – These mini chomps are great for kids. Jerky is an ideal family road trip snack because it doesn’t require refrigeration!
  21. Greek yogurt or cottage cheese cups
  22. Crackers or pretzels with peanut butter – Justin’s packets, or if you want a little extra boost of protein, RXBar packets might be more your thing.
  23. mini bars, which are about half the size of the original, making them perfect to pair with another snack when you’re craving multiple flavors
  24. Almond Flour Snack Bars
  25. Roasted Edamame
  26. Leftover oatmeal cookies – All kids love cookies, but these have fiber and protein from the oats and any add-in’s you choose!
  27. Tuna packets – I’ll pair with crackers to get my kids to eat them
  28. Hummus and carrot sticks
  29. Peanut butter bites
  30. Peanut butter puffs
  31. Sargento balanced breaks with crackers, fruit and cheese
  32. Fairlife milk or Horizon milk boxes
  33. Dried fruit – I love dried mango, freeze-dried strawberries, sour raisins, or dried cherries
  34. My Serenity Kids Pouches – use code BUCKETLIST for an extra 15% off!
baby eating My Serenity Kids pouch
Use code “BUCKETLIST” for 15% off!

If we’re making our own granola, we’ll do maple cinnamon granola or protein granola and that usually suffices as one of our favorite family road trip snacks that we all snack on from a stasher bag.

I’m also the mom who brings at least one cooler so we often have refrigerated road trip snacks for kids, too.

When I’m packing snacks for myself, I draw alot from these breastfeeding night snacks!

cooler with kids road trip snacks

Refrigerated Road Trip Snacks for Kids

We also try to include some refrigerated car snacks for kids since many of these are easy ways to get protein!

As a Registered Dietitian, some of my favorites from the list above are:

  • string cheese
  • Greek yogurt
  • cottage cheese
  • hard boiled eggs
  • protein bites (these can also be left at room temperature!)
  • hummus or guacamole
  • milk juice boxes
  • smoothie pouches (technically don’t have to be refrigerated)

All of those make great car snacks for toddlers because if toddlers aren’t getting protein or healthy fats, they will keep asking for more food!

We love making lots of these easy no bake recipes with few ingredients, and relying on lots of oat-based baked goods and peanut butter recipes for toddlers as food to bring on a road trip. 

perfect bar

Homemade Snacks for Road Trips

Many people prefer to make homemade snacks for road trips, which is awesome.

I recommend pulling from these healthy homemade toddler snacks and ideas!

I’ll be the first to grab a snack-sized pack of Goldfish or Oreos, but if you’re looking to add some variety to your snack game, I have some delicious and healthy homemade options for family road trip snacks. 

homemade trail mix on granite countertop | Bucket List Tummy

These items also check the box for nonmessy snacks for road trips, which is important in our car!

  1. Homemade trail mix bars
  2. Carrot cake bars – These are a bit sweeter so naturally, kids love them.
  3. Quinoa pizza bites
  4. Homemade yogurt pouches
  5. DIY trail mix
  6. Toddler Muffins – Make them in bulk, grab them from your freezer stasher bag and go!
  7. Fruits and veggies with hummus or nut butter – Most fruits and vegetables are actually quite portable and make for healthy toddler finger foods
  8. Mini sandwiches – Try a new flavor combo, like almond butter and banana or bacon, egg, and cheese. Cut into fun shapes!
  9. Hard boiled eggs – Eggs are high in protein and healthy fats, but they contain almost no carbohydrates so pair with carbs!
  10. Energy bites – If you’re looking for a place to start, try some of my favorites:
  11. Pizza Rolls – Store them in your cooler!
  12. Banana Peanut Butter Brownies
  13. Chocolate Chip Vegan Pumpkin Blondies
gluten free energy balls close up | Bucket List Tummy

Wherever you’re heading this road trip season, I hope you make memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

And along the way, happy snacking!

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  1. I’m going to use this post from now on for my exact blueprint of road trip snacking!! I always stop at stores and waste so much money, so making things at home before a road trip is such a great idea.