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Vegan Breakfast Meal Prep (19 Breakfast Ideas!)

If you follow a plant based or vegan lifestyle, vegan breakfast meal prep may be high on your priority list. These vegan breakfast recipes will help streamline your meal prep and keep you full and nourished.

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Many of my clients follow vegan lifestyles, so I have many vegan recipes to recommend at my disposal.

Some of them follow a vegan diet for runners, and others just want to include more meatless meals into their routines. I understand and respect both decisions, and have plenty of resources for you.

Also make sure to check out these easy ideas for breakfast for athletes, as many can be made vegan or plant-based.

If you’re pregnant, you can also use many of the pregnancy breakfast ideas from this post and make them vegan or plant-based.

Vegan Breakfast Meal Prep Considerations

To efficiently do your vegan breakfast prep, first of all, you need to decide what meal prep will look like for you.

And that may change depending on the season of life.

For example, if you’re in college, do you need college meal prep ideas for your dorm?

Do you have access to a fridge and microwave?

Confused Woman Looking In Open Refrigerator

Things to consider:

  • Does everyone else in your family follow a vegan diet or eat similarly?
  • Do you want or need a make ahead vegan breakfast?
  • Are you new to a vegan lifestyle or have you been following this way of eating for a while? If it’s the former, it will likely take more time.
  • Any food allergies to take into consideration (ie- nuts, seeds, soy)?
  • Will you be cooking more from scratch or using some convenience items too (ie- vegan yogurt, pre-made options)?
  • When will you do this prep?
  • Do you have kids, are you breastfeeding or do you need postpartum snacks?
  • Do you follow a gluten-free diet too? If so, many whole grains may need replacements.
  • Are these recipes providing enough protein? If not, consider high-protein vegan options, like legumes, vegan protein powders, soy products, etc.

Protein for athletes and everyone, in general, is important, and while it’s totally possible to get enough protein on a vegan (or vegetarian) diet, it does take some planning and awareness.

Especially for women – sports nutrition for women differs from men because our needs are different.

This is why meal prepping vegan breakfast is so important – to start your day off on the right foot!

From overnight oats, to pancakes, waffles or vegan french toast sticks, to on-the-go muffins, to savory breakfast hashes, there are several easy vegan breakfast meal prep ideas here to help inspire you.

chopped vegetables in tupperware as part of vegan breakfast prep

Benefits to Meal Prep

There are several benefits to making your vegan meals ahead of time and meal prepping tips.

If you’re here on this page, you’re probably aware of how meal prep can help streamline your day and life and you want more tips for a simple vegan breakfast.

Meal Prep can:

  • Save TIME – you won’t be looking in the fridge every morning deciding what to eat, it’s ready to go!
  • Save money – you’re likely able to use less ingredients or re-use what you already have.
  • Decrease food waste
  • Improve the quality of your diet
  • Decrease prep time, cooking time and clean up
  • Eliminate stress

I even use meal prep tips like these for later in the week dinner ideas, when my brain is fried, like Wednesday night dinner and Thursday night dinner ideas!

How To Do Vegan Breakfast Prep

Next, when thinking about prepping vegan meals, many of the same standards apply as traditional meal prep, you just may not be using traditional ingredients, like butter, eggs, or dairy products.

Here are some vegan breakfast prep ideas that you can incorporate into your routine.

refrigerator with colorful produce

Pre-wash and chop fruits and veggies – This sounds simple but it can save alot of time. Not only for the fruits/veggies you’re using for your vegan breakfasts but also for having healthy snacks on hand for the week.

Double or triple the recipe – While you’re likely trying to make a recipe that will feed you more than once (hence, meal planning), it may make sense to double or triple the recipe to freeze for the future!

Use leftover ingredients for snacks – From granola to oatmeal bites vegan hemp protein bars, and salads and wraps, there are plenty of ways to use some of the leftover ingredients for snacks or future meals.

Have vegan staples on hand – Staples like coconut oil, flax eggs, vegan butter, just egg, non-dairy substitutes are all fair game and popular for plant based breakfast meal prep.

And this athletes grocery list can help provide many of the pantry staples.

I also recommend subscribing to a delivery service, like Thrive Market, which has so many fun and healthy vegan and plant-based snacks, condiments, etc.

You can search by dietary type and it’s so amazing.

thrive market

Make Breakfast Work For You

A vegan breakfast can look different depending on your preference.

If you’re an oatmeal fan, this post goes over how to meal prep oatmeal to your preferences, and you can change it up seasonally, too.

There are so many ways to prepare oatmeal, from baked, to overnight, that work wonders for meal prep and saving time.

However, maybe you’re not an oatmeal person, so you need some other vegan breakfast ideas, like a vegan breakfast burrito.

Choose Your Recipes – First you need to decide what vegan breakfast recipes you’ll be using. Consider the 15+ listed below.

Set Aside Time – Next, set up the time that you will do this prep. Do you need to prep 1-2 vegan breakfast prep ideas, or more? Consider your week ahead, as mentioned previously.

Make Your Grocery List – Base your grocery shopping on the recipe ingredients + what you already have on hand. Try not to overbuy to reduce food waste.

Be Realistic – Do as little or as much prep that feels good for you and works for your family and lifestyle, considering all of the above questions and circumstances (ie – gluten free, what’s on your schedule for the week, what feels manageable).

Storage – Consider where you’ll store everything. Do you have ample room in the fridge, or do you need to freeze some items?

Vegan Breakfast Prep Recipes

Now that you’ve thought about all of the breakfast meal prep considerations, here are some delicious vegan meal prep breakfast recipes.

Vegan Breakfast Meal Prep

These ideas for vegan breakfast meal prep will help save you time and energy in the kitchen while enjoying healthy and delicious vegan meals.

You may enjoy some of these other recipes!

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