7 Make Ahead Ideas For Breakfast For Athletes

  Jan 24, 2020  |  #Breakfast

These 7 easy recipes provide some healthy, make ahead ideas for breakfast for athletes to make sure you’re fueling for your workout and your day.

One thing that has been a common theme among clients this year has been a lack of motivation for breakfast.

Breakfast, it seems, is becoming monotonous and boring and people want new ideas.

I get it – I’ve been there too! I’m sick of my bowl of oatmeal every morning.

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The most common question is, “but what if I’m not hungry?”  That’s a nuance of intuitive eating. Just because you aren’t hungry for breakfast (or a meal – if it’s been several hours since you last ate), doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat. 

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The Importance of Breakfast for Athletes 

Many of the athletes I know and work with are doing morning workouts, sometimes, two-a-day workouts. And while breakfast can be a quick meal to prepare, it’s often lunch or dinner where they get hung up and may want to rely on different options of meal prep for athletes. 

A healthy breakfast for athletes is vital for performance and energy maintenance not only throughout the workout but throughout the day. 

Steelcut Banana Oatmeal topped with banana slices and cinnamon on white counter | Bucket List Tummy

A healthy breakfast for athletes will consist of:

  • all the macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein)
  • ample carbohydrates and protein (especially for post-workout and refueling)
  • antioxidants
  • water and liquids for staying hydrated!


What Do Athletes Eat for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner?

What is a good recipe for athletes?

Many of the athletes I work with gravitate towards easy recipes for training purposes. They spend so much time training that they want simplistic, quick recipes that still nourish and fuel them. 

Breakfast is no different.

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Whether they’re eating hours before a workout, or scarfing something down after a workout, the best breakfast foods for athletes and breakfast for athletes in training are going to be easy to prepare and nourishing. 

Choices may vary depending on whether they’re looking for breakfast for athletes trying to gain weight vs those more focused on performance. 

Many athletes prefer smoothies, so if you’re looking that route, check out the best breakfast smoothies for athletes

Beet Smoothie overhead


Why Make Ahead Breakfasts?

Whether you’re an athlete or not, many of us are short on time in the mornings.

And even if you do have time to sit down and enjoy breakfast, it can be nice not to have to make breakfast from scratch every morning. 

Close up of high protein healthy vegetable bake with tomatoes, red pepper, sweet potatoes and eggs in a casserole dish | Bucket List Tummy

Whether you want a vegetarian breakfast casserole, baked oatmeal, or a veggie-filled breakfast, these easy make-ahead breakfast ideas will hopefully get you out of your breakfast rut. ​

And they offer healthy breakfast ideas for teenage athletes to enjoy!

Use them in combination with these recipe ideas for athletes and you should be covered across the board. 

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Recipes For a Healthy Breakfast for Athletes 


7 Make Ahead Ideas For Breakfast For Athletes

Need some high carb breakfast ideas for athletes? These 5 easy make ahead recipes can help nourish and replenish athletes, and even offer an easy breakfast for athletes trying to gain weight or maintain weight.

The best breakfast for athletes on game day is going to be one they’ve practiced several times and know they can digest and use for energy. For vegan athletes, I recommend this sweet potato kale hash, since sweet potatoes are great energy sources before or after a workout. 

Hence, it’s important to find one that works for you and “practice” eating it before/after a workout to make sure it settles in your stomach. 

If you’re more of a chia pudding person, we love this banana chia pudding or chocolate coconut milk chia pudding, both of which are easy to double or triple!

If you’re looking for some snack ideas to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch, some favorites include:


Are You Sure You’re Eating Enough As Athletes?

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Do you have a go to make ahead breakfast recipe? What’s your get out of a rut go to?

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  1. My breakfast go to’s are black bean and egg burritos and roasted potatoes with eggs (I make the potatoes in advance and it just takes a minute to cook up the eggs). The chorizo and the sweet potato casseroles look good, I will have to try them soon.

    1. Love the burrito idea – great grab and go option! And anything with potatoes in it for breakfast has my vote 🙂

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