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My Favorite Simple Self Care Practices

Hi frandssss, Happy Monday!

How was your weekend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. If you’ve never commented before, feel free to introduce yourself at any point. 🙂

What is self care?

Self Care is very trendy right now. Or, at least the idea of it. But, I’d bet many of us aren’t practicing what we preach or actually indulging in self care as much as we should or could. And I say indulge, but I really mean practicing.

Something doesn’t have to be indulgent for it to be nourishing to your body. For example, it may feel indulgent to pay $100 for a 60 minute massage, but what if you took a bubble bath before bed to help achieve that self care instead.

Self care can be simple and practical. It means putting yourself first and listening to what your body wants.

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Last week, we talked about ways we may be stressing our bodies out. Today, let’s talk about ways to counteract that stress. So, today, I’m sharing my five favorite practical ways to practice self care. While I’m a fan of going above and beyond sometimes and really treating myself, sometimes simple, easy and practical is just what I need too.

Eating when I’m hungry

I harp on this all the time. By doing this, you are honoring your body and developing trust and connection. Think about how you feel if you ask a question or make a statement and no one acknowledges you. Now, think about how your body feels when it asks for fuel and we ignore it? It’s going to trust us a little bit less, rightfully so.

The more practice we have at listening to our hunger cues, the more our body learns to trust us. This is one of the steps of Intuitive Eating.

Sometimes it might be fruit or kale, but other times it might be ice cream and cookies. Honor all of these cues.

Self care

Buying A Coffee Out

I love having coffee at home in the morning, to start my day. It’s cathartic. But, there’s just something that can’t be matched with a fresh latte from a coffee shop. Staring out a window, lost in your thoughts. Or, even journaling and embracing productivity.

Self CareSelf care

Looking up Trips

I’m a traveler. I love the idea of going somewhere new to explore new sites and eat new food. But, planning a trip can be stressful. Sometimes, just looking up trips (without going through about planning) provides just enough excitement and pep.

It makes me happy and excited for the future and sometimes that’s all I need in that moment.

Having No Plans

I look forward to weekends with no plans more than I ever have before. Something about having that opportunity and space to just reset. Ignoring the work. Enjoying the weather. Living in the moment. Transforming our home into what we envision. Spending time with pets. Sleeping in.

Self care

Enjoying Food with others

Food is social. There’s so much more that can be drawn from it when we are enjoying it with others. I love the act of preparing food for others, but I also love the laid back feel of trying a new spot with others.

Getting other perspectives on food.

Sharing dishes and telling stories.

Self CareSelf Care


Whether it’s running, walking, or even just sitting outside, nature has a way of bringing me instant appreciation. Reveling in this space around us is so grounding.

Self care

I do think exercise can be a type of self care if and when it makes you feel good. To me, the feeling of letting go of a stressful day with a long run or an exercise class is bliss.

But, if you’re exercising to burn off that pizza from yesterday or last night’s dessert, you aren’t demonstrating self care. You can’t out-exercise your diet.

Self care might be gentle movement for you, while it may look like a long run for someone else. The bottom line is that we are all different, our needs are different, and we’re in different stages.

These are the simple ways I listen to my body and find joy in this life. Don’t get me wrong – I love massages, bubble baths with candles, enjoying a bottle of champagne, and weekend away at a mountain resort.

I’d probably jump at any of those opportunities. But, when we miss the simple forms of self care that life offers us, I think we’re missing out on quite a lot.

So, tell me: what’s your favorite simple form of self care?

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  1. I love all these! I especially love the look up trips one, I do that all the time. I also loved the weekends with nothing to do. I like to have a balance of jam packed weekends and nice breathers! These are great reminders!

  2. Just last weekend me and my husband decided to go for a jog at the park. We then helped ourselves to a freshly blended juice. It was so refreshing and feels more energized afterwards.
    For me, self care is also spending time with love ones, and doing things together that we enjoy.

  3. This is an excellent reminder that just listening to your body can be the greatest and most important act of self care. These are the things that are going to rewire our brains to love ourselves and give ourselves compassion on an ongoing basis, no matter the phase of life we are in. I love this —> “Think about how you feel if you ask a question or make a statement and no one acknowledges you. Now, think about how your body feels when it asks for fuel and we ignore it?” What a good way of putting it.

    My acts of self care are the little things. Of course I wouldn’t say no to a pedicure or trip, but I often feel less comfortable with the more indulgent practices. It is the new coffee shops and time on the grass that really soothe me.

  4. Yup to all of this. I love doing nothing or just sitting and reading a book. It’s so simple and incredibly refreshing. And eating when you’re hungry is really rewarding. 🙂 When exercise is a form of relaxation for me, I actually really love it. When I’m trying to use it to compensate for eating ‘pizza’ or donuts, it’s always stressful. It’s amazing how that works.

    1. It’s important to distinguish between the two, and I’m glad you find joy in it when it’s relaxing. That is how we want to view it.

  5. Excellent reminders! Self care definitely isn’t selfish. I ALWAYS carve out enough daily “me time” without any guilt. Hope all others do the same! We all deserve it. Happy Monday to you, and thank you for continuing to inspire with your posts.