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Babymoon in Savannah and Charleston

Hi guys,

I finally got this recap together of our “babymoon” trip to Savannah and Charleston!

If any of you have ambitions of traveling to Savannah or Charleston for a babymoon(which I highly recommend), hopefully this can serve as a mini tour guide as well.

We left Friday morning for the 4 hourish drive to Savannah. I downloaded a bunch of books on audio to listen to on the drive (my favorite way to “read” books these days)!

We actually stayed south of Savannah. My parents happened to be in town for those two nights, although I think they just wanted to see us 😉   We stopped a few times on the ride because pregnant lady had to use the restroom. Plus, it’s good for me to not sit for too long and make sure to stretch my legs. That’s what 30 weeks pregnant will do to you. 

We stopped and grabbed lunch in Savannah on our way down. Thanks to some Instagram recommendations (you guys’ never let me down), we settled on Zunzi’s, a South African inspired little eatery.

It was perfect for what we were looking for and was delicious! We split a mediterranean falafel wrap, which was huge, and got a side of hummus and pita. Can never have too much hummus.

Babymoon in Savannah

Once we got to the house, we just unpacked, relaxed and caught up with my parents. We went for a little walk to stretch our legs before my parents kindly offered to make homemade pizza for dinner!

My dad is in a grilled pizza phase and I loved every minute of it. Aren’t they the cutest?

We enjoyed two pizzas and watched Brad’s Status – not my favorite Ben Stiller movie but enjoyed that it took place in Boston.

Babymoon in Savannah

A Day in Savannah + Night Out in Savannah

The next morning we got a quick breakfast before the men played some golf and my mom and I enjoyed a nice relaxing day.

I did a very casual workout in the gym, then laid on the patio and read Truly, Madly, Guilty (I finished the whole 400 pages by the end of our babymoon).

I have really enjoyed many of Liane Moriarty’s books – this one took a little longer to get into and figure out just what happened at the barbeque (which was the plotline), but I enjoyed it.

Then, I enjoyed a nice prenatal massage before we headed to dinner at the Olde Pink House, a very well known historic restaurant in Savannah.

This was the 31 week bump!

People rave about this restaurant’s food, and I was a little intimidated since it’s so hard to get a reservation. I was actually a little underwhelmed by the food.

Of course, we had a great experience and fantastic service, but maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. I went with fried chicken, since I was saving my fish for Charleston.

I loveee seafood but try to just stick to 2-3 servings a week during pregnancy.

After dinner, Ed and I had our usual sweet tooth for dessert, so headed to Below Zero, a new concept with ice cream “rolls.”

I will say it was neat to watch them make the frozen rolls, but there’s something I love about melting ice cream that is so creamy that this couldn’t compare to.

We had cookies and cream topped with oreos, graham crackers and marshmallows.

Below Zero, Savannah, rolled ice cream

On Sunday morning, we stopped for brunch in Savannah on the way to Charleston. I had my eye on B Matthews Eatery, so we tried there. 

No regrets at all. I went with the egg scramble with a homemade biscuit and Ed got the french toast. I love when we can agree to split sweet and savory because I always have an internal debate about what I want!

B Matthews

A Day in Charleston

Upon arriving in Charleston, we checked in at our hotel, the Francis Marion. I chose this hotel because it is conveniently located off King Street, near both shopping and restaurants.

We loved the location because we could walk everywhere. They also had a parking garage next to the hotel for our car so we didn’t have to walk all over the city to park.

Prices were very reasonable during the off-season as well. I also love that the Francis Marion has so much history and personality to it – it has been restored to its 1920’s elegance!

Our room wasn’t quite ready when we got there, but the staff was very accommodating and held our bags and gave me a key card to the downstairs gym, so we could do a quick workout while we waited.

Francis Marion

After showering and changing, we headed out to explore. We toured some shops, and ended up at The Gin Joint for a pre-dinner drink and appetizer.

Ed got something with bourbon (yuck) and I got a mocktail – they made something with ginger, and similar to a Moscow Mule, since those are my favorite. It was so good.

And we split a pretzel appetizer with some sort of cheese.


We had a dinner reservation at Magnolias, which was a fabulous meal. This is one of the more popular places to eat in Charleston. I remember making our reservation like 4-5 weeks in advance… just in case.

I had one of the best brussel sprout salads of my life. It might have something to do with the truffle Parmesan Vinaigrette or the crispy brussels – sooo good.

Magnolias, Charleston

I had mussels for my meal and Ed got a delicious flounder dish. Everything was delicious and service was awesome. Definitely recommend this spot!

Magnolias, Charleston Magnolias, Charleston

After dinner, we just walked (Charleston is a great city for walking – just be careful of the cobblestone streets!) around, and laughed at our lack of desire to go out and explore the nightlife.

I’ve never been super into bars and clubs late night, but I do like my cocktails. But, pregnancy has my priorities lined up – ice cream, and in bed by 9:30.

So, that’s precisely what we did.

We got ice cream at Jeni’s, which by the way, they’re coming to Charlotte this summer! I’m so excited!

I went with two scoops – salted peanut butter with chocolate flecks and brown butter almond brittle.

jenis ice cream

We also came back to the room, and the staff was so nice to leave us some fruit, cheese and crackers!

The Daily, Charleston

On Monday morning, we woke up and walked to get breakfast at The Daily, where I had a delicious avocado toast with the fluffiest eggs and an iced latte.

We slowly enjoyed our coffee and just chatted. It was nice not having to rush anywhere.

The Daily, Charleston

We took our time walking back, and eventually decided to walk through the market and more shops. We had some time to kill before an afternoon walking tour.

Charleston is one of those cities that I can just walk around for hours – the history, the architecture, the FOOD, it’s just a fun place to be!

Charleston market

We stopped for coffee and a “pie cream” sandwich before our tour, serving as lunch. Since we had a later breakfast, we weren’t hungry for lunch before the tour, but I knew if I didn’t eat something, I’d be a 1 on the hunger scale after the tour.

Basically, I’d be miserable and wouldn’t enjoy dinner. So, we decided to get a nice little snack.

We got a key lime sandwich from Peace Pie – basically, it’s ice cream and pie cream between two cookies. SO GOOD. You guys should go to Charleston just to try one of these.

peace pie, Charleston

After the tour, we had a dinner reservation at Eli’s Table off Meeting Street. Eli’s Table is small and cozy, but has the cutest back patio where we sat.

It was a little chilly but they had heaters out there that were perfect. We started with the fried green tomatoes (love those) and a fondue plate. For my meal, I went with the duck and waffle dish, which was delicious.

Elis Table, Charleston Elis Table, Charleston

We walked around a little more after dinner and popped into a bar with some live music. But, it was another early night.

We left Tuesday morning, but not before stopping in at Hominy Grill for breakfast before we hit the road. Since Hominy Grill is known for their southern flare, I had to get a biscuit.

I went with egg, cheese and bacon on a biscuit and Ed went with the sweeter french toast option, served with ICE CREAM. Needless to say, we left Charleston with happy and full bellies.

Hominy Grill, Charleston

I’m so glad we took a babymoon trip. I get that it may not be for everyone. But, personally, it was just what I needed.

I love to travel and explore local eats, and I know we won’t be able to do that for a long time once the baby comes. It was a great last trip to enjoy, without thinking about work.

February has been packed with work and side freelance projects, so this trip was a perfect getaway before the hectic.

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Have you ever been to Charleston or Savannah? If so, favorite spot?

What’s your favorite part about traveling?

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  1. That French toast served with ice cream looks sooo good!

    One thing I LOVE about the East Coast that Colorado doesn’t really have because it’s a newer state is the old more European style architecture and the rich history! It’s so fun to walk around the streets.

    I have heard such wonderful things about Jeni’s icecream. That’s so cool that they’re coming to Charlotte; it would be neat if they came the Colorado way, but… I will DEFINITELY live vicariously through you getting some of their ice cream!

    This looks like it was such a wonderful refreshing vacation. I’m so glad you got to go Sarah, and it’s fun that you were able to be with your parents; grilled pizza sounds good! I’ve never had it.

  2. How much fun! Charleston and Savannah are two of my favorite places to visit. I LOVE the Olde Pink House- I”m sad your experience wasn’t as good. The first time we went this sweet woman walked around and sang songs for each room… she sang Over the Rainbow for us and I’ve been hooked ever since.
    Loved your Charleston food too– so good! We always enjoy Hank’s.

  3. I’ve never been to Savannah or Charleston, but I’d love to visit someday! I’m definitely going to have to try out the places you mentioned. All of it looks so good! (I reallyyyy need lunch now. ;_; )

  4. A babymoon is an absolutely wonderful idea. This is actually the first time I’ve heard of it, or anyone going on one. You are *the* pro at finding and trying the hottest foods and restaurants when you travel so I’m SO glad you gave yourself the chance to do this – in such glory! – before your time gets a little more taken up. I’ve been eating a lot of restaurant foods lately…and was just starting to feel scared/guilty about it. Thank you for being a reminder that this is perfectly ok.

    1. I take a lot of pride in finding food places – I wish it could be a full time job because it’s so fun for me!! I love to give recommendations to others, too. No need to feel guilty girl – exploring restaurant foods is a pleasure in life. Especially when you don’t have the time/desire to cook on your own.

  5. It sounds like a wonderful getaway before the baby comes. Everything you ate looks so good!

    Charleston and Savannah are both on my places to visit list! Do you think both could be done with a quick weekend trip? A weekend in each place not both in the same weekend since traveling from New Jersey would take a little longer then from Charlotte.

    1. Yes, you could definitely spend a weekend in each place. You probably wouldn’t see everything, but just prioritize what you like! IE – history, food/drink, water activities, tours. So much to do, you wouldn’t have trouble filling your schedule!

  6. This makes me so excited to go to Texas in May with my sister and her bf! I totally plan to eat my way down and back! We are driving, so it’s ROAD TRIP TIME! I need to get on planning that!