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25+ Healthy Toddler Finger Foods

Need inspiration for healthy toddler finger foods? These toddler finger food recipes will help you feed even the choosiest of toddlers!

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Let’s face it, the challenges of feeding toddlers can be real. But I promise these toddler finger food recipes can help – don’t give up!

One day they like something, the next they hate it. Finding foods for picky toddlers can be so draining.

If they like breakfast, give these healthy breakfasts for toddlers a try, to frontload their nutrition.

Long story short, you still want to make sure your picky eating toddlers are eating healthy, even if they won’t finish their peas.

You don’t just want to serve them only chicken fingers, although these lemon pepper chicken tenders are a healthy option!

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, these healthy toddler finger foods can help simplify the process.

lemon chicken tenders on baking sheet

Toddler Finger Foods Examples

There are so many healthy toddler finger foods that you can make in your own kitchen that we have recipes for, and tons of hidden veg recipes for toddlers too!

Sweet potatoes are one of our favorite finger foods for BLW because baby led weaning sweetpotatoes recipes are so easy and variable!

Here are some other easy toddler finger foods that are nutritious and easy to hold.

teal cutting board with diced sweet potatoes

Who do these recipes work for?

All of these ideas work for babies, finger food snacks for 1 year olds, finger foods for 2 year olds and all kids in general.

We also love finger foods as road trip foods for kids because they are easier to hold and eat without making too much of a mess!

Again, portable finger foods are the key idea.

Eggplant fries on baking sheet

These easy finger food recipes for toddlers should help you reduce the stress of finding the perfect recipe to feed your child.

Many of these toddler snack ideas can work as toddler finger foods for daycare or finger food recipes for toddler parties, as well.

Use them however you need to.

Making Healthy Finger Food For Toddlers

It’s a really neat concept to watch your little ones start to feed themselves.

But, you want to make sure you’re serving them safe and nutritious options.

I try to model intuitive eating as a mom so my daughters can have a positive relationship with food.

And instill the principles for intuitive eating for kids through the ways we prepare, plate and talk about food. 

toddler making baby led weaning sweet potato muffins

Healthy toddler finger foods are a great place to start because they give toddlers something to hold and grasp, so they can more easily feed themselves.

In my experience, this makes it more likely that they will actually eat something, especially if they are fun foods they can hold.

Finger food ideas for kids help toddlers display their independence. They enjoy being mobile and walking around holding their food.

To add more nutrition, I love crusting things in flax seeds, breadcrumbs or even quinoa (check out these quinoa recipes for toddlers) because they add extra nutrients.

They also change the texture and add a crunchy coating and make the food more fun. 

Healthy finger foods for toddlers made into animals and shapes

Tips for Serving Kid Friendly Finger Foods

Firstly, make sure to follow food safety tips for infants and toddlers when serving kid friendly finger foods.

This includes making sure eggs, meat and seafood are cooked thoroughly and avoiding raw, unpasteurized foods and ingredients. 

Here are some other tips for finger foods for toddlers.

  • Cut food into small(er) pieces that are easy to pick up and easy to chew.
  • Avoid foods that are choking hazards for your child’s age. The general choking hazards are improperly cut hot dogs, grapes, popcorn, and nuts.
  • Pair finger foods with a dip or sauce to make them more appealing and fun
  • Try not to add pressure to their eating experience – be patient with them and let them explore and eat finger foods at their own pace. We love using these as food activities for toddlers because they make it fun without the pressure.
  • Serve finger foods when toddlers are hungry, since they are more likely to eat them. We’ll often serve some as a toddler finger food dinner, along with something they like.
  • If you are introducing a new food, make sure to serve them with a familiar food. This helps toddlers feel more safe, knowing there is something they like and will eat.
Serving french toast to a baby for baby led weaning

Many toddler finger foods can and will be based around fruits and veggies, so you don’t have to stress and scramble for finding additional ways to add those healthy foods in.

Furthermore, they can be soft, mushy and low in added sugars. 

6 month old baby eating beef and asparagus in high chair

Finger Foods For Picky Toddlers

Is your toddler picky about what he/she will eat?

Many babies and toddlers go through these phases, but we have plenty of ideas for finger foods for picky toddlers, including partyish foods.  

  • Firstly, know that you’re not doing anything wrong. The best thing you can do is keep offering foods. Don’t feel too discouraged if you are sick of chicken finger food for toddlers.
  • Try serving foods in different ways (baked/fried/pureed/raw/cooked) and see if one is more preferable to another. For example, try mashed sweetpotatoes one day, and then bake them into fries another. Zucchini fingers or shredded zucchini are great examples to try as well.
  • Try serving them diced on another occasion. Same food, just different textures and different presentations!
  • Try serving different food shapes for toddlers. We love these shapes to offer the same food, but it just looks different (and more fun).
  • Pair a food they like and know with a new(er) food. This provides them a sense of familiarity, rather than everything being new and thrown at them at once. 

Sweet potatoes were our favorite food for 6 month baby led weaning foods, and they continue to be popular today. 

These sweet potato recipes for toddlers are also weekly staples for us!

Roasted parsnip fries on a plate seasoned with garlic and turmeric next to baking sheet | Bucket List Tummy

Easy Toddler Finger Food Recipes

Whether you need some high-protein finger foods, healthy fish sticks, or healthy vegetarian finger foods for 1 year old for toddlers, this list should get you started.

And don’t forget you can always make extra to freeze – for a more complete list of freezable foods for toddlers, check out toddler friendly freezer recipes.

Healthy Toddler Finger Foods

Healthy finger food ideas for toddlers and high protein finger food ideas - vegetarian, vegan and meat-based!

Vegetarian and Vegan Toddler Finger Foods

Whether you're looking for vegan toddler finger foods or vegetarian toddler options, these finger foods will satisfy your plant-based little ones.

Finger Foods for Picky Toddlers

These finger foods for babies and toddlers are naturally sweetened with fruit and offer a fun snack idea for even the pickiest of eaters

You can keep these toddler finger foods easy and simple. And as you get more comfortable, pair them with other foods or season them differently.

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