The Best Healthy Finger Foods For Toddlers (And Picky Toddlers!)

  Feb 13, 2020  |  #baby led weaning

Need inspiration for healthy finger foods for toddlers? These toddler finger food recipes will help you feed even the pickiest of toddlers!

Let’s face it, the challenges of feeding toddlers can be real. One day they like something, the next they hate it.

But, you still want to make sure they’re eating healthy, even if they won’t finish their peas and you don’t just want to serve them only chicken finger food for toddlers.

So, what do you do?

Eggplant fries on baking sheet

It’s a really neat concept watching your little one start to feed themselves. It makes you feel all the happy feels as a parent, but you want to make sure you’re serving them safe and nutritious options.

Plus, I try to model intuitive eating behaviors for my toddler so she can have a positive relationship with food!

So, I’m sharing several options, galore, to help you reduce the stress for finding the perfect recipe to feed your child.

What Are Healthy Finger Foods For Toddlers?

Healthy finger foods are a great place to start with toddlers because they have the ability to grab and grasp onto foods and feed themselves. In my experience, this makes it more likely that they will actually eat something.

Good finger foods for toddlers are awesome because toddlers enjoy being mobile and walking around holding their food and we also have several toddler snack ideas

Healthy finger foods for toddlers made into animals and shapes

Finger Food Ideas for Baby Led Feeding

Typically, you’ll try to include “healthy” foods and ingredients in finger foods. All of these ideas work for babies, as finger food snacks for 1 year old, finger foods for 2 year old and all kids in general!

  • baked/sauteed fruits (bananas, apples, peaches, mango)
  • cutting any vegetable into a “fry” shape and coating it with bread crumbs/parmesan cheese
  • string cheese
  • baby meatballs
  • grapes or tomatoes, sliced in half lengthwise
  • french toast or pancakes (made with oat flour or whole wheat flour)
  • healthy toddler muffins
  • whole wheat toast, cut into strips
  • whole wheat or bean based pastas
  • hummus or guacamole
  • potatoes
  • cucumber slices
  • asparagus 
  • green beans
  • parsnip fries or carrot fries
  • hard boiled eggs
  • avocado strips
  • peas (frozen or fresh) or edamame
  • vegetable chips/sticks

Serving french toast to a baby for baby led weaning

Make sure to follow food safety tips for infants and toddlers when serving food, like making sure eggs, meat and seafoods are cooked thoroughly and avoiding raw, unpasteurized foods and ingredients. 

Many Of Theses Wok as Baby Led Weaning Starter Foods, Too! 

Whether you’re doing baby led weaning or just need some plain ole’ good finger food ideas for kids, these will help. 

Many healthy finger foods for baby will include fruits and veggies in them, so you don’t have to stress and scramble for finding additional ways to add those healthy foods in.

So, let’s get to some of these easy finger food recipes for toddlers and babies, alike!

Tasty Toddler Finger Food Recipes

Whether you need some high protein finger foods, healthy fish sticks, or healthy vegetarian finger foods for 1 year old for toddlers, this list should get you started.

I love also using these as healthy finger foods for baby, especially if they are soft, mushy and low in added sugars. 

Finger Foods For Toddlers

Healthy finger food ideas for toddlers and high protein finger food ideas - vegetarian, vegan and meat-based!

Vegetarian and Vegan Toddler Finger Foods

Whether you're looking for vegan toddler finger foods or vegetarian toddler options, these finger foods will satisfy your plant-based little ones.

Finger Foods for Picky Toddlers

These finger foods for babies and toddlers are naturally sweetened with fruit and offer a fun snack idea for even the pickiest of eaters

Finger Foods For Picky Toddlers

Is your toddler picky about what he/she will eat? Many babies and toddlers go through these phases, but we have plenty of ideas for finger foods for picky toddlers. 

Firstly, know that you’re not doing anything wrong. The best thing you can do is keep offering foods!

Don’t feel too discouraged if you are sick of chicken finger food for toddlers.

We have some other options for good toddler finger foods!

sweet potato chicken nuggets side angle

What Can You Do For Picky Toddler Eaters?

You can try serving foods in different ways (baked/fried/pureed/raw/cooked) and see if one is more preferable to another. 

For example, try mashed sweet potatoes one day, and then bake them into fries another. You could also serve them diced on another occasion.

Same food, just different textures and different presentations!

Sweet potatoes were our favorite healthy finger food for our 9 month old, and they continue to be popular today. 

Roasted parsnip fries on a plate seasoned with garlic and turmeric next to baking sheet | Bucket List Tummy

Another tip is to pair a food they like and know with a new(er) food. This provides them a sense of familiarity, rather than everything being new and thrown at them at once. 

Several of the above toddler finger food recipes will appeal to even the pickiest of eaters and many are some of the best finger foods for baby led weaning. 


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Tell me,

What foods does your baby/toddler especially love? Camryn was big on asparagus, but now it’s grape tomatoes, blueberries and raspberries!

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