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Meal Prep For Baby

While meal prep for baby doesn’t have to be extravagant, it is helpful to put some thought into what you want to be eating, or at least, what’s feasible to reheat and eat in the hectic postpartum period. 

closeup of turkey sausage breakfast casserole cooked in clear baking pan

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Meal Prep Ideas for Baby

I have been motivated to make freezer meals for new moms now because I know just how helpful they will become when I’m sleep-deprived and have little energy. 

I’m also loading up on some of these healthy postpartum snacks, and thinking about freezable meals for toddlers, too, since they need to eat.

Hopefully, this can help some of you in the future. Or, maybe, if you just want some meal prep (freezer) inspiration at 35 weeks pregnant!

kale and meatball soup in pan with spoon

As with anything, I’ve tried to keep things super simple with meal prep. If you know me by now, I also try to keep my recipes super simple.

So, here is some of what I’ve prepped so far to keep me nourished during the day and even breastfeeding snacks at night.

1. Crockpot Salsa Chicken

I don’t have an official recipe for this but it’s SO easy you don’t need one.

Just put as many chicken breasts as you want in the crockpot. Add a whole big can of salsa (we used a Costco type size and pour it on). Cook the chicken on low for 6-8 hours.

When it’s done, just shred the chicken! It’s already flavored with salsa, but you can surely add extra seasonings if you choose.

We pre-portioned these out and froze them in small servings to reheat as necessary.

2. Tuna Casserole

My MIL made this while she was here last weekend (25 weeks pregnant) and we froze it in smaller bags so if we just want 1-2 portions, we can reheat as necessary.

I LOVEEE tuna casserole and feel like I haven’t had it in forever.

I’m not sure what recipe she used, but it is one that called for potato chips on top and they are delicious. The extra crunch was genius.

It seems similar to this tuna casserole.

tuna casserole

3. Breakfast Casseroles

I also plan on making several breakfast casserole recipes to reheat, such as this turkey sausage breakfast casserole and this Mexican chorizo egg bake.

Plus, baked oatmeal comes in handy, as meal prep oatmeal is easy to reheat!

Some of our favorites include:

strawberry baked oatmeal with wooden spoon in white baking dis

4. Lasagna and Pasta Bakes

Isn’t lasagna like the best meal prep ever? I am already looking forward to the day that I take it out of the freezer and devour it.

Anything pasta related is delicious and high on my priority “EAT” list. I used this recipe.

I also plan on making sweet potato pasta bake and my famous veggie pasta bake.

5. Snack Bars

I’m a huge snacker so I know I NEED to have some snacks on hand.

I’ve made a few rounds of vegan energy bites to freeze, but I also wanted bars of some sort, like these trail mix bars.

overhead shot of trail mix bars on parchment paper and counter top

I also plan on making some of my nut free protein bars.

I love how gooey and soft they are, so will be an easy snack to pop while breastfeeding, or when I need some extra energy.

Meal Prep I've Done for Baby, Turkey meatballs

6. Quinoa Dishes

We have plenty of lemon herb cheesy quinoa on hand right now since I made bunches of it. Did you know you can freeze quinoa? Quinoa recipes for toddlers are so easy.

You certainly can! I may pair this with the salsa chicken from above, or even the meatballs below! I also plan to make several of these quinoa pizza bites.

We love this turkey taco quinoa skillet, too.

Lemon and Herb Cheesy Quinoa || Easy Dinner || Quinoa

7. Meatballs

Again, like pasta, these are just the easiest and tastiest thing to reheat. I could throw them on a salad, over pasta (that cooks in like 8 minutes), over quinoa, or just eat them as is!

I made a few batches of turkey meatballs to throw in my favorite kale meatball soup.

And then these bison meatballs and even some baby led weaning meatballs!

Meal Prep I've Done for Baby, Turkey meatballs

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Butcher box salmon with sweetpotatoes and salad on blue plate
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8. Waffles

I haven’t forgotten about breakfast foods! Aside from egg muffins (the best, most portable snack ever), I’ve also made quite a few batches of waffles to freeze, like these banana oat waffles.

I love having waffles/pancakes and muffins ready to just reheat when needed, so that is my plan. These muffins for babies are actually great for adults, too!

Triple Berry Lactation Waffles | galactogogues | Breastmilk recipes

What are some of your favorite recipes to make in bulk?

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  1. Mary is an amazing cook. I still make her salsa recipe and breakfast casserole from time to time. I love the idea of crockpot chicken and salsa, think I will try it. I make something similar with chicken breasts, Rotel, black beans, kidney beans, tomato sauce, taco seasonings, and onion. I like a little kick, so use green chilies, and Rotel with habaneros. Your baby girl might not like that in her milk though!

  2. Lasagna is one of the BEST things to freeze! I honestly think it tastes almost just as good reheated from the freezer as it does fresh! I freeze a ton of food as a college gal and pasta, soup/stew/chili, and black beans and rice are some of my favorite leftovers to freeze!

  3. So much food prep. Great job! We’re going to buy a chest freezer soon and I’m going to start prepping for baby as soon as that is home!

  4. I’m reading this with my mouth open! How organized are you? I don’t think I had it in me to meal prep before my babies arrived! We lived on take out for a couple of weeks.

    And yes to lasagna!

    1. I really tried to get a handle on food since everyone told me to prep ahead. We’ll see how it works out! I’m sure there will still be plenty of take out 🙂

  5. Looks like you are getting yourself well prepped! Very, very smart. I couldn’t imagine having to cook in those first few weeks. Just getting myself to the freezer would be a success!

    I love to prep big batches of soups and stews. I never seem to get sick of them even if I eat the leftovers all week.

  6. Smart to be prepared. When my mom had my younger brother and sister, being part of a community church was helpful for us. People brought meals every day so we never had a problem.
    Now that I look back, that’s nice, but is there some reason my dad or your husband cannot cook meals? Or even order out?

    1. haha I am assuming my husband will also be sleep deprived, but I will definitely be sending him out to the grocery store or for take out! And if he’s up for it, maybe he will cook 🙂